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TPV Podcast, Episode 10: Beauty, Toxins and Chemical Sensitivity

Our tenth show!
Ep. 10: Beauty Products and Other Potential Hazards


In this episode, Stacy and Sarah invite Hayley Mason of The Food Lovers’ Kitchen and Liz Wolfe of CaveGirlEats to come answer all your questions about healthy beauty products and how to avoid other environmental toxins. Are mercury amalgam fillings really that toxic? Should you avoid all plastics? Are microwaves okay to use? And why is it that so many paleo ladies stopped washing their hair? We answer all this and more in a very action packed 105 minutes!


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The Paleo View (TPV), Episode 10: Beauty Products and Other Potential Environmental Hazards

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  • Shelene

    Matt – Just an FYI, I think might be what Hayley was referring to when she mentioned buying it at Whole Foods. It’s a spray version of the crystal deodorants. Thanks for all of your awesome links. You’re good stuff.

  • kelly

    I have had some success with this crystal spray product although what has worked best for me is making my own deodorant mixing coconut oil, baking soda, arrowroot, coco butter and lavender essential oil.

  • Chi-Chi

    Some other natural options for deodorant and other personal care products are Oyin Handmade (especially recommend the Funk Butter) and also Nandi’s Naturals (the Pit Stick) For homemade effective deodorants, there’s vodka (may need to change ratio of water to vodka by increasing water– and there’s the deodorant butter I found here. Also, I have a very sensitive scalp and so I’d been using Head & Shoulders to keep it feeling good. I recently made the switch to Pine Tar soap (Grandpa’s brand with only a few ingredients) and it works as well if not better than Head and Shoulders. Also, jojoba oil has been fabulous as a moisturizer for my skin.