Healthy Holiday Cookies Roundup + A Few More Holiday Treats!

‘Twas the weekend before Christmas,

and in the kitchen of the house,

the family was baking,

full of holiday spirit that could not be doused!

Okay, so I’m not much of a poet. But I have been known to bake some darn good cookies. And I’ve got a roundup of our favorite healthy holiday cookie recipes for you, plus a few extra treats!

These recipes are the perfect way to get the whole family involved in holiday prep, especially when it comes to decorating the cookies (and depending on the age of your kids, you never know what creativity will come out of those brains of theirs!). But regardless of whether your gingerbread men look like a classic cookie or your kids have given them an upgrade to resemble Voldemort, it’s a recipe for a very special holiday season spending time with the ones you love.

Also, cookie platters make a great last minute gift for the relative your friend you accidentally forgot!

So here are our favorite holiday cookies and treats!

Candy Cane Cookies

While this is one of the more challenging recipes on this roundup, it’s truly a fun project for the entire family! And what’s more festive than candy canes?!

AIP Gingerbread Men

These are a great holiday cookie for anyone doing the Autoimmune Protocol! Like traditional gingerbread men, these cookie have a slightly cake-y, yet moist texture and as you can see from the picture above, they cut out beautifully! Plus, you can go minimalist with the decorations or not!

Melted Snowman Puddle Cookies

These may be the most fun cookies on our list! Seriously, the kids had a blast making these. Sure, they’re a little labor-intensive so you’ll want to set aside an afternoon for this project, but you and your family will love the end result!!

Salted Dark Chocolate Truffle Cookies

I’d hate to leave the chocolate lovers out so here’s a rich, indulgent chocolate cookie recipe will leave you addicted!

Chewy Molasses and Ginger Cookies

Despite being a dessert, these cookies are made with real ginger, which is an anti-inflammatory and great for digestive health. Plus these cookies are allergy-friendly being nut-free, egg-free, and grain-free.

Not Sugar Cookies

Are your kids in a nut-free classroom? That can make bringing paleo-friendly baked goods a little challenging. And that’s why we created these Not Sugar Cookies! They’re tree nut free, peanut free, and grain free, and did I mentioned, DELICIOUS?!

Italian Almond Cherry Lace Rosettes

These cookies are crisp with a soft chewy center and the cherry in the center adds a delicious burst of flavor! You won’t be able to have just one. And they’re one of the faster recipes on this list.

N’Oatmeal Cookies

If you’re looking for a fast, delicious recipe, look no further than these N’Oatmeal cookies! Plus, the sliced almonds really give them the texture of oatmeal. These cookies are super easy and we’ve been told they taste like french toast!

Paleo Gingerbread House

This gingerbread house is a fun decorating project for the whole family! And the dough makes some amazing gingerbread men cookies, which we affectionately refer to as “ginga-ninjas.”

Peppermint Hot Chocolate

‘Tis the season for hot chocolate! What’s better than a cozy mug of hot chocolate after an afternoon sledding, skiing, or spending time in the chilly outdoors? I’ll wager to say nothing! This recipe is fast, super clean, and refined sugar-free, making it a much better option than those sugar bomb instant hot chocolate packets!

Monkey Bread 2.0

This is an upgraded version of our original Monkey Bread recipe (see below)! Not only is it simpler to make, but we’ve also made it nut-free and egg-free and included a few slight modifications that will make it AIP-friendly! We always make this recipe on Christmas Eve, then pop it in the oven when we wake up on Christmas morning.

Monkey Bread

This is the original Monkey Bread recipe, which will forever hold a special place in our hearts! It’s Christmas tradition that we always serve it on Christmas morning. We set it out and then our family just picks at it as we’re opening presents. I will warn you that this recipe is about 95% sugar, but that’s why it’s a special, one-a-year, holiday tradition!


From our family to yours, we wish you your healthiest, happiest holiday yet!


Stacy & the boys

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