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TPV Podcast, Episode 128: Body Image & Self-Love

Ep. 128, Body Image & Self-Love

On this episode of The Paleo View, Stacy and Sarah are joined by Summer Innanen to talk about a favorite topic of The Paleo View, self-love and body image acceptance. The crew also answers questions around weight-loss and Sarah’s science shares touches on weight-loss resistance.

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The Paleo View (TPV), Episode 128, Body Image & Self-Love

  • Intro (0:00)
  • News and Views (0:56)
    • Welcome Summer Innanen!
    • First met at Paleo f(x) last year when they lifted together
    • Hoping to inspire the community to think about loving and respecting your body, and not just the weight-loss aspect to paleo
    • Summer is a pioneer in this space and has a great program called 21 Step Body Image Remix, this is also a favorite topic of Stacy’s and Sarah’s
    • Sarah received four plaques from the Paleo Magazine Best of 2014 awards
    • Two of Stacy’s posts created buzz around this topic – Challenges Leading to Disordered Eating and Self-Respect
      • What inspired Stacy to write these posts
      • Wanting to be healthy 100% of the time and not just when a challenge is happening
      • The catalyst for all of this was Summer’s guest post on Paleo Parents
    • Excepting yourself and loving yourself for where you are in your journey
    • There are many shares of healthy
    • Self-love can be viewed as complacency
    • Self-esteem vs. self-love
  • Science with Sarah (32:08)
    • Resistance to weight-loss
    • Three different categories that could be going wrong – something off with diet, something off with lifestyle, or a medical condition
    • The biggest culprits to weight-loss
    • As you troubleshoot these culprits, how to continue to practice self-love
    • Asking the question ‘why do you want to lose weight’
    • Important metrics of health
  • Questions & Answers (46:12)
    • Alex – how to tell if I am metabolically broken?
      • Finding a way to still live your life while finding health and happiness
      • Strong feelings on Bullet Proof Coffee and how people are using this food
    • Catherine – what does “eating enough” mean?
  • Thank you so much to Summer for coming on this week’s show!
  • If you like what Summer had to say you can check out her free e-book here
    • The Rock Your Body program – keep an eye out for it! It will be online, group based program and will be coming out at the end of February!
    • Also check out Summer’s podcast here
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  • Outro (1:18:58)

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  • Emily

    I wanted to tell you how much the podcast this week spoke to me. A year ago at this time, I was sitting in an endocrinologist office because I’d gained ten pounds (putting me in the overweight category), had issues sleeping, had issues with my adrenals, and my periods were all over the place. Over this last year, I’ve added on another ten pounds (putting me now about 18 pounds over what is considered healthy for my height) and beat myself up daily over it. During the ranty portion 😉 of the podcast I suddenly felt like I was hit with a ton of bricks. Yes, I weigh more, but it never occurred to me that along with the extra weight, I start sleeping again and my cortisol levels normalized and my periods are back to exactly every 28 days. Previously I’d been intermittent fasting and in the eat perfect/eat like crap cycle. I’m still not completely out of the cycle (but completely off of the fasting bandwagon), but your podcast allowed me to step back and see that I shouldn’t be beating myself up. I’ve made a lot of progress over the last year, even if it wasn’t on the scale. Thank you! Emily 🙂

    • Thank you so much for sharing this! And we are so happy to hear about your ah-ha moment and the kindness and love it has allowed you to share with yourself. We wish you continued success in your health journey and are here cheering you on!

    • Thanks Emily!! I’m so glad the message resonated with you. Have patience and kindness with yourself as you continue on this journey and trust that you are doing the right thing! xo

  • leslie

    So I rarely have time to listen to the podcasts (short commute, very young kids, job that doesn’t work with listening to podcasts, making myself go to bed at a good time), but a five hour drive sans husband the other day meant I could catch up on some that looked interesting. I almost didn’t download this one because I’ve heard your message about self-love before and I have a ton of admiration for how you all approach this, and I feel like I have internalized a lot of it.
    However, I am battling some new diagnoses and had to eliminate more (eggs! I just couldn’t… but I did it!) in a time of high life stress (while I continue to work on diet and lifestyle). Paleo had been for me a life changing hobby, a way to raise healthy kids and improve some little issues I had through a nutritional approach to food. But now, inflammation in my joints after my last pregnancy and a Hashimoto’s diagnoses, and all of a sudden, it’s real. It’s been difficult. I had no idea how emotional this could be. When Stacy went off about self love AND self-respect, and when Sarah distilled it and Summer elaborated, it hit me like a hammer. Whoa. There IS a difference and it’s very important to realize that. It has really changed my view of what I’m dealing with and how I am doing it. I’m not doing this because I love myself. I do, but I also respect myself. I want and expect me to make good choices, and if I fail (which I have… a two week family visit with a lot of non-paleo people… I’ve been adhering well, but, yeah), I have a better mental way of picking myself up. I respect people who make mistakes and learn from them. And that’s what I’m doing for myself. I had to say thanks!
    And then I went on to learn about liver health and coffee! I can catch up on more on the drive home!

    • Thank you so much for the kind words!! And so sorry to hear about your recent diagnoses! We wish you all the best as you continue to navigate the path to healing – sounds like you are definitely on the right track!