Paleo Travel Must-Haves!

We are currently in Florida celebrating our 14th anniversary + Valentines + Matt’s birthday and since we are expert Paleo snack packers we thought sharing our tips on how to prep for a trip in this week’s weekend wrap up post!

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In a few days we will share a full recap of our travels, including the eats that we loved along the way, but have to say that it has been one incredible week for us! With a busy work schedule, kids, and the demands of running a small business, life can get stressful and overwhelming from time to time. However, we make plans every year to focus on us, rekindle our marriage, and take a bit of time to reset and goal plan for our happiness and how to live our best lives.

Our Favorite Travel Foods

This was our travel snack pile before packing it into a carry-on for our trip this week. We fully expected to indulge a little on this trip, but wanted to make sure we also had plenty of healthy snacks and protein to help keep us balanced. What did we pack?

Dry Roasted Macadamia Nuts
These are our favorite “snacking” nut because of it’s higher Omega 3/6 fatty acid profile, and one that we always take on trips! They are crunchy, salty, buttery and filling – the perfect road fuel!

Inka Plantain Chips
Another salty snack must-have, we love pairing these with an on-the-go salad to round out a travel meal. We prefer this brand because of the higher quality cooking oil.

Rx Bars
These bars are great fuel full of protein from egg whites, healthy fats from nuts, and carbs from real fruit. In fact, all the boys love them too. Cole takes these to wrestling practice, and we take them just about anywhere we go. Our favorite flavors are anything chocolate – sea salt, mint chocolate, coffee cacao, and chocolate coconut!

EPIC Bars and Bites – Beef Apple Bacon Bars, Maple Bacon Bites and and Bison Cranberry
The ultimate savory protein bar and practically a meal, these bars have saved us from the hungers on more than one occasion! We love that they are grass-fed and contain only the highest quality ingredients. (Beef Apple Bacon is AIP-friendly!)

Pure Fruit Strips
These are made with real fruit and veggies and have no added sugar. They are the perfect pick-me-up when on the go and craving something sweet!.

Vital Proteins
Collagen Peptides are something I take nearly everyday to help with inflammation and to encourage continued healing – especially when we are away from home and eating out. This is vitally important (see what I did there?) for staying healthy when traveling. (Code for 10% off + free shipping below!)

For more Paleo to Go tips, be sure to check out our e-book that is all about this very subject!

Our Favorite Travel-Friendly Recipes

N’Oatmeal Cookies
N'Oatmeal Cookies by

Banana Bread Balls

Apple Pie Balls
Apple Pie Balls by @PaleoParents

Paleo Granola

Ginger Tamari Beef Jerky
Beef-Jerky-Paleo-Parents watermarked

Weekly Discounts & Coupons

We’re fortunate to partner with some incredible companies that, like us, work towards promoting health, wellness, and fun! Your support of these companies helps support us, and we greatly appreciate that.

Paleo discounts coupon codes Feb 2016
Paleo discounts coupon codes Feb 2016

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COCOA MANNA BREWING CHOCOLATE10% off with code: Paleo2016


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PETE’S PALEO: 10% off meals and gut kits with code: paleoparents

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Paleo to go Review, Paleo Travel Must-Haves! Paleo Parents
Paleo to Go, Paleo Travel Must-Haves! Paleo Parents

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