TPV Podcast, Episode 261: Can’t Stand the Smell of Burning Flesh!

Ep. 261: Can’t Stand the Smell of Burning Flesh!


In this episode, Stacy and Sarah answer a question from a vegetarian mother who wants to put her daughter on the Autoimmune Protocol, but doesn’t like to cook meat

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The Paleo View (TPV), Episode 261: Can’t Stand the Smell of Burning Flesh!

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    • Welcome back! Stacy’s feeling much better now!
    • Meanwhile, Sarah jinked herself by thinking about her family’s resilience against illness and her daughter got a stomach bug.
    • Paleo won’t make you impervious, but it does help! Mostly, chronic illness is what’s most affected.
    • Stacy says that eating #morevegetablesthanavegetarian is one of the best factors in her strong immune system.
    • Our paleo isn’t a re-enactment, its simply choosing the foods that best promote the health of our bodies.
    • Choosing nutrient density, avoiding what makes you sick.
    • In the end, it is a very vegetable focused diet.
    • Recent health studies show that it’s not just 5+ vegetables per day but even 8 or more servings for ideal health!
    • Fiber is great for gut bacteria, and the great vitamins, minerals and phytochemicals are wonderful for health!
    • Sarah says that her paleo is a plant based diet composed of 3/4 vegetables, eating the rainbow!
    • But paleo isn’t vegan! Meat is a healthy, important, nutrient dense food!
  • Question from Claudia: “My 16 yr old daughter who has had eczema since early birth, along with severe respiratory and immune issues. She missed over 100 days of school spring 2016 due to flu, turned to bronchitis, turned to pneumonia, turned to mono. My daughter loves grains/beans (I know the worst thing for her), but eats mostly whole, plant-based food with me, plus chicken. She doesn’t eat much cheese or crave it the way I do. I have shared custody with my ex husband, and she said crying to me on Christmas Eve, even if I eat perfect with you, I can’t at my dad’s because he doesn’t support it.  Help…I know my daughter needs to be on autoimmune protocol, but refuses to exclude grains and legumes. I can make her chicken but can’t do red meat, never ever could tolerate the smell of cooking flesh. Not total hippie, not about animal rights, though I do love animals. It’s about the smell of burnt flesh and Vado vegan response.” (16:36)
    • Stacy says there are ways to not create the smell of burnt flesh: slow cooking or braising, for example. Or using premade broth.
    • There are ways to transition to AIP that will help her with her nutrient deficiencies in things like B12, K2, etc.
    • Transition first away from grains and beans, like using less harmful grains like white rice.
    • Start with eggs and seafoods as proteins first instead of moving right into red meat.
    • More vegetables to replace beans and grains.
    • Then when she’s with her father, ask for something simple like chicken and rice casserole.
    • But it’s a huge change to go straight to AIP! Start slowly!
    • Sarah sees a need to have a conversation around food with her daughter about figuring out how to change to a better diet.
    • Paleo is definitely something to try for eczema! Sarah found paleo that way!
    • Eggs, Dairy, Grains are all common links with eczema
    • Try a paleo diet with rice and may be with soaked and well prepared beans. But not peanuts or kidney beans!
    • Instead of red meat, try shellfish and fatty fish instead for the same nutrients!
    • Sarah recommends going dairy free as well.
    • Try Paleo Principles, Real Life Paleo and The Paleo Approach as well!
    • Track your nutrients with stuff like MyFitnessPal or Chronometer.
    • Having data will help her have a conversation with her dad.
    • At 16, she can also take ownership of cooking and shopping for herself as well.
    • But she needs the education to want to buy in herself as well.
    • See Planning ahead podcasts: TPV Podcast, Episode 205, Melissa Joulwan and the Weekly Cookup and TPV Podcast, Episode 182, How to “Do it All” In a Healthy Way
    • Empower her to set her up for success.
    • Broiled fish might be a good choice, as well as cooking outside to eliminate the smell. Use an aluminum pouch to contain the smell.
    • Familiarity is crucial to our preference for foods. The more you try something, the more likely you’ll be to like something. The one bite rule works! Same with positive reinforcement!
    • Go for high quality prepared meat and get yourself used to the taste so it becomes more palatable for you.
    • “Eat more vegetables, but don’t forget the meat!”
  • Sarah’s book tour! She’s finished with the major edits!
    • Book is out November 7th.
    • Seattle on November 8th.
    • San Francisco on November 9th.
    • Boston on November 11th.
    • New York on November 12th.
    • Chicago on November 14th.
    • Minneapolis on November 15th.
    • Atlanta  on November 16th at Foxtail Book Shop.
    • Maybe more in January!
    • Preorder Paleo Principles!
  • Outro (51:20)


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