Paleo Parents Video Blog ep 2: Our Paleo Pantry

Today on Episode 2 Paleo Parents Vlog, Cole and Stacy explore our pantry after throwing out some foul food items. Normally we have fresh jerky and LaraBars on the bottom shelf as well – but, it’s hard to keep these boys satiated!

What’s in your Paleo pantry? Help and tell us what’s missing!

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  • Janel

    Great video, just wish we could hear you better:)

    • Janel, thanks!Β  Sound is definitely our biggest obstacle at the moment.Β  Not exactly sporting professional video equipment but trying to make it work πŸ™‚

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  • Carolyn Marotta

    I know this was posted 7 months ago, but I just stopped by to see what you all had in your pantry since we just transitioned to Paleo this year. Β It looks like you have it all covered and I actually used your list of funny ingredients recently to pick up some Paleo stuff for our pantry. Β 

    We almost always have a bag of onions (usually conventional, but sometimes we find organic cheaper!) on hand for sauteing with other veggies or leafy greens. Β We also have coconut aminos (not sure you mentioned that?) to use for marinades.

    Anyway, thanks for all you do in the Paleo community!

    • Β Thanks for even paying attention to us! Yes we do usually have coconut aminos on hand and we keep out less perishable vegetables in a cabinet next to the pantry (your onions, garlic and winter squash).

  • Jamie

    Nice video, I could hear you just fine. It’s nice to see another pantry that looks similar to mine! Cole is so cute!