TPV Podcast, Episode 182, How to “Do it All” In a Healthy Way

Ep. 182, How to “Do it All” In a Healthy Way

On this episode of The Paleo View, Stacy and Sarah discuss the topic of “Doing it All”, sharing their time management tips and answering listener questions on how to strike a healthy living balance.

The Paleo View TPV 182 How to do it all in a healthy way

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The Paleo View (TPV), Episode 182, How to “Do it All” In a Healthy Way

  • Intro (0:00)
  • News and Views (0:56)
    • Stacy is feeling pulled in a million directions
      • Work is very hectic, she is fighting a cold, and is prepping to leave for a week-long vacation
    • The whirlwind of a week Sarah has had, and canceling her scheduled plans for a nap instead
    • Stacy’s love for her job
    • Finding the right path for you
    • Honoring what is right for you – consistent evaluation and adjustments
    • Coming up with ways to manage your life and your health that allow you to be successful
    • Work life balance
  • Science with Sarah (19:32)
    • Mindful meditation, incorporating 10 to 15 minutes of mediation a day significantly reduces stress
    • Mindful mediation is a meditation strategy that helps raise awareness of our bodies, what is happening in our bodies, where we might have discomfort, and makes us aware of our thoughts and emotions – it encourages us to let these things go
    • There is a variety of ways to practice mindful meditation
    • Sarah’s use of the meditation method ‘equal breathing’
    • What studies have shown on mindful meditation
    • Functional connectivity was shown to increase with mindful meditation
    • Studies also found a decrease in inflammation within the body
    • And research shows is all it takes is 10 to 15 minutes a day
    • Sarah notes how little you trade in your day to create time for mindful meditation, yet how much you gain
    • If you are new to meditation, guided meditation may be a great place to start and there are a number of resources to help with that
  • Questions & Answers (29:21)
    • Susan – how do you do it all and keep your health intact?
      • Stacy says she simply doesn’t do it all
        • She learned that perfection is no longer something she strives for
        • She does the things she enjoys to do, but otherwise delegates to her team or relies on Matt for all that he does to help
        • She does what is important to her – and has a post on the blog here on her time management techniques
        • Her number one priority is spending time with the kids, and that is where she invests her time
        • The activities that help Stacy recharge, essentially her forms of mediation
      • Sarah has just now settled into a work life balance after years of working to strike a balance
        • She had to think of focusing on her physical and mental health as part of her job
        • This mental shift made it easier for her to adjust her priorities without having guilt associated with it
        • Her efficiency increased with this as well, especially since the incorporation of better sleep and exercise allows her to function better
        • Sarah also relies on her amazing team, a supportive husband, and kids that keep her laughing and happy
        • She also schedules out her day and focuses in on one task at a time as opposed to doing too much at once
        • Part of it is being ok with the give and take, asking for help, making sure to look after her own health so she can be efficient and productive
        • There is a constant balancing act, and practice to not overcommit
        • Learning how to fail and to dust yourself off and keep moving forward
      • Unitasking, and what a big benefit this strategy is for both Stacy and Sarah
      • The only times Sarah multitasks
    • June – As a single mom, I am finding it hard to keep up with exercise and cooking Paleo meals – please help!
      • The props that Stacy gives to all who are a single parent who manage a healthy lifestyle for the family alone
      • Taking advantage of already prepared food is going to be your biggest help
        • Buying pre-chopped vegetables, the freezer section is going to have the most nutrient dense options
        • Plan ahead for breakfast and lunch with a big pot of soup or a frittata that you can save and serve
      • Stacy always takes leftovers or a salad for lunch with canned tuna or salmon
      • Everyone in the community eats hot dogs some times, they are just buying a different brand than a SAD and not putting it on a bun
      • Feel good about the progress you are making
      • Sarah only cooks three to four days a week, and cooks big meals and plans to have leftovers
      • Crockpot meals can be very helpful, also developing a repertoire of 10-15 minute meals to have on hand and utilize when needed
      • Perhaps also using a big cook up day on the weekend would be a good option
      • Part of the transition is finding your new convenience foods
      • Find way to combine focused time with your kids and other activities – getting them involved in the kitchen, working out outside with your kids, finding a gym with a great kid area
    • Tammy – what tips do you have for families where both of the parents work outside the home and finding time for everything is a challenge?
      • Batch cooking and plan ahead
      • Prioritize and let go of the things you can’t accomplish and reschedule the tasks you must
      • Experiment with new favorites with your kids
      • Let your kids search for some recipes on Pinterest, Instagram or blogs and help them search for Paleo options
      • Check out Paleo Parents e-book Paleo to Go and their print book Eat Like a Dinosaur
  • Stacy apologizes for sounding like a frog on this show – a sign that she was trying to do it all
  • Hopefully this show was a good reminder to prioritize yourself – don’t ever take the advice to just push through the exhaustion
  • Please don’t forget to review the podcast and to share with family and friends
  • Thanks everyone for listening!
  • Outro (58:13)

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