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Today is day 5 of our Launch Celebration, which mean a fifth day of giveaways! Today is a particularly special one for me (Stacy) because it’s something I’ve recently become incredibly passionate about. This month is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and yet another reason for me to shout from the rooftops that beauty is NOT a reason to expose yourself to toxins or chemicals linked to cancer, hormone disruption, and more. The European Union has banned 1400 of the chemicals scientifically linked to these issues, but the US remains steadfast that buyers can make their own choices. Therefore, I feel it my job to make sure we’re all aware of what’s in our hygiene products!

Have you looked up the products you’re using on Environmental Working Group’s Skin Deep database?
I bet you’ll be surprised to learn what’s in them and how they harm your health!


Years ago I switched over most of my hygeine routine in a series I called Skintervention. At the time, the only products I was aware of were the department store brands that I’d come to love – full of toxins – or very natural brands that meant I was rubbing (stinky) fermented cod liver oil on my face. But, considering the lengths I went to live a healthy lifestyle for the sake of my health (including autoimmune diseases which are linked to environmental triggers) I was willing to make the sacrifice of lovely scents and textures to save my health. I saw improvement in my skin when I switched, but still had bouts of adult acne when I’d eat inflammatory foods or menstruate (from hormones). I also was still using a few brands of toxic beauty products because I just couldn’t find anything to replicate them that was more natural.

When I heard about Beautycounter I couldn’t believe that something could genuinely feel like something I could buy at Sephora but be made with non-toxic, real ingredients that wouldn’t cause my body harm.

Like, literally. I didn’t believe it. I refused to try it for months.

But, when I realized my skin was starting to show wrinkles I started looking for a more natural alternative than the mainstream anti-aging products. I reached out to my safer skincare mentor, Liz, and asked her what products she would recommend. She immediately told me I needed to give Beautycounter a try.

So I researched it. I ended up choosing the Countertime Rejuvinating Collection to try – my favorite products of the set are the Rejuvinating Radiance Serum and the Rejuvinating Night Cream. I also love the Rejuvinating Toner Pads. I choose these products because they were 3rd party tested to show results!

Radiance Serum: 72% of women showed a significant increase in skin firmness after eight weeks of use. 52% showed significant improvement in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles of the neck area after 8 weeks of use. (Results based on independent, 8-week, 25-subject, single-blind clinical and consumer perception study.) Formerly known as “Radiance Firming Complex”.

Rejuvinating Night Cream: 100% of women showed a significant increase in skin hydration, and 81% of women showed a significant improvement in skin elasticity after eight hours. (Results based on independent, 24-hour, 26-subject, single-blind clinical and consumer perception study.) Formerly known as “Restorative Night Cream”.

Rejuvinating Toner Pads: 73% of women experienced a significant decrease in pore count after four weeks of use. (Results based on independent, 8-week, 26-subject, single-blind clinical and consumer perception study.) Formerly known as “Enlightening Treatment Pads”.

It was pricey, but offered the same quality as department store without the toxic ingredients. “It’s my face, if there’s a place to splurge in the budget – this is it.” So I gave the Countertime products a try.

I’ve now been using the products for months, can give my own testimonial about reduction in wrinkles as well as improvement in inflammation of my face – including significant reduction in adult acne. I’ve now replaced my entire beauty routine with safer skincare! You can read more about the products I love HERE.

After learning more about the brand and how much toxins affect health – I’m dedicating part of our blog’s mission to ensuring people are Healthy on the inside & OUT!


Healthy Inside & Out at Giveaway!

We are excited to share more about safer skincare with you going forward. And Beautycounter is our favorite brand, so today you can enter this giveaway to win BeautyCounter Countertime Rejuvinating Collection (my absolute favorite), or if you’d prefer – other items of your choice for equal value!

How do you win this fabulous prize?

The entry criteria is very simple. All you have to do is sign up for our newsletter! That’s it. We’ll be picking one of you lucky folks to win this prize!

We only ask that you comment on this post indicating that you have signed up for the list, but be sure that the email address matches (comment e-mail same as newsletter e-mail) so we can verify! We’ll be picking from the people who comment on this post!

This giveaway will end in exactly ONE WEEK! So get those entries in. Next Wednesday, we will pick a winner!

Don’t forget!

If you missed our previous giveaways, click here to learn more about Real Everything and how we’re celebrating (and enter the 4 previous days worth of giveaways)!





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    Thanks for the info on this natural line of products!

    I am leery about posting my e-mail address here, but I will say that it does contain my first and last name, and I’m pretty one of a kind, so there shouldn’t be a problem to find my e-mail address. It contains nashara and williams.

    Thanks again!

    • Nashara, here’s the shampoo I use & LOVE. It’s gluten-free, vegan, and sulfate & paraben-free. Surface Curls Shampoo & Conditioning for curly hair

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