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TPV Podcast, Episode 121: The Holidays

Ep. 121, The Holidays

On this episode of The Paleo View, Stacy and Sarah talk about their plans for the holidays and how to maneuver holiday eats, including the gray zone paleo ingredients.

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The Paleo View (TPV), Episode 121: The Holidays

  • Intro (0:00)
  • News and Views (0:56)
    • Getting into the holiday spirit, but feeling the time crunch to get things done before Christmas
    • Stacy’s recent happenings, including a date with Matt, returning to the gym and gingerbread house making
    • Sarah’s recent tree decorating and visit to see Santa with the girls
    • Sarah and Stacy’s Christmas plans
    • Anyone who buys both The Paleo Approach Cookbook and The Paleo Approach book for the holidays email with the subject line ‘Make my Gift Extra Special’ and you will be able to download The Paleo Approach Dinner Club e-book for free
    • Sharing healthy living inspiration for the holidays with those you love
    • Paleo Parents upcoming Family Resolution Revolution bundle, which will go live the day after Christmas and will feature e-books, magazine subscriptions, planning printouts and calendars, meal plans and workout templates, and so much more! It isn’t paleo specific, but focuses on total wellness for the whole family
    • Sarah thanks everyone who posted pictures of her books in Costco
    • The mega giveaways on The Paleo Mom’s site are still going strong – don’t forget to check them out and enter!
    • Sarah is carving out more time to write articles on her blog focusing on the topic of ‘is it paleo’ – Sarah’s recent article
    • The evolution of this ‘is it paleo’ discussion and how it helps and hurts the paleo community at large
  • Science with Sarah (50:05)
    • How to read a label to see if a treat will be acceptable and supportive of your health
    • What these gray area ingredients do to your health
  • Questions & Answers (1:12:32)
    • Adrian – how to handle unsupportive family members during holiday gatherings?
    • Steve – how harmful can a communion wafer be to gut health?
  • If the holidays leave you feeling a little less than optimal – check out our holiday recovery episode
  • Outro (1:28:27)

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  • deann_malcolm

    Hi There, I just wanted to respond to the question about the communion wafer in the Catholic Church. First of all, if you have Celiac’s, then you really need to tell the Priest and he will either get special wafers for you or try to pay attention at Mass at the very end of the communion line, as that’s how they know who is to receive the gluten-free wafer if others there have already requested it. I think, but I’m not certain, that you can also just receive the Precious Blood, which has a very tiny piece of the wafer in it. They want you to be able to receive communion so please talk to someone about it. Secondly, I am extremely sensitive to gluten and I still receive the normal wafer. I have yet to have a reaction. I don’t want to start a religious debate on the tenants of our Faith, but let me just state that as a Catholic, you believe that the wafer is no longer a wafer but is Jesus–body, blood, soul, and divinity. I have trusted in that and believe that that is why I have not had a reaction. That is not to say that those who choose to receive the gluten-free wafer do not have the faith–not at all. If I had Celiac’s I would receive the gluten-free wafer. I’ve just never had an issue If you’re simply worried about it “not being Paleo,” then perhaps you should ask if yourself if you’re being a little too scrupulous and legalistic about it. ( I don’t mean for my tone to be snarky there, I just have to ask myself that question a lot. 🙂 ) If you have not had any adverse reactions as of yet, just relax and receive the gift that Jesus gives us each Mass.