TPV Podcast, Episode 216: The 80/20 Rule

Ep. 216: The 80/20 Rule


In this episode, Stacy and Sarah discuss the 80/20 rule, what it means and what you should include in that 20%.

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The Paleo View (TPV), Episode 216: The 80/20 Rule

  • Intro (0:00)
  • News and Views (0:40)
    • No lizard 🙁
    • Sarah wrote another book! It’s about synthesizing all the modern science around paleo philosophy.
    • Helps explain and define all the modern conceptions of the paleo diet.
    • When she compiled all of the science posts on The Paleo Mom, the word count was 110,000!
    • It will be published as a kind of general paleo science book helping to elucidate everything surrounding a paleo template from diet to lifestyle to biology.
    • Sarah is hoping to change the arguments in paleo about controversial topics into a more focused conversation on the science.
    • And maybe people will stop reporting on paleo as a historical reenactment into a modern nutrition science movement.
    • She’ll have an idea of scheduling in about a month, tentatively released next May!
    • She’s trying to figure out how to simply present all the conversations around paleo like the dairy argument and carb argument as well as explain concepts like nightshades in pros and cons arguments.
    • The Great Potato Debate!
  • This show: The 80/20 Rule
    • What should be in your 20%? Why can some people can eat gluten and I can’t?
    • The 80/20 Rule was either in The Paleo Diet or The Primal Blueprint
    • Sarah also read The Paleo Solution and The Paleo Answer as well as Robb’s Podcast.
    • You can experience 100% of the benefits from doing the diet 80% of the time. (About three cheat meals per week).
    • It may have been an editor’s choice since there was a lot of influence from the publisher on the original The Paleo Diet book.
    • Sarah was always into a 100% solution for herself because that’s what works best for her.
    • Sarah and Stacy avoid gluten always because of their own reactions to it
    • Stacy recommends Rise Bakery for Gluten-Free Croissants!
    • Sarah has a much lower tolerance for foods that would be inflammatory including nightshades, eggs and dairy. Her 20% tends to be sweets or borderline foods like nuts or corn.
    • Make smart choices about your food and don’t over indulge. In fact, over indulging might be a sign a need for emotional support.
    • Stacy always chose Sunday after big strongman training to indulge herself and that routine helped her stave off cravings.
  • Kelli ann says: “My first holiday gathering since becoming paleo was an EPIC fail tonight to say the least. I ate all the non-paleo foods you could think of. I do not suffer from any conditions or diseases; I became paleo simply because I believe it is the optimum diet for health and wellness. With that being said, how much damage did I honestly do? I’m trying not to feel guilty, but let’s be real, I’m feeling pretty darn guilty!
    • Do not feel guilty about food! Food is not a moral choice that should make you feel shame!
    • There are many factors on how it would effect you, but if you don’t have significant health issues, you’re probably going to react only mildly.
    • Non-celiac gluten intolerance does exist though!
    • Overall, gluten is probably not a health promoting food, but it will probably not destroy you.
    • We are not of the defeatist attitude that if it doesn’t affect you now, it will eventually catch up with you.
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