TPV Podcast, Episode 318: SAD to Paleo: How to Help Family Transition

Ep. 318: SAD to Paleo: How to Help Family Transition

In this episode, Stacy and Sarah discuss getting family members on board with your new diet.


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The Paleo View (TPV), Episode 318: SAD to Paleo: How to Help Family Transition

  • Intro (0:00)
  • News and Views (0:40)
    • We lost the audio for our mindfulness and positivity show! But luckily we had this show instead! We’ll be back soon with our previously scheduled podcast!
    • Stacy and Sarah ironically discuss what episode number it is, but due to the lost show, we’re completely wrong about the episode number
    • Sarah is going camping! Again!
  • Question: “My husband is full-on on the SAD diet and has refused to change. He says he would rather die happy. He has not been happy with his waist circumference and says he can’t wait to be more active to reduce his weight (rather than change diet). In our past lives/pre-house gutting we enjoyed hiking and backpacking frequently and hope to get back into it again one day. Recently my husband had a biometric screening for work and his blood sugar was elevated. This concerned him more than years of high blood pressure and cholesterol and is now thinking of reducing his carbs. I think this may finally be the time!”
    • It sucks to be in this situation!
    • Get the food out of the house! Tell him that to support me, let’s only have these foods outside the home.
    • Often they will see results and become more on board with it
    • Paleo isn’t so crazy anymore! It’s been around for 8-10 years. Saying I want to focus on meat and vegetables is very reasonable.
    • Talk to each other with love and respect
    • Sarah makes the analogy with smoking: people realize that eating poorly is bad for them, but no amount of begging will make them change permanently. It has to be self-motivated.
    • People are most likely to follow a diet that someone they know has used and seen visible success with
    • Have honest conversation with your spouse: I want you to be around as long as possible and I want you to care about that
    • Show that you won’t be giving up their favorites with transition foods
    • Remember He Won’t Know it’s Paleo? She fed him paleo for a year without him finding out! You can make food tasty!
    • The problem is modern processed foods are highly palatable and hard to give up by design
    • Work together! You can make it!
    • Check out Paleo to Go for the Yes Food/No Food list
    • Culturally, food is more than nourishment. People become uncomfortable when you choose not to participate in food activity.
    • The difference between food and other addiction is that there is no way to give up food cold turkey.
    • Also, there are so many competing ideas about healthy diets.
    • Steps to transitioning: First, get the bad stuff out of the house!
    • Focus on what foods you still want to eat and focus on that! Meal plan what looks good to you!
    • See what you’ve done it the past to see whether gradual change or sudden change works better for you.
    • Check out Real Life Paleo for the gradual transition plan!
  • Get your questions in! We want to hear from you! And there’s no end to questions we can answer and topics we can address!
  • Engage on social media! That’s how we get feedback!
  • Thank you for listening!


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