The BEST Paleo Holiday Cookies

Hi Friends- we’ve rounded up the BEST Paleo Holiday cookies, plus we’re sharing a little about our week!

5 years ago, The BEST Paleo Holiday Cookies- Paleo Parents

A little throw-back action for ya! This was our “coming out” photo after our initial weight loss with Paleo 5 years ago. Shortly after, I had to cut my hair because it was falling out (one of multiple nutritional deficiency symptoms I had at the time). I later learned that there was more to Paleo and that I needed a NUTRIENT-DENSE approach with healthy carbs to properly absorb nutrients without a gallbladder and manage my autoimmune diseases. It took a while to figure out and manage, but I’ve since found health and balance. So glad that there are MANY more resources now, like The Paleo Approach and The Healing Kitchen (released on Tuesday!).

throw back cookies, The BEST Paleo Holiday Cookies- Paleo Parents

Another blast from the past, Cole was making our grain-free Candy Cane Cookies when the boys were just babies. I LOVE looking at old holiday photos and seeing how the boys have changed every year. They are maturing at lightening speed! Be still my heart.

salmon store, The BEST Paleo Holiday Cookies- Paleo Parents

Part of my healing protocol was incorporating a lot of seafood, but don’t be fooled by what appears to be real but really isn’t – these days food manufacturers are finding creative ways to create moster “food” of almost everything! Practice reading all signs and labels when shopping. Go for the wild caught whenever you can in order to avoid GMO and “color added” salmon. I don’t even want to know what that original fish look or tasted like!

salmon dinner, The BEST Paleo Holiday Cookies- Paleo Parents

The real stuff tastes sooo much better; especially when you crust it with dates and bacon (recipe in The Healing Kitchen). This was a really simple and delicious dinner – we’ve been cooking out of this nutrient-dense AIP-friendly recipe book all week!

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Almond Milk Latte Talk with Stacy, The BEST Paleo Holiday Cookies- Paleo Parents

With a long-standing family tradition of baking together and participating in cookie swaps during the holidays, we’ve definitely made our fair share of Paleo Christmas cookies. Here are our…

Holiday Cookie Must-Haves!

If you want to take the guess-work and planning out of holiday treat-making, we’ve got you covered! Our Holiday Sweets and Treats box from One Stop Paleo Shop comes with ingredients and recipe cards to make three of our favorite recipes, plus a shopping list for the remaining items – AND a couple of pre-made treats to enjoy during the season’s hustle and bustle! This also makes for a great gift! More info —> HERE!

Paleo holiday cookie ingredients, The BEST Paleo Holiday Cookies- Paleo Parents

Almond flour is a baking staple in our house, and we always make sure we have plenty on hand for the holidays. We love bringing Paleo cookies to potlucks and cookie swaps, and the Honeyville brand is finely ground so your finished cookies have a nice consistency. It’s our favorite brand!

Coconut sugar has quickly become one of our go-to sweeteners. We love that it has a deep, caramel-y flavor, and is easy to use and measure.

We never bake cookies without using a silicone baking mat, because it means the cookies won’t stick to the pan, and clean-up will be super easy. Definitely a holiday baking essential!

Paleo cookie ingredients, The BEST Paleo Holiday Cookies- Paleo Parents

A portioning scoop is such a handy kitchen tool! It’s like a spring-loaded ice cream scoop, but for other foods. It makes scooping dough faster and easier – plus, all the cookies come out the same size. And it’s a good way for little hands to help! You can also use them for things like cupcakes and meatballs.

The boys don’t do well with artificial food colorings, so we use India Tree natural dyes, which actually do a great job of coloring dough and frosting. We love that the kids can decorate festive colorful cookies without the negative side effects!

Your Favorite Holiday Cookie Recipes!

Melted Snowman Puddle Cookies
Melted Snowman Puddle Cookies by PaleoParents

Paleo Gingerbread House
Paleo Gingerbread House _ Fed+Fit-97

Candy Cane Cookies
Paleo Candy Cane Cookies by

Italian Almond Cherry Lace Rosettes
Italian Almond Cherry Lace Rosettes by Paleo Parents

AIP-Friendly Gingerbread Men
Gingerbread men

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