Paleo Ice Cream: Recipes and Toppings!

Warmer weather is here- are you itching for ice cream yet?! Our favorite healthier ice cream toppings plus lots of ice cream recipes, all in this week’s weekend wrap up!

Our Real Life

My babies are growing too fast! Do you feel that way every time another birthday rolls around too?!

Seven years ago Matthew and I welcomed the most enthusiastic, happy, and imaginative boy in our lives. He’s kind and funny and I just couldn’t love his little elf ears and big blue eyes any more. We celebrated his birthday exactly how he wanted… filled with Batman and Ghostbusters, and he loved every minute of it!

One of my favorite parts was when we surprised him with these adorable gluten-free cookies from Life’s A Batch (yes, she ships!). His reaction was priceless!

Big family? Freezer space problem? Just wanna make insanely delicious food your kids can’t keep their hands off? Wish you had more leftover chicken for soup & salads? Answer: Double Chicken Roaster with cabbage on a sheet pan underneath. It’s like combining our Peruvian Chicken & Bacon Chicken recipes – two fan favorites already! You will not be disappointed. Well, you will be when your kids eat all the cabbage leaving you none. And the double roaster is only $16 on Prime (we use hard cider, not beer to roast ours, and it’s incredible!).

Our Favorite Ice Cream-Makin’ Products

Whether you make it yourself or bring home a pint of your favorite ice cream from the store, Date Lady Caramel Sauce is the perfect topping! Sweetened only with dates, this caramel sauce is also great for drizzling on fresh berries with whipped cream, apples, or even on pancakes!

The quintessential ice cream topping! These India Tree Carnival Sprinkles are made with vegetable colorants and no artificial dyes. They aren’t strict Paleo, as they do contain corn starch, but for an occasional special summertime treat, we think they’re perfect and fit into our Paleo template!

Making homemade ice cream is actually very simple, especially with the help of a small countertop ice cream maker. We like getting to control the quality of ingredients that go into our ice cream, and it’s something the boys love helping with. Plus, waiting for the ice cream to chill is the ultimate lesson in patience!

Want even more recipes than the ones we’ve shared below?! Dairy-Free Ice Cream is one of our favorites- the recipes are simple and sooo good! There are recipes for everything from ice cream to popsicles and even toppings!

Our Favorite Ice Cream Recipes

Salted Nut & Caramel Ice Cream

Healthiest Ice Cream Ever

Creamy Dreamy (Dairy-Free) Frozen Custard

Blueberry Cobbler Ice Cream

Better Butter Beer (with Pecan Praline Ice Cream)

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