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Crispy Oven-Baked Chicken Wings

While the rest of the world is off eating skinless chicken breast, we’re here to tell you the best part IS the crispy skin! Know where to find the most of it? Crispy Chicken W A N G S!…

Real Life Paleo

Happy Birthday, Real Life Paleo!

Don’t miss the opportunity to WIN a trio of our print books at the end of this post – keep what you don’t have and gift the others to friends! ♥ It’s hard to believe a year has passed…


Vital Proteins in ALL the Things!

If you’ve follow us in social media, you probably are aware that we are obsessed with Vital Proteins Collagen Proteins (gelatin) and Collagen Peptides. We put them in anything we can get them to dissolve in! Why do we…


Five Year Paleo-Versary!

May the sixth represents the anniversary of our introduction to paleo and, like in previous years, we like to take this time to reflect on what we’ve done during these eventful years. Perhaps a little history lesson is in…


Tutorial Thursday: Salads and Salad Dressing

At some point in human history, we determined that picking leaves off plants and eating them was one of the healthiest things we could do. Of course, the healthiest foods are often not the most appealing, so the idea…

Real Food

Tutorial Thursday: Chicken and Waffles

      You’ve seen it on Stacy’s Instagram frequently. One of our favorite treats is the southern classic chicken and waffles. Many people have asked us to teach them how to put it together so that they don’t…


What We Did in 2014

We are now one week into the new year of Twenty-Fifteen! This year, we can expect hoverboards, flying cars, and rehydrating foods, right? Or at least a Sentinel-ridden dystopia that Kitty Pryde will need to save us from? Or…