Chocolate Trail Mix Detox Cookies

What do you call a ball of ingredients that’s packed with protein & healthy fat and missing the sweeteners that would make it a cookie? How do you tell people, “Warning, this cookie is not your typical cookie. Do not think this recipe will remind you of Toll House.”? I don’t know, no matter what I call this people are either going to complain I shouldn’t make cookies on a detox or that it’s not sweet enough – so, let’s just forge ahead anyway and encourage the nay-sayers to MYOB.

The cookies are called Chocolate Trail Mix Cookies because they remind me of the things I enjoy most in Trail Mix. Salted nuts, coconut and even the chocolate for the child in you who still longs for M&Ms. Granted, there’s no dried fruit, but there is a hint of banana chips lingering. You could definitely pack these in a lunchbox for a kid to feel special at lunch, in your bag for needed on-the-go snacks for soccer practice or …wait for it… hiking on a TRAIL!

We make treats like this because we’re doing the detox as a family. We like to make a fun dinner on Friday nights (make-you-own nights or breakfast-for-dinner), snuggle up on the sofa and snack while watching a movie. Instead of the usual sweet treats we might make, these cookies were a good substitute. And although two of our boys were very happy with them, our oldest was not fooled. He really enjoyed the (egg-free) dough, but once it was cooked he said, “I’d rather have an apple.” Hard to be disappointed your kids turns down your cookie for an apple… Frankly, I could’ve just eaten a few spoonfuls of the dough and been satisfied, myself!

Chocolate Trail Mix Detox Cookies
Seemingly Paleo, 21DSD, GAPS and Vegan!

Chocolate Trail Mix Detox Cookies



  1. Combine all ingredients, except Sweet & Salty Sugarless Snack Mix, until smooth and forms into a ball in a food processor.
  2. Fold in Sweet & Salty Sugarless Snack Mix until well combined.
  3. Roll into balls, about 1 1/2" in diameter.
  4. Bake at 300 degrees for 20-24 minutes. I liked mine still slightly soft to the touch so it had an almost brownie like texture to the center, which was 20 minutes. Matt preferred his a little more done, like a macaroon, at nearly 24 minutes. Just keep your eye on them around 20 minutes - take them out when they're to your preferred doneness, transfer them to a cooling rack and enjoy - preferably while they're still warm!


♥ These are SO kid-friendly to make – no eggs in the batter means we licked quite a bit before they made it in the oven – so let your little ones help with the first three steps! Please note, the lack of sweetener in these cookies make salt a requirement; if you use just 2 C of almonds and coconut – make sure to add salt to the batter. Makes about 24 cookies, will sit at room temperature for a few days – or freeze them to make ’em last!

The point of this all, Protein Ball of Hormone Solving Goodness or whatever you want to call this recipe, is that it’s technically compliant with the 21 Day Sugar Detox. For me, it solved a chocolate craving I had while allowing me to not completely break the rules. Don’t go trying to figure out how many cookies you can have for 1 banana’s worth a day, because that’s going to be an insane number of cookies. I personally found 2 to give me the satisfaction I desired. May I recommend you establish your “number” BEFORE you eat them… remember, we found ourselves on a sugar detox because we know we’re prone to overdo “treats” so let’s not fall into that black hole of sugar doom again here!

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