Salted Dark Chocolate Truffle Cookies

We keep a board on Pinterest of recipes we want to Paleoize. You may recall our popular Monster Cookie Dough Dip and PB&J Sandwich Cookies, each inspired by this board. And now, these insanely delicious looking Salted Dark Chocolate Truffle Cookies are the next on our list. They’re incredibly rich and delicious, just what this lady needs once a month…

Dark Chocolate Salted Truffle Cookies by PaleoParents

Salted Dark Chocolate Truffle Cookies



  1. Melt chocolate together into a smooth consistency (double boiler or microwave in blasts of 30-60 seconds), stirring constantly and making sure that one does not over cook or seize before they both come together. If you use Baker's Unsweetened Chocolate like we did, it will melt faster - without emulsifiers - than the sweetened chocolate, this is why we recommend keeping them in the 1oz blocks but using smaller chunks for the sweetened chocolate.
  2. Sift dry ingredients and set aside. Note, if you'd like your cookie to be more under-cooked-brownie-like than a thick cake-like brownie you'll want to add 3/4 C almond flour (more like the ones HowSweetEats made). We wanted these to be perfect for dunking, to soak up coconut milk, so we prefer 1 C almond flour.
  3. Combine wet ingredients, except chocolate, by whisking until combined.
  4. Temper in melted chocolate by adding in about 1/4 C and whisking. Then add another 1/4 C of the warm chocolate and whisk again. Then add the remaining melted chocolate to the remaining wet batter.
  5. Slowly add in the dry ingredients, stirring on low until just incorporated together - final batter will be smooth and plyable.
  6. If you used 3/4 C flour you'll want to set your dough aside to chill for a little while, only 10 minutes or so. This will allow the chocolate to cool a bit and make the dough more plyable. If you used 1 C flour, the dough should be firm enough to shape into balls right away.
  7. Form tablespoon sized balls, sprinkle with salt then press semi-flat onto a parchment-lined baking sheet. Bake at 350 degrees for 9 minutes, or until the center of the cookie begins to firm - will further harden as it rests.


Dark Chocolate Salted Truffle Cookies Collage by PaleoParents


Dark Chocolate Salted Truffle Cookies by PaleoParentsThe result is a deeply rich chocolate flavor that becomes more addictive with each bite. We mastered the art of lard in baked goods when writing Beyond Bacon and we highly recommend you make an effort to use it here. It adds such a rich and velvety taste and texture to this cookie, mimicking the velvet of true truffles! And then, the interplay of salty sweet will keep you coming back for more. This seems to be a recurring theme among my favorite desserts, as these (slightly salty) Creamy Chocolate Chip Macaroons are another favorite in our house. As are the Salted Caramel Sauce and Salted Mocha Biscotti for Beyond Bacon. Hmmm…

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  • You and Hayley always have such cute manicures!

    • Thanks! She inspires me 🙂

      • I say you should write off the manicures as a business expense. You gotta look pretty in your pictures, right?
        I am drooling right now. I cannot WAIT to make these. You are a genius 🙂

  • I have to ask if the kids “decorated” the eggs. We have chickens that produce about 75% of our egg needs, and my boys like to draw on the eggs when they put them in the cartons. It cracks me up.

    • Yes! These were their Easter eggs and was so cute when we opened the container and got this surprise. Even when sleeping they’re still in the kitchen with us!

  • christine

    could you sub GF all purpose flour for the almond flour?

  • Amanda

    Looking forward to trying but I have to decide which sweetener to try. I’ve gotten such different results when using date vs. coconut palm. The date sugar seems to make my treats drier and spread less. Could you let me know which one you’ve used? Thanks!

  • Andrea

    Just made these using sunflower seed flour, palm shortening and palm sugar–amazing!!!!! Can’t wait to have one with my morning coffee!! This was actually my first successful bake with sunflower seed flour–happy there’s hope for me! 🙂 Thank you guys for taking the time to create and share your amazing recipes!

    • Andrea

      I will say that I think I iwll try with lard next time, they were a bit crumbly but still delicious. I think my boyfriend slammed about 8 of them when I turned my back. LOL

  • Tina

    These look amazing! Always looking for new ways to get my dark chocolate fix 🙂 Thank you.

  • Tina

    oh and i love your manicure!

  • Lynn

    Can these be made with coconut flour or regular GF flour? I can’t eat nuts or seeds, sadly.

    • Ceanalas

      Coconut flour absorbs too much moisture on it’s own…you might try a 50/50 mix of coconut and tapioca flours. I used those to sub for a nut free pancake and it worked great! Good luck!

  • Oh Hells Yes! #ThatTimeOfTheMonth Cookie <3 My husband will thank you!

  • Lucinda

    One of my co-workers made these today, after I led her to your site. These were damn good cookies.

  • Rachel

    At 39 weeks pregnant, these look so amazing, I dreamt about them last night!

  • Mary

    Holy smokes, these are delicious! I followed the recipe exactly, only I used 1/2 cup organic cane sugar since I don’t have any of the other “paleo” sugars (I bought this sugar a while ago and I’m not going to waste it) & I used sunflower seed flour that I ground myself. This was my first time baking with sunflower seed flour and I have to say I’m impressed. I also used lard so they came out very nice. The cookies are quite rich but not sickeningly sweet. I’m glad I reduced the added sugar by 1/4 cup, though. I gave some to my mom who is not paleo & she said these were the best treats I’ve ever given her since going gluten-free four months ago. Thanks!

  • Julia

    I just made these using bacon fat – wow! Gave them a slight smoky flavor. Trying not to eat them all right now…

  • Valerie

    I just made these as a Christmas party treat for my son and his class… BIG HIT! They are delicious!

  • NorthernMama

    I made these for Christmas and they were a HUGE hit!! Nobody even knew they were grain-free and I could enjoy them to my heart’s content. Thanks for such a great recipe!!

  • tsemb

    Can these be made without eggs?

  • Sharon

    Can these be made autoimmune friendly?

  • Lindie Graves McElroy

    Just made these tonight for my husband to take to work tomorrow for a pot luck. Um…not sure they’re going to make it to his work. They are amazing! In fact, my 7-year-old said they were the best cookie he’s EVER had. When I told him it was paleo, he said, “that’s awesome!”

  • Jessica

    Anyone know if I can use regular cocoa powder or raw cacao powder in place of the Dutch process? Just don’t want to buy an ingredient I won’t use otherwise. Thanks! Also, how many cookies does this make?

    • Yes, you can use the regular cocoa powder or raw powder. And the recipe should yield between 18 and 24 depending on how big you make the cookies.

      • Jessica

        Thank you!