The Last Supper

Stacy decided that she will be doing a Whole30 month starting Monday so we decided to break out the new deep fryer ($2 yard sale find) and cook some “fish and chips.”

Just like in the UK, only without the newspaper.

A deep fryer is a highly underrated tool. Fill with oil and cook almost anything. Got apples? Fry them. Got bacon? Fry it. Got any meat? Batter and then fry it. In this case we made the coating using an egg dip and a “flour” mixture that had coconut flour, black pepper, dill and parsley. We threw some roughy filets in this and fried them. It only took a few minutes and they were a perfect golden brown.

The chips we made were more like crisps (which, confusingly, are called chips in America) because we only had a few small new potatoes to do it with. We put them in the fryer for 8 minutes and they were ready as well. Caution: DO NOT OVERFILL YOUR FRY BASKET. This will cause oil explosion and the last thing you need is 375 degree oil going everywhere.

Fill line, fool. YOU SHALL NOT PASS!
This is your fill line. You may think it’s cute to go over the fill line. You are a fool. Don’t pass the fill line.

Go fries, go! Real french fries are a thousand times the food Ore Ida oven fries are. If you can avoid it, don’t buy frozen french fries.

Stacy also made this awesome caper dill dip, too (mayonnaise, chopped capers, dill, lemon juice). It was great on the fish, took some of the coconut flavor away from the “breading” but I even liked it with the chips too.

Overall, I think this is a successful meal. The fish ended up very soft, like biting into a pillow. The fries ended up deliciously crispy-salty like a proper fry. The kids ate the fish like it was potato chips and everyone got their fill. Once Stacy’s Whole30 is over, we’ll definitely be making sweet potatoes fries and lots of goodies fried in coconut oil!

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  • Wynter

    What kind of oil did you use? A friend of ours has saved up bacon fat an used that, but it can take a while to get enough to fill even a small fryer.

    • That would be a lot of bacon! I save my bacon drippings but it would take a long while to get that much. Our local farm sells quarts of lard and I may try that in the future for frying. This time, however, it was just light olive oil and grapeseed oil because that’s what was readily available.

    • We got a gallon of coconut oil from TT and plan to make a lot of “chips” with root veggies in the fall 🙂

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  • Kayla

    How did you cook the fries? 

    • We fried them in fat.

      • Kayla

        Wow…I kinda figured that!

        I was hoping for a bit more, like, did you double fry them? Just through ’em in for 10 minutes…15?…20? Pre-boil them so they were cooked inside, but not burned on the outside? The instructions I’ve found for fries usually call for frying once at a low temp and then again at a higher temp. I, have an electric deep fryer (with no temperature control), and am new to the best way to use it for fries. The instructions that came with it had me soak them in warm water for 15min. first, but that didn’t work .

        From your post, it seemed like you used a very easy method. Would you consider sharing a few more details?

        • Now it’s been a long time, but I seem to recall that I dried off the fries as much as possible, then just fried them for some ten minutes. Nothing more than that.

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