TPV Podcast, Episode 188, Paleo-Friendly Bread

Ep. 188, Paleo-Friendly Bread

On this episode of The Paleo View, Stacy and Sarah discuss Paleo-friendly bread and how it does or does not fit within a healthy lifestyle. Sarah also addresses the science behind soaking, sprouting and fermenting grains, and if this makes a grain “Paleo”.

The Paleo View TPV 188 Paleo Friendly Bread

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The Paleo View (TPV), Episode 188, Paleo-Friendly Bread

  • Intro (0:00)
  • News and Views (1:18)
    • A whole lot of people told Sarah at the Nutritional Therapy Association conference to say hi to Stacy
      • The conference was three times bigger this year than last
      • Sarah got to meet many new people and reconnect with old colleagues and friends
      • Great to be in an environment where Sarah felt surrounded by her peeps
      • There were also some amazing vendors in attendance
    • Stacy made Paleo peeps with honey and vital proteins, and dusted them in freeze dried fruit
    • There is some transition happening on the Paleo Parents team with their long-time team member Monica, who is stepping back as she prepares for the arrival of her third baby
    • Sarah is starting to work on her next book and owes her publisher two chapters by the end of the month, so she is working on the narrative now
    • How Stacy and Sarah fill eggs for Easter egg hunts
    • This week’s show topic will be on Paleo bread
  • Science with Sarah (15:21)
    • A question that Sarah gets asked a lot is if soaking, sprouting and/or fermenting makes a difference with the nutrient compounds of nuts and grains
    • Soaking and sprouting are the same thing – the variable is how long you go for
      • With soaking you take the grain and put them in water for twelve to twenty-four hours
      • If you rinse them and put them on a damp paper towel to allow them to sprout and grow, it becomes a sprouted grain – but the things happening in a sprouted grain start to happen when you begin to soak the grain
      • The anti-nutrients in grains and if they are or are not impacted by the soaking and sprouting
    • Fermentation we are using yeast and bacteria to partially digest the grain
      • Digesting the product using bacteria and yeast
      • It is the same process as making sauerkraut
      • The anti-nutrients in grains and if they are or are not impacted by the soaking and sprouting
    • These processes do not make grains a nutrient-dense food, but they do change the food and makes it more digestible for people that do not have overt food sensitivities
    • Whether you consume these sprouted or fermented grains is all individual choice, and based on where you fall on an ancestral template spectrum
    • Playing around with soaked and fermented grains wouldn’t qualify as Paleo
    • All the considerations that go into the choices you make, what your goals may be, and understanding the types of options you have
  • Questions & Answers (27:01)
    • Andrea – what are your thoughts on fermented sourdough bread?
      • Stacy recommends avoiding breads, focusing on incorporating nutrient dense items instead
      • Looking at what you gain by eating these foods
      • Quality of life food versus a nourishing food
      • When we cook/bake a food we kill the nutrients that are beneficial when consuming fermented foods
    • Chris – is there such a thing as Paleo bread?
      • Yes making any recipe with less refined ingredients is a healthier option, but it is deceptive to say that any sort of treat is healthy
      • Stacy refers to these foods as grain-free or gluten-free, she doesn’t refer to them as Paleo
      • Selecting what you eat daily by what adds nutrients, but adding the occasional gluten-free foods is what makes this a sustainable lifestyle
      • Its not about deprivation or telling yourself you can’t have something – you can choose to eat these things, you just have to decide if they are inline with the goals that you have for yourself and if that is truly a decision that you want to make
      • We all have to find our balance
      • There is absolutely a place for Paleo bread, or bagels, or whatever it is you want – and you will find many of these Paleo recipes in Paleo cookbooks
      • Looking at it as a treat versus this is how I can have toast with breakfast
      • There can be a problem with relying on Paleo versions of old favorites
      • Figuring out what works for you and implementing strategies around those findings – and this process takes time and baby steps
  • Sarah’s nine year old won a blue ribbon at their county science fair
  • Thanks for listening, we will be back next week!
  • Outro (54:11)

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