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Costco IS Real Life Paleo – Shopping Guide & Meal Plan!

This post includes a printable shopping guide for Costco, a Costco specific meal plan for your real Paleo life, our announcement & excitement about Real Life Paleo NOW available at all Costco US locations, AND a GIVEAWAY – don’t miss it all, below! ♥


Costo's Real Life Paleo - Shopping Guide & Meal Plan! as seen on Paleo Parents

What Inspired It All

After my third son Wesley was born I knew that I needed some big changes. Sure I wanted to lose weight, but more important I wanted to feel better physically. I dreamed of having the energy to play tag with the kids in the yard, or even just want to spend time together after I got home from work – not feel overwhelmingly exhausted.

A Google search and trip to the library led me to Paleo, which at the time I primarily used as a tool to eliminate dairy and wheat. However, the results I experienced were so significant in such a short amount of time, adopting the Paleo diet turned out to be about something so much more.

Within a few weeks Matt joined me on my Paleo journey, then after seeing tremendous results ourselves, we transitioned the kids. We took our time with the transition, making little adjustments here and there so that no one felt deprived and to ultimately create a lifestyle that felt sustainable.

Every member of the family experienced significant health improvements in their own time and in their own ways (you can read more about that here – Matt, Stacy, Cole, Finian, Wesley). And the further we got into the journey, the more we fine-tuned and adapted. We eventually relied on Paleo baked goods less and less, and our bodies began to crave nutrient dense foods more and more.

Costo's Real Life Paleo - Shopping Guide & Meal Plan! as seen on Paleo Parents

Why Real Life Paleo

After a few years along this path with consistent improvements Matt and I realized we were on to something, something very different than the standard 30 day elimination approach that typically goes hand-in-hand with Paleo. We took a look at our years with Paleo and discovered that what we had actually done was a three-phased approach into this lifestyle.

And thus Real Life Paleo was born – our third book baby that outlines our three simple steps to swap, remove and heal. Oh, and in addition to sharing the ‘how-to’ of our three simple steps, we also packed the book with:

  • Over 175 recipes
  • Meal plans and menu ideas
  • Shopping lists
  • Guides to long-term success and SO MUCH MORE!

Real Life Paleo was written to meet you where you are at, no matter where that may be in your journey, and to help you change your health in a sustainable and lasting way. When we set about writing this book nearly two years ago, it was our dream to see this book in the average Joe’s hands at Costco. The penultimate goal was to reach the masses at an affordable price (LOWEST PRICE WE’VE EVER SEEN AT $23.99); we ultimately want to do our little part in this battle against the Metabolic Syndrome epidemic to arm families with a lasting solution!

And we just got another major step closer in reaching our goal, as REAL LIFE PALEO IS NOW AVAILABLE IN ALL COSTCO STORES IN THE U.S.!! The news was so overwhelming I literally fell to the floor on my knees while on the phone with our publisher, and then kept crying when I was trying to take a celebratory selfie. It was breathtaking news.

Costo's Real Life Paleo - Shopping Guide & Meal Plan! as seen on Paleo Parents

Costco Shopping List

Why do we love Costco so much? We’ve outlined why we’re so impressed with this company that is committed to going with more natural, organic products in this extensive post including our 100+ recommended products and the extremely popular downloadable and printable PDF (found here), or click the image below!

Download our PRINTABLE SHOPPING LIST of all of our recommendations —> HERE!

Resources for You

Real Life Paleo includes many guides, plans and lists – it is made to help individuals plan and life real lives.

—> Phase One Meal Plan
—> Phase One Shopping List

—> Phase Two Meal Plan
—> Phase Two Shopping List

—> Phase Three Meal Plan
—> Phase Three Shopping List

While you can download and use one of the three meal plans and shopping lists for each of Real Life Paleo‘s phases above, using our Costco Shopping List we have also created a BRAND NEW Costco Meal Plan to help you with your REAL paleo life!

Costco Meal Plan

This meal plan is customized with BUSY LIVES, SIMPLE MEALS, PLANNING AHEAD, and even SHORT-CUTS in mind. You will find one-pot meals, use of leftovers, and other real-life strategies in this custom Costco meal plan – which utilizes ingredients you can find at Costco with our recommended shopping list. We’ve also noted where some recipes can be substituted for items you can find and buy at Costco! Download the printable PDF here, or click the image below!

Download our PRINTABLE MEAL PLAN with recipes from Real Life Paleo and ingredients from our Costco shopping list —> HERE!

Paleo Parents Costco Shopping Guide

Wondering what your food will look like with this easy, affordable, short-cut approach to Paleo? Delicious!

Costo's Real Life Paleo - Shopping Guide & Meal Plan! as seen on Paleo Parents Costo's Real Life Paleo - Shopping Guide & Meal Plan! as seen on Paleo Parents Costo's Real Life Paleo - Shopping Guide & Meal Plan! as seen on Paleo Parents
Costo's Real Life Paleo - Shopping Guide & Meal Plan! as seen on Paleo Parents Costo's Real Life Paleo - Shopping Guide & Meal Plan! as seen on Paleo Parents Costo's Real Life Paleo - Shopping Guide & Meal Plan! as seen on Paleo Parents
Costo's Real Life Paleo - Shopping Guide & Meal Plan! as seen on Paleo ParentsCosto's Real Life Paleo - Shopping Guide & Meal Plan! as seen on Paleo Parents  Costo's Real Life Paleo - Shopping Guide & Meal Plan! as seen on Paleo Parents

In the picture above: Mongolian Beef, Eggs in a Nest, Chinese Lettuce Cups, Coconut Cream
Snack Balls, Garden Tuna Salad, Gummy Snacks, Meatza, Juicy Pot Roast, Eggs Stacy

Call for Help, a Teaser & Our Thank You: a Giveaway

Since Real Life Paleo released at the end of 2014 our dreams have come true on so many levels, as so many families have reached out to tell us how this book has changed their lives. With Real Life Paleo making its way to the Costco book table, our dreams are being fulfilled on a such a bigger level as we now have a chance to reach even more families who are looking for help on how to change their health! The biggest way you can help us is to buy the book. In store sales will keep the book there longer, further the reach it may have ♥

We hope the shopping list and meal plan help you along your journey, and encourage you to share these resources (along with a copy of Real Life Paleo) with friends and family members! This book makes an excellent gift for the reluctant friend or family member in your life. At only $23.99 stock up and give them away for future birthdays or holidays!

If you know someone who is ready for change, but unsure on where to begin, this is for them. Perhaps it’s someone who keeps saying they want to go Paleo but are intimidated, or perhaps there’s just that one particular food item (cream in coffee and diet coke perhaps) that they’re just not willing to give up. Guess what – Real Life Paleo will be perfect for them! It’s also a fantastic resource for veterans looking for more nutrient-dense based foods, as Phase Three focuses on taking Paleo beyond the standard definition with our “7 super foods” and lifestyle factors.

Alright, enough asking for help. You already helped us get here. You rallied and supported and helped sales for Beyond Bacon so wonderfully that now Real Life Paleo is there as well! We owe you a HUGE thank you – and while we hope the giveaway below is helpful to that measure, we made a promise and will fulfill it. Earlier this year I said that if Real Life Paleo made it into US Costcos I would do a mini-tour… and so we shall (that’s right I’m even talking Matt into joining me)! Unfortunately it’s a terribly busy time of year for me to take time off of work, so we will have to limit our tour to 3 cities (likely in September) and perhaps a Pacific Northwest stop or two in October. While we work out the details with Costco and the publisher, we will LET YOU VOTE on one of three stops on this Costco Tour. If you’d like us to come to your city for a Costco book signing, please comment with your requested US city and state (this will also enter you to this awesome giveaway below)!

Not yet a Costco member?!? Well, we have one lucky winner covered there too!

Don’t have a Costco near you? Don’t fret – LOTS of these items can be found online, our resources page offers details on where to find a number of the items on our recommended shopping list, and includes links and even coupons!

To celebrate this very wonderful news we are giving away a Costco Membership or Gift Card ($55 value) and one copy of each of our books, Eat Like a Dinosaur, Beyond Bacon and Real Life Paleo to one lucky winner! So if you aren’t yet a member, that gift card will cover your cost to join, and if you are already member – enjoy some of your purchases on us!

Real Life Paleo Costco-Giveaway-Graphic

TO ENTER, use the Rafflecopter form below. Winner will be selected and announced one week from today.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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