Our Healthy Halloween Recap

I realize it’s not yet October 31st, but I’m ready to recap our annual “healthy halloween” celebrations. This year was our 3rd year of hosting and we had a wonderful time! This is in no small part to the company we were lucky to be surrounded by, from blogging buddies to adorable families walking the grain-free cake walk we were glad to be able to provide a candy-free zone where fun was still had by all!

We started out the weekend at Salt & Pepper Books in National Harbor. Traffic was terrible on this side of town on Friday night, but for those of you who ventured out to meet us we hope your reward of Beyond Bacon’s Harvest Muffins and Cappello’s Chocolate Chip Cookies were worth coming out for! If you weren’t able to make it, I’ve got awesome news for you! If you want ANY of the books pictured below contact Salt & Pepper because they will SHIP SIGNED COPIES to you!

Book Signing at Salt and Pepper Books on PaleoParents

Look, there’s even a rare photo of the dynamic duo who run this crazy train blog you read…

Matt & Stacy on PaleoParents-001Matt’s t-shirt is from Epic, since we’ve already gotten several questions on it

The next day we got to working on the house, decorating for the party. First… we tackled the outside! Inspired by Nom Nom Paleo‘s epic Halloween decorations, we gave a little nod to her in our own way… find it?

Halloween Decorations on PaleoParents

The inside was a bit more relaxed for the little kiddos… but we still had fun decorating it!

Halloween Decorations at PaleoParents

Bill, AKA Paleo Police Officer Mendez, also did a little decorating of his own…

Wanted at PaleoParents

Honestly, 5 stars for Bill’s fantastic costume. Only, for him it wasn’t just a costume… he really got INTO the character. He was SO funny, you must go follow Primal Palate’s facebook page and Instagram for more photos on this epic hilarity!

Also joining us at the party, and helping out with prep was Diana of Radiance Nutrition, Russ of The Domestic Man, Jill & her Dude from First Comes Health and Brent & Heather of Va is for Hunter Gatherers

Healthy Halloween-015

Speaking of costumes… have you been waiting to see what this much-talked-about group costume that we ladies dressed up for was?

Group Costume OITNB at PaleoParents-001

Half of these women hadn’t even seen Orange is the New Black when I asked them to join our group… but after watching just one episode they all wrote me back with emphatic an emphatic “Yes” and the rest was history! I know this is a post and not social media, but I’m going to hashtag #nailedit anyway! ♥

I like the outtakes, too…

OITNB Group Costume Outakes on PaleoParents

Thankfully Red put these ladies to work in the kitchen though…

Stacy as Red on PaleoParents-001

Because we had some seriously delicious paleo food to make for the 60+ people that joined us that evening!

Healthy Halloween Food on PaleoParents

Some of our favorite items from the menu included:

Couldn’t have done it without a little help from my friends…

Making Snacks with Jill on PaleoParents

And because kids in costume are adorable… here are a few gratuitous photos ♥

Knight & Dragon on PaleoParents-001Wes and Finn as A Knight and his Dragon

Wessie Dragon on PaleoParents

Finian and Russ’s son Oliver bobbing for apples – they figured out grabbing by the stem immediately on their own!

Apple Bobbing on PaleoParents

We ended the night with a roaring fire in the pit paired with lots of good conversation. There were so many families there that evening I was sad to not be able to fully connect with each one, but was happy to see they were connecting with one another while their children happily played together, walked the grain-free cake walk, toured the chop shop (haunted tent) and enjoyed toys in the new basement playroom…

The next morning we had to say goodbye to our friends at an early brunch… but then had the afternoon to do the last of our Halloween activities before the big day later this week, we went to the local garden center and played there a bit before picking out our pumpkins – perfect for carving!

Family Pumpkins on PaleoParents

*note all of the good photos in this post were taken by Bill of Primal Palate and the others are simply Stacy’s Instagrams.

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  • Irena Macri

    That looks like so much fun! I love you as the angry Russian chef from Orange Is The New Black (although you are much better looking). Also, love your black dress at the signing, very chic! Everyone looked fab. Great food and decorations. Great recap. Irena

  • Michelle

    Love, love, love the group costume concept! Stacy, you made a gorgeous Red. Did everyone attempt their character’s accent if applicable?

    • I didn’t brave an accent, but a lot of the group was in and out of character all night being pretty comical 🙂

  • Sarah Bergman

    I just wanted to say how much I appreciate this website! My daughter was recently diagnosed with Autism, SPD, and has pretty bad Eczema. I have eliminated all grains, all dairy, all soy. I may eventually try the SCD diet but for right now she seems to be doing better if only minimally. The biggest challenge is that we fairly often go out to eat when family comes to visit, etc. I can always pack her food or eat somewhere that has something I know she can eat but the challenge is always her seeing what everyone else is eating. Do you have any tips for kids with special diets to eat in groups? I feel like this is always going to be a struggle especially once she starts preschool. I’d appreciate any input!

  • Laura Schoenfeld


  • Eating 4 Balance

    So I just have to say that I love reading your blog and I think this may be the most fantastic Halloween party that I’ve ever seen. I’ve only watched the beginning of Orange is the New Black.. Gah. I need to get on that one. I’ve just been busy being obsessed with other shows on Netflix like Arrow 😉 Anyways, great party, great treats, and great pictures!

    • Thanks! Bill always does such an awesome job with photos!

  • First comment left on your blog. Looks like you all had so much fun!! I laughed out loud at the Paleo Police posters 😉

    • We appreciate all comments, but this wasn’t the first 😉 Thanks, Todd! Bill’s costume and antics were awesome!

      • Ohh I meant this was the first I’ve left on your blog. At least I think it is. Maybe the second. 🙂 And yes his costume!

  • So much fun in one post! I LOVVVEEED your costumes when you all posted on instagram. SO great, and you’re a spot-on “Red”! You’ve got the smirk down pat.

  • ticamom

    Awesome party! What did you use for the eyes and mouth on the ghost bananas? Thanks!

  • Rachael Patten

    One of the best group costumes I’ve ever seen! Your “Red” was amazing.

  • Lynn

    OMG, you need to wear red lipstick more often. It *really* suits you. A lot of women cannot carry off such a vibrant lip colour, so go for it!