Gelatin Jigglers Fruit Snacks – Healthy Nourishing Gummies

One of the things that Stacy learned when she was in California was that there are some of you out there that refer to her as “The Broth Lady.” I guess that’s understandable. I mean, I’ve named an entire line of soups after her and she does constantly posts photos like this and started the #bonebrothheals hashtag.

Now the reason she’s obsessed with stock is that it is truly a great nourishing and nutrient dense food. Especially since it has collagen building properties due to the gelatin; who doesn’t want glycine, proline and all kinds of awesome amino-acid goodness?! You like healthy joints and skin? That’s why you need gelatin. That’s why we included it as a third phase healing food in 3 Phase Paleo! Plus, with Stacy training to be strong lately the added protein in “on-the-go treat” form is awesome!

But what if you could get gelatin in a fun and even kid friendly way? And what if you could include the probiotic, gut healing properties of fermented kombucha? That’s why we made kombucha gelatin (not to be confused with another house favorite, kombucha & gin)! What’s SO COOL about using kombucha instead of fruit juice is that it’s fizzy and created a really cool foamy texture when it hardens!

Fruit Snacks by PaleoParents

Yep, we made fruit snacks! Not unique perhaps, but we had a lot of fun doing it! We decidedly like the kinds with fruit puree in them best, with half the house split between strawberries and citrus as our favorites. The plain kombucha tastes much more like classic jell-0, for those who are interested in that sort of texture. Best part about the Kombucha flavor is that it’s completely unsweetened and 21 Day Sugar Detox approved!

Meanwhile, the other two flavors use only minimal amount of fruit to sweeten them, making it a easily digestible protein-rich form with moderate fiber rich carbs your body could love, even postWOD!

Gelatin Jigglers on PaleoParents

We’ve tried a bazillion gummy recipes. Without some sort of sugar as a sweetener we haven’t been able to achieve that classic chewiness you might want, but we’ve come to love the jello-like texture of making them ourselves with grass-fed gelatin. Between the vitamins and minerals (including fiber) from the fruit puree and the collagen-rich gelatin, we LOVE that these fruit snacks are a nutrient-dense food source that our children beg for.

Gelatin Jigglers by PaleoParents


Fruit Snacks – Healthy Nourishing Gummies


    Kombucha Fruit Snacks
  • 1 C kombucha (we like GingerBerry)
  • 1/4 C boiling water
  • 1 Tbsp lemon or lime juice
  • 1/4 C (4 Tbsp) gelatin
  • 1/4 tsp stevia (optional - we didn't use any)
  • Strawberry Fruit Snacks
  • 1/2 C boiling water
  • 1/2 C (8 Tbsp) gelatin
  • 1 Tbsp lemon or lime juice
  • 1 C kombucha or fruit juice (we used Guava Goddess)
  • 1 C pureed strawberries (thawed from frozen or bruised/overripe and juicy are best)
  • Vitamin C Gummies
  • 1/2 C boiling water
  • 1/2 C citrus juice (we used mango/orange/pineapple 100% juice blend)
  • 1 Tbsp lemon or lime juice
  • 1 C citrus puree (pineapple or mango thawed from frozen or orange puree with the skins and pithe removed)
  • 1/2 C (8 Tbsp) gelatin


  1. Gather all of your ingredients, as you'll move quickly and you don't want the gelatin setting before you're ready to use it!
  2. Put gelatin in a small mixing bowl and set-aside molds or dish gelatin will set-up in.
  3. Combine all ingredients, except boiling water, in a food processor or high-speed blender and puree on high.
  4. When ready to mix and pour, combine boiling water into small gelatin dish until gelatin is fully dissolved. Quickly add gelatin mixture and blend again until fully incorporated.
  5. Pour this mixture into a 9x9 pyrex or molds (no need to oil or powder) and transfer to the refrigerator.
  6. Chill at least an hour, overnight preferred, then cut into 1" squares to serve and enjoy!


Gelatin Jigglers on PaleoParents.com

If you want other ideas for fun gummies to make, try these recipes from Elana’s Pantry, Balanced Bites, Primal Palate and Wellness Mama!

Also, these gum drops from Fed and Fit were an extremely popular guest post you should check out. They’d be great to make with or without a gingerbread house!

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  • Tina

    Awesome! I am definitely making. What about the kombucha and gin?? Need something to do w the rest of the kombucha 😀

  • Awesome, can’t wait to make

  • Shan

    Has anyone else heard that pineapple prevents the gelatin from setting? Not trying to be critical, just curious!

    • Karyn

      I had read that in Wellness Mama’s gummy recipe, I think. But I would love for it to work; looks like a good time to try it out!

    • Canada Girl

      I never heard this and made my own recipe with pineapple today…what do you know, they won’t set!!! Urgh. What a waste. That’s my fault though for not researching it.

    • This is true! Fresh pineapple includes an enzyme that breaks down gelatin. But! If you use sufficiently heat or otherwise breakdown the pineapple, including using canned pineapple, you can use pineapple.

    • Karyn

      I tried these out last Sunday with the pineapple and they gelled perfectly fine. I used a can of crushed pineapple and its juice – don’t know if that made a difference.

  • Brittany Bach

    YUM! Totally into gelatin now thanks to following Stacy on here and Instagram. I now find a way to have some every day. Thanks for another great idea! Looking forward to trying these!

  • Katie MacAvoy

    I made these last night and I have a question… Does anyone else find the smell of the gelatin absolutely disgusting?? I was gagging as I mixed it with the hot water and I found that I could taste it in the gummies, too. Also, the texture came out super weird – super spongey almost like angel food cake. Help!

    • I suppose some can dislike gelatin, but that is not us!

      • Katie MacAvoy

        Thanks for your reply. I wasn’t saying that I didn’t dislike gelatin. To the contrary, I don’t know how I feel about it – this is my first attempt at integrating it into our diet. I was more hoping that someone could offer insight into my experience. Perhaps I did something wrong to cause their texture to be so spongey. Or maybe something is wrong with my gelatin to cause the smell to be so unpleasant. Thanks.

        • Our recommendation is that if you don’t like the smell or taste of gelatin, check what kind you have. Porcine gelatin tends to have less of that flavor and smell than beef gelatin. For the texture, this recipe is intended to be extra firm (more like gum drop than Jello, if you will). Perhaps halving the amount of water and gelatin will make them a better texture for you? Other than the foam at the top, they’re not meant to have an airy angel food texture. I do not know where that would have come from!

          • Katie MacAvoy

            Thanks. I’ll give your recommendations a try. I used Great Lakes gelatin in the orange canister.

          • Courtney

            I find that the Great Lakes gelatin has a strong odor for me, but have had success cutting down on the amount used and adding an extra squirt of lemon and stevia.

    • Fay Northam Walton

      I had the same experience with the smell and I can eat about anything! The texture was fine for me, like gummy bears. The problem is selling an odd smell and taste to my teenager. I do believe my mango was less than flavorful, which allowed a slight unpleasant flavor to come through.

  • HJVarner

    Do you use Kefir and do you know anything about if heating it will kill all the probiotics I spent 2 days growing? lol dont want to waste it!

    • That’s not a product we usually use, so we’re unfamiliar.

  • cindy

    I followed the instructions to the letter and used pineapple for the puree – it’s been in my fridge overnight and it still has not set – any ideas as to why? Thanks!

    • holly

      The bromelain in pineapple prevents the gelatin from setting.

  • holly

    What a great idea! We love kombucha at our house and we love homemade jello… the boys will get a kick out of combining the two. Guava goddess is my favorite flavor, followed by Trilogy in close second:) The smell of gelatin can be kind of a turn off, but the finished product doesn’t have nearly as strong a smell as the liquid form. Since I can’t get the boys to drink bone broth, this has been a great way to get extra nutrition into them:)

  • leslie

    You really have to strain pineapple to use it with gelatin. My mom makes this southern Jell-o thing every year with pineapple, cranberries and pecans. I think giving the warning about pineapple is part of the tradition. every year. I made these today. The taste is different, but I’m liking it more with each bite. I did raspberries and guava goddess. I’ve not tried kombucha before. I see how it would go nicely with gin!

  • The Paleos

    How do you prevent your gummies from sticking to the pyrex dish? Yours look so perfect! Mine always look so mangled when I slice and remove from the dish!

    • We use an icing spatula to get them out 🙂

    • Adrianne

      I have found that putting 1 tsp. of coconut oil on a paper towel and rubbing that on my molds or dishes really helps these treats release cleanly.

  • Alexis

    Made the strawberry gummies last night using guava goddess kombucha and they’re awesome – thank you! However, mine came out all the same color (a foamy pale pink all the way through) whereas yours seemed to have ended up with two different layers of color. How do I get mine to look like yours with the color contrasting layers? (light and dark–they’re so pretty!) I wonder if I did something wrong? Thank you!!!

    • We just blended all of our ingredients and the foam/carbonation from the kombucha is what caused the foam in the ones with ours with it – notice the citrus one doesn’t have foam because the mango kombucha doesn’t have much carbonation. Perhaps yours had a LOT of carbonation? I wish I knew, sorry! I’ve seen lots of pictures of people making them and most clearly have a split.

  • Charity L. Woods

    Can you use Knox?

  • Megan

    I’m also curious about using Knox until I get some Great Lakes gelatin. Thanks for another awesome recipe!

  • Andria

    OMG, these look awesome. I am trying to adhere to a diet for leaky gut (essentially the AIP) and I really miss treats. I am going to make these tonight!!

  • Andria

    Hmmm, ok so I made these right away. Not sure what I did wrong. The instructions were not really clear for me. I assumed all ingredients except boiling water AND gelatin were to be mixed in blender. When I mixed the boiling water with gelatin it did not fully dissolve and I ended up using more than 1/2 c to get as much to dissolve as possible. However, there were still pieces of hardened gelatin in this mixture. I think I am going to find pieces of chewy gelatin in my candies 🙁

    • It seems like you skipped the second blend step. You don’t need to add more water, but after you mix the hot water with the gelatin, you add that to the blender and blend for a second time. This second blend should break up all of the gelatin and incorporate the mixture evenly.

  • Julie

    Finally, I got everything together (including Great Lakes Gelatin) and made the Strawberry Jigglers. I blended the kombucha, lemon juice, strawberry puree. Then added 1/2 cup of boiling to the gelatin, let it dissolve and stuck it in the blender with the “juice” mix. Well, it set (very frothy) but I ate a piece and – yikes – big clumps of thick gelatin blobs. Yuck. Can you help? I want to make this work!

    • So here are the things that will help this:
      1. High speed blender is best.
      2. Blend as soon as the gelatin is dissolved, pour it into the processor and blend it. Any delay will cause the chunks to form.
      3. If you’re still having trouble, add more boiling water to the gelatin to dissolve it better or raise the temperature of your purees and juices before you blend.
      4. If you still aren’t getting it to blend right, use less gelatin.

      Hope that helps!

  • Kelly

    This method didn’t work for me. The gelatin immediately clumped and my standard blender couldn’t break up the gelatin so that it was smooth. Maybe this works in a high speed blender like a vitamix?

    • So here are the things that will help this:
      1. High speed blender is best.
      2. Blend as soon as the gelatin is dissolved, pour it into the processor and blend it. Any delay will cause the chunks to form.
      3. If you’re still having trouble, add more boiling water to the gelatin to dissolve it better or raise the temperature of your purees and juices before you blend.
      4. If you still aren’t getting it to blend right, use less gelatin.

      Hope that helps!

  • Stephanie Gaffney

    I made a couple batches during my 21DSD, but now that’s it’s over I wanted some with fruit 🙂 I had some frozen blackberries from last summer and decided to use them and gingerade kombucha with 1/2 lime juice. So fantastic 🙂 Thanks for all the awesome recipes. Great way to get my gelatin in!

  • Sean L

    How do you store them, and how long should they last?

    • In an airtight container in the fridge. They should probably keep for a week or so. Ours always disappear faster than that!

  • Ann G

    This is definitely the worst recipe I have ever used. There is no way that the gelatin will dissolve. The authors must not be using the Great Lakes red can, as they claim. Even though I’ve used this gelatin for years, in soups, and have plenty of experience with it, I decided to put my trust in the blogger even though I had serious doubts about the ability of the gelatin to dissolve. I ended up with hard chunks of gelatin coating my bowl and whisk with no chance of them going away. I read you can just pour it in and hope the gelatin will dissolve in the blender with the other ingredients. Here’s what happened: the gelatin immediately formed harder, bigger chunks in the blender that wouldn’t blend at all. They stuck all around my blender blades. When I poured it into the glass pan, the liquid that didn’t mix with the gelatin came out first, followed by solid chunks. Some mixed with the fruit puree, some just pure gelatin. I’ll still eat the resulting product, because Great Lakes is nutrition and not cheap, but do NOT use this recipe. At least if you use Great Lakes.

    • Hi Ann. I am sorry that you had trouble with this recipe, and although we are not doubting your experience with Great Lakes gelatin, we have received many positive responses from this recipe with good results. We also make this often and follow this recipe and do not have any difficulty. Again, sorry that this didn’t work out for you.

      • Nicole

        I actually made this Reciepe and it all turned chunky. I thought it was ruined so I dumped it in a pot and warmed it on the stove, stirring constantly. All the chunks melted and it became smooth and the. I just poured into pan and it set perfectly!!

        • couv

          so glad to find this — I’ve made gummies before with no issues and my last batch did not have enough flavor and way too much gelatin — thinking I doubled the gelatin! Now they are melting on the stove for me to add additional flavorings — so glad not to have to waste the gelatin!

        • andria12000

          Glad I found this, as well. I just posted that the recipe as posted did not work and had clumps of gelatin after I added the 1/2 cup boiling water.

  • donna

    Can I buy the kombucha in the whole foods to make this they have them in bottles.

  • Janene

    What kind of Kombucha do you use? The ones I see online are sweetened….. that can’t be right?

    • All Kombucha is made with organic cane sugar to begin with, but as it ferments, the good bacteria “eats” the sugar in the tea. So if you are reading an ingredient list, you will see sugar on the ingredients. Some Kombucha also adds stevia afterwards, and we tend to not use that kind of kombucha. Our favorite brands of Kombucha are Reed’s and GT’s.

  • Carleen

    I can never get this recipe to work…. no matter how quickly I transfer the hot water to the gelatin and then the gelatin to the puree mix, it always sets before or as I’m pouring it into the blender or it just sets up as globs in the cold mixture…. any tips?

    • Try letting the flavoring liquid (the kombucha or juice) sit out at room temperature for a while before making this recipe. If your juice or kombucha is really cold when you are trying to make this recipe, then maybe the adding the dissolved gelatin to the cold liquid is making it set up more quickly than you need it to.

  • Amanda

    Oh my goodness!! These are amazing! I just made a pre/post-workout version with 2 scoops vanilla whey protein and 2 scoops super greens (would use a little stevia next time) – so fun! The possibilities are endless!!!

  • Mag

    These sound wonderful, can’t wait to make them for our kids, we brew kombucha and even have all these ingredients on hand. Seeing this recipe for the strawberry ones with lime juice make me wonder… has anyone tried using some tequila in place of a portion of the water for jello shots for grown up get togethers??? If done successfully I’d love to know the ratios and your tips for doing so!

  • rachel m

    I’m concerned about the boiling water killing the probiotics in the kombucha. I guess you would still have all the other great nutrients present but…. Do you have any thoughts on that? Is Kombucha just a flavoring in this recipe or should it retain the microbes?

    • We can’t say specifically about the bacteria because we don’t know what exact temp the water will be after the geletin is blended. However, from our research the probiotics would survive since there’s a small amount of hot water that’s then tempered into the rest. Ultimately the kombucha is used to flavor, and what microbes remain is just icing on the cake.

  • Elysia

    How do you get the 2 layered look?

  • lemurleap

    Excellent recipe and thanks for stressing the need for having everything assembled ahead of time! I made these with tart cherry juice which is supposed to have strong antiinflammatory properties. Think I will call them Joints of Kryptonite Jello Bombs. 🙂

  • andria12000

    Hmm, it seems like I just wasted 1/2 cup of gelatin. The gelatin did not dissolve fully in the hot water. It’s clumpy. What gives?

    • Try this:

      1. High speed blender is best.
      2. Blend as soon as the gelatin is dissolved, pour it into the processor and blend it. Any delay will cause the chunks to form.
      3. If you’re still having trouble, add more boiling water to the gelatin to dissolve it better or raise the temperature of your purees and juices before you blend.
      4. If you still aren’t getting it to blend right, use less gelatin.

    • Cat

      You might need to “bloom” your gelatin in a little cold liquid before adding the boiling water, you can use a small amount of your flavoring liquid.

  • Kelli Melocik

    I’m not sure what went wrong — mine solidified in the blender! Should I have added the fruit to the gelatin mixture in the bowl instead?

    • Did you add the water to the blender? If not (which the directions tell you not to do), and the mixture still solidified for you, yes, I would blend the fruit separately and then combine with the gelatin and hot water in a bowl.

      • Kelli Melocik

        No, I followed the instructions as listed in the recipe… blending the fruit and juices, mixing the boiling water and gelatin in a separate bowl, and then added the gelatin mixture to the blender and tried to blend. I used Knox gelatin because that’s what I had, and I wonder if the measurements should have been adjusted since it was a different brand.

  • Green Thickies

    Hi there

    I love your blog post, Gelatin Jigglers Fruit Snacks, and we would love to feature it on our website, GreenThickies.com. Would it be OK for me to use one of your photos within my post? I will of course link back to your post.

    Thanks so much


    • Myra, we’re so glad you love the recipe – thank you! We do not allow re-print of our recipes. Though, per our copyright page, you may use a photo and link back to the post – as long as no part of the recipe is used in your post. Thanks! http://realeverything.com/copyright/

      • Green Thickies

        Thank you for allowing us. No worries will just use the photo of the recipe and then link back to your site.