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Tutorial Thursday: Broth and Stock and Bones

      Last week, we covered one of our staples, the miraculous cooking fat, lard. This week, we’re continuing our coverage of items you ought to always have around the house. Strangely, this may be the single most…


Tutorial Thursday: All About LARD

      We’re back! After a long hiatus (thanks to the launch of Real Life Paleo), we’re back with another tutorial! Just in time for all of your holiday baking, we’ve got all the information you need on…

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Stacy’s Soups

Almost every morning Stacy posts a picture of her breakfast to Instagram. Most of the time, this breakfast is soup. And almost every time we are bombarded for requests for “Recipe?!” I really don’t know how to respond to…

Real Life Paleo

Eggs Stacy

Stacy’s favorite breakfast to order in restaurants used to be Eggs Benedict. With a delicious yolk plus Hollandaise and a bed of bread to soak it all up, it seemed the perfect indulgent meal for brunch. But then when…

Real Life Paleo

Crazy for Kale

Don’t miss the end of the post, there’s a GIVEAWAY! One of our boys’ favorite vegetables is kale. I think it probably started when we made Kale Chips for Eat Like a Dinosaur, and then our oldest (a born…


Last Minute Recipes Perfect for Game Day

Calling all Paleo people! We’ve been nominated for Best Family & Kid Blog over at The Kitchn. If you enjoy our blog, please click the link and vote for us! We’d LOVE your vote – it helps spread the…


Chocolate Trail Mix Detox Cookies

What do you call a ball of ingredients that’s packed with protein & healthy fat and missing the sweeteners that would make it a cookie? How do you tell people, “Warning, this cookie is not your typical cookie. Do…