TPV Podcast, Episode 71: Sugar Detox

Our seventy-first show!
Ep. 71: Sugar Detox

In this episode, Stacy and Sarah welcome Diane Sanfilippo to cover sugar cravings and detox!

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The Paleo View (TPV), Episode 71: Sugar Detox

  • 0:00 – Introduction
  • 0:47 – Welcome to this Week’s Special Guest!
    • Welcome Diane Sanfilippo of Balanced Bites, and congratulations on your second New York Times Sellers Best, 21 Day Sugar Detox
    • This week we are going to have Diane share about her two recently released books and offer some insight on detox (check out her previous appearance on the show on a related topic here
    • Diane notes that regardless of the kind of detox that you want to have (spending, sugar, social media, etc.) the structure of the program is designed to help you get a habit out of your life, create new habits, and reset the things you are doing
    • Diane created the 21 Day Sugar Detox as an e-book three years ago, prior to the development of Practical Paleo, when paleo wasn’t the forefront of her teachings
    • The 21 Day Sugar Detox book is not a printed copy of the e-book, the only thing that is the same is the core intentions of the program
    • The printed copy has the information that was collected over the last three years on what people need to know to navigate and understand to have a successful detox
    • There is a little bit more science behind the why, but a lot more handholding on what to expect as you go through the process
    • There is also a checklist on what to do as you prepare, information on how to replace some of the staples, tips on dining out, meal plans for each of the levels along with modifications, and over 90 recipes
    • The 21 Day Sugar Detox Cookbook does not have the nitty gritty on how to tackle the program, but provides more recipes that correlates with the meal plans in the guide
    • Check out this post on Balanced Bites for more information on the difference between the two books
    • A shout out to Flame to Fork’s Tonja who was a big contributor to the book, specifically with the creative recipes
  • 26:42 – Science with Sarah & Diane: Why does eating sugar make you want more sugar?
    • We get a dopamine release when we eat something sweet, which gives that item an addictive element
    • At a deeper level when we are eating sugar, specifically refined carbs, we deplete our nutrient stores and the body begins to demand more of anything to try to meet those demands – it essentially evolves into a sugar craving cycle
    • The cycle – you eat a food, but you don’t actually feel satisfied – many of us have experienced this sensation
    • Stacy shared on her experience with sensitivity towards sugar, and her body’s response to sugar intake from dates versus chocolate
    • There is a very strong link between food cravings and mood, and it boils down to the dopamine response – there is also a belief that serotonin is involved, which is linked to insulin and dopamine is linked to leptin
    • When you have dis-regulated blood sugar, which is really common in people with high carb diets, you end up breaking your dopamine and serotonin systems, which feeds cravings more
    • Sarah shared on a study from the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition that measured the brain activity in volunteers who were fed carefully crafted meals that were either high glycemic or low glycemic – the high glycemic meal increased brain activity in the reward center of the brain known to be associated with cravings and decisions/behavior at meals
    • Diane points out that this study highlights why it is a process to un-do that hardwiring, and the fact that we have to essentially re-wire our brain, which takes time
    • Sarah also notes the interesting point about how nutrient sufficiency impacts the system and this hot topic of sugar dependency
  • 50:01 – Questions & Answers
    • Steph – will I always struggle with “food hangovers” from even the tiniest of cheats that veer from the paleo diet?
      • Stacy does experience sugar hangovers, and unfortunately or fortunately the paleo lifestyle helps you identify your food intolerances and it takes a bit of time for your body to adjust
      • Once your body does adjust and your system is clean, you can test different drinks and foods that you can enjoy from time to time without the hangover
      • Sarah notes that you can get a hangover from food sensitivities, and that chocolate in particular can cause issues for people
      • Sarah also notes that stress can impact the body’s reaction to foods, so try managing your cortisol and see if you can minimize the hangover effect from the occasional indulgence
    • (1:05:54) Stephanie – do people need a cleanse when sticking to real foods?
      • Diane does not believe that people need cleanses, she thinks that people need to give their liver a chance to detoxify from toxins and stressors without making it worse with things like sugar or alcohol
      • People who may need a genuine liver detox protocol are people who have issues with heavy metal toxicity or deeper clinical issues, which would need to be determined medically
  • Thanks again to Diane for joining The Paleo View again – be sure to check her out at Balanced Bites, the Balanced Bites podcast, Practical Paleo, 21 Day Sugar Detox, and the 21 Day Sugar Detox Cookbook
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  • Be checking Diane’s blog for information on how to join the January group of detoxers, which will likely be the biggest monthly group the program has experienced
  • 1:22:53 Outro

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