My Surprising Beautycounter Trip + the launch of Healthy Inside & Out YouTube Channel

This weekend was my 36th birthday, and I gave myself the gift of attending Beachside at Biltmore – a Beautycounter trip. OK – hold off on running away and freaking out. I know some of you roll your eyes and scroll when you see “Beautycounter”. If that’s you – can you PLEASE READ. I’ve even created a video talking about this if you prefer that format (see below)! ♥

I had the privilege of attending training about the brand. Here’s my favorite visual: these are the product leads at BC. In Xavier Ormancey’s lap, the thin folder required by the FDA for new products to enter the US market. In his hand, the huge binder of testing for their latest product, Countermatch.

“No one else in the market is screening EVERY final product for heavy metals and sending EVERY single new product through formal 3rd party University-level research for endocrine disrupters.”

Many of you think the brand you use is great and safe. Do they test for heavy metals? What sourcing standards do they use? Are the a certified B Corp, focused on people and planet? These are why I have become an advocate for a brand that once made me wince. I used to, before I worked with BC, think negatively about their direct sales model – but, now I want to tell you what kind of company they really are.

This is a brand that’s changing lives with countless success stories from health and wellness, they are changing culture (get it, Beauty “counter” like counter-culture) and executing a social mission through advocacy and education. What I love about the brand is that “products” are only one pilar – they are committed to Education (like we’re doing here) and Advocacy (see this feature about their Counteract Coalition that lobbied in Washington today)! They invest money to fight for known toxins to be banned in the US – since the last time that happened was 1938. I’m not aware of any other business lobbying for MORE regulation in their field!

Not only is safety their No. 1 priority, but so is performance. Products are recognized in countless media sources and are award winning against other mainstream brands. When 80% of the building blocks from “regular” products, like mascara, need to be completely removed because they are known to cause harm to humans (ex parabens), it’s a huge effort to recreate that product to look, feel, smell, and perform the same. BC invents ways to be leading edge and is committed to putting safer skincare in the hands of everyone.

As you can tell, I’m all jazzy-hands excited and amped up about what I learned. I go into detail in this video – the official “debut” of Healthy Inside & Out YouTube channel. There will be many more to come, so subscribe if you don’t want to miss tutorials, business advice, and much more!

This video can be found on YouTube on this channel, dated September 13th, 2017

For those wanting to reference the video, here are the highlights:

The tree that make my voluminous lashes and repaired and nourished hair possible!

  • The Chilean Wine Palm produces fibers that helped the Volumizing Mascara and Repair & Nourish hair line. Beautycounter worked with farmers and provided them with a tool to help them scale this MASSIVE tree, to help them sustainably obtain it without cutting down the tree!
  • For just the development of the mascara – 80% of the building blocks of mascara – what makes it a mascara CANNOT be used, but BC creates the product to perform the same with non-toxic, safer ingredients for cleaner cosmetics
  • Speaking of mascara, Xavier is working on harnessing the plant power of water lillies to create waterproof mascara!
  • No one else in the market is screening EVERY final product for heavy metals and sending EVERY single new product through research for endocrine disrupters – I would encourage you to look up your products on EWG (the app has an awesome bar code scanner function) to see the safety of what you’re using; “natural” products can be even worse than standard because they aren’t testing for heavy metals.
  • Why is removing hormone disrupting chemicals important? This NIH study on BPA/DEHP used an “intervention diet” for 3 days (removing the plastics from food) and showed an average reduction of hormones of 60%! If you could the chemicals causing your body harm, those linked to infertility and cancer, why wouldn’t you?
  • An example of BC’s standards had them follow the manufacturing process of a product found to have unacceptable levels of such endocrine disrputors, and they found the farmers picking the roses for a product were putting them in plastic bags at picking. We’re talking that level of detail, which found plasticizer in a product. Now those famers help us all with a safer way of collecting flowers, but also have improved their practice for the other brands they work with as a result of working with BC!
  • Beautycounter references Counter-Culture! They are breaking the mold and creating new ways for consumers to buy, they’re creating new products and breaking the mold and developing patented products that have never been done before – like bio-mimicking adaptive moisturizers and toxin-free soaps that bubble and lather without traditional ingredients to do so, like sulfates and parabens. They are “counter” to how it’s been done, but they have huge year-over-year record breaking sales because it works.
  • No seriously… it works. Here’s my before & after. Upper left: before AIP. Bottom left: after AIP & all-natural Skintervention routine. Top right: after Beautycounter (still modified-AIP) clean-skin. Bottom right: Beautycounter with make-up on. Read more about my routine here.

And if right now you’re like, “But Stacy, it’s direct sales. I hate pyramid schemes!” It’s NOT an MLM. Like they are breaking the barriers and going counter-culture with their products, they are also doing that with their business approach. No one HAS to buy anything or HAS to build a team to be a consultant – it can literally work like any online store, because that’s where the market is going. Look at the top “retailers” today and you’ll note none of them are brick-and-mortar based.

So is Beautycounter “that” kind of company? I’m working for a brand that’s changing lives, changing culture, and executing a social mission through advocacy and education. A brand that has empowered 25,000 women to run their own businesses, and put millions of safer products in the hands of everywhere and making the planet a better place to live. Does your employer do that?

So thankful to Xavier for leading the LotusLand tour for our Beautycounter excursion!

What next:

  1. If you want to learn more, join my FB group (no purchase req’d)
  2. Subscribe to my Healthy Inside & Out YouTube channel
  3. Ready to make a purchase? I’m not having a sales special in September since August was a doozey; but, my team member Vee is having a sale special AND giveaway this month! Go check it out on her blog – all you have to do is comment to be entered to win an Ocean & Pacific Palette (what I’m wearing in the photo below and video embeded here)!

Use her link to invest in your skin, she will be sending a full size product of your choice: lip conditioner, lip gloss, or hand lotion if you spend $100 (after BoB, before tax) between now and the end of September. In addition, she’ll also send you a sample of Countermatch!

p.s. since I said it was my birthday… this is 36.
My skin is younger and healthier than it was a year ago,
thanks to the anti-aging (rejuvenating) line. *squee*

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