Summer Paleo Potluck Recipes!

The official start to summer is here! And we’re sharing our favorite warm weather potluck foods and recipes to kick off summer!

Our Real Life

We’ve had so much going on lately and not enough time at home or with each other (that’ll happen when your mom finally finds her biological family, and you find a home to buy!). I loved the boys’ idea of board games and make your own sushi for our Saturday night as a family. It had been way too long and we were in need of that “normal” feeling again! Well, if you call chasing each other with homemade ninja stars in your underwear “normal”… Sushi at home couldn’t be more fun or easy – just take seaweed sheets, cook up some sushi rice (or don’t if it doesn’t work for you), fill with your favorite veggies and seafood, then use a bamboo mat to roll them up!

A few cooler days meant we got the soup pot out for one last hurrah before the “grill everything” season officially starts. This is one of our favorite soups (Roasted Vegetable Leftover Chicken Soup) from one of our favorite recipe books (Against All Grain). We’ve made it about a million times and it is always a hit!

Our Favorite Summer Potluck Foods

Siete Tortilla Chips 
Grab a few bags of these new grain-free tortilla chips (seriously incredible!!) and serve with a jar of your favorite salsa. A no-time and no-effort potluck offering! Find them the cheapest here at One Stop Paleo Shop!

Simple Mills Chocolate Cupcake Mix
For dessert, bake a batch of these chocolate cupcakes (so easy even the boys can make them all by themselves!) and top with fresh whipped cream or coconut cream and a few fresh berries (blueberries and strawberries for red, white and blue!).

Bubbies Pickles
These are our favorite pickles, and an excellent way to get in some good-for-your-guts probiotics! They are perfect warm summer day potluck food!

Chosen Foods Avocado Oil Mayo
Make healthier versions of your favorite potluck side dishes- use this mayo for potato salad, or our two favorite creamy sides: broccoli raisin salad and ranch coleslaw (recipes below!).

With summer vacation about to begin, we’ve got a lot of outdoor activities lined up: camping, farmer’s markets, u-pick farms, swimming – and they all require sunscreen! The Beautycounter sunstick is the only sunscreen the boys don’t fight me to put on because it smells like candy and the stick application doesn’t drip or “sweat” into their eyes!

I loe that it’s got safe ingredients, and works for my pale little babies haven’t gotten burned since using it. And I’m gifting one to you with any $150 Beautycounter order this Memorial Day weekend! BUT THIS OFFER ENDS TOMORROW  Order —> here! then forward me (stacy@realeverything[.]com) the receipt so I can make sure to send you the free sunscreen stick!

Beautycounter is also offering a freebie with your order, so this is a great time to try out some safer skincare options and double up on the free stuff! Freebie —> here!

Our Favorite Summer Potluck Recipes

Broccoli Raisin Salad
Summer Paleo Potluck Recipes! | Real Everything

Paleo Fruit Pizza
Summer Paleo Potluck Recipes! | Real Everything

Easy Pickled Onions
(Great on everything… burgers, hot dogs, smoked pork, grilled chicken!)
Summer Paleo Potluck Recipes! | Real Everything

Creamy Ranch Coleslaw
Summer Paleo Potluck Recipes! | Real Everything

Strawberry Refrigerator Pie
Summer Paleo Potluck Recipes! | Real Everything

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