Orange Coconut Date Truffles (aka Awesome Balls)

Orange Coconut Date Truffles on PaleoParents

First off, Finn wants me to let you know that he really wanted this recipe to be called “Awesome Balls”, but I thought you might want a little more context for what the ingredients are in the recipe title. I then suggested calling them Dreamsicle Balls, but Matt insisted they’re not creamy enough for me to get away with calling them that. Hence, a simple straight forward name that hopefully still conveys the deliciousness.

If you’re unsure, here’s proof – the kids couldn’t keep their hands off them!

Kid-Friendly Orange Coconut Date Truffles on Paleo Parents

But , what are they? Well, they’re not the same texture as all of our other nut-free date balls (Apple Pie Balls, Banana Bread Balls, Mango Snack Balls).

And while we enjoy them soft like truffles, they will set-up even more if chilled. See, soft and luscious.

Orange Coconut Date Truffles by PaleoParents

These Orange Coconut Date Truffles are also SUPER easy to make, as we had all the ingredients on hand. In fact, they’re one of the many Snowzilla 2016 creations that we made with a lot of time on our hands, while stuck in the house with no ability to go to the store.

Orange Coconut Date Truffles on Paleo Parents

Also, it’s a great seasonal treat anytime of year – fresh medjool dates keep very well in an air tight container and citrus is readily available year-round in the US.

Coconut is the only other ingredient, again – easily stored in the pantry. So in the winter it’s easy to get all the ingredients and in the summer time it’ll a fantastic no-cook, no-bake treat.

Orange Coconut Date Truffle Ingredients on Paleo Parents

That’s right, I said NO COOK. Just blend, roll, and stuff in your face.

Orange Coconut Date Truffles by Paleo Parents

Orange Coconut Date Truffles (aka Awesome Balls)



  1. In a food processor, pulse dates, coconut concentrate, juice and half the zest until a paste forms.
  2. Roll date mixture into 1" diameter balls.
  3. In small bowl combine shredded coconut and remaining zest.
  4. Roll date balls in the coconut mixture, shaking off excess.

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  • OregonGirlEats

    Would coconut oil work or do you really need coconut butter?

    • Yes, coconut oil would work, but the texture will not be the same.

  • Jennifer

    Did you put the coconut coating in the food processor first? It looks more powdery than just straight-up shredded coconut.

    • So this is a difference in terms. The powdery stuff is called shredded coconut in many places, like Tropical Traditions for example, and the ribbony coconut is called coconut flakes. But on many grocery shelves, shredded coconut is more like what I would call flakes. If that’s what you’re seeing, then yes, process it beforehand. Hope that helps!

  • Missy Stieben

    I made these today and totally understand why Finn wanted to name them Awesome Balls! Thanks for a such a good, easy recipe.