Healthy Cold Weather Comfort Foods

Hi Friends- here’s a look at our week… including our favorite cold weather comfort foods!

at tree farm, Paleo Parents Healthy Cold Weather Comfort Foods

Another year, another successful Christmas tree search! It’s our family tradition to pick one out together at a local, small farm every year. It allows us to support local economy and a small business while creating special memories every year. We spend the evening decorating it, listening to Christmas music (Pentatonix Christmas album is on point!), and sipping warm beverages. And every year it fills my heart with SO MUCH JOY and gratitude.

wes with tree, Paleo Parents Healthy Cold Weather Comfort Foods

While this tree was just stunning on it’s own with it’s baby pinecones and white lights, we of course adorned it with all the memory-filled ornaments and the boys favorite disco star topper. Family time together is simply the best and enjoying these moments together is what makes the holidays so special.

popover love, Paleo Parents Healthy Cold Weather Comfort Foods

Thanks to our weekly menu planning, we’ve been inspired to try a lot of new dishes and are quickly adopting a bunch of family-favorites… like these REAL-DEAL, YOU WON’T KNOW THEY’RE PALEO Popovers from My Paleo Patisserie (they are nut-free!). They come together quickly and round out just about any weeknight meal (we paired them with leftover turkey soup).

squash and bruss hash, Paleo Parents Healthy Cold Weather Comfort Foods

We also love a good hash! And this Down Home Brussels Sprouts Hash from Paleogrubs was CRAZY-GOOD! It paired perfectly with the Pumpkin Waffles from Lexi’s Clean Kitchen. And if that weren’t enough yumminess, we topped them with juice-sweetened apple butter.


Discounted holiday essentials in two convenient packages – one for your (or a loved one’s) travels, and one for holiday baking!

OSPS The Holiday Survival Kit, Paleo Parents Healthy Cold Weather Comfort Foods

THE BEST SEASONAL SNACK BOX! From office parties to delayed flights; from hectic errand filled days to lengthy road trips, it is no wonder we often find ourselves with limited quality food choices during this busy time of year! Because of this, we created the ultimate grab and go kit that will keep your sweet tooth satisfied when treats are at every turn; and satiated with a bit of protein and salty mixes to keep you going from point A to point B!

Get the Holiday Survival Kit —> HERE!
OSPS The Holiday Sweets and Treats Box, Paleo Parents Healthy Cold Weather Comfort Foods
MAKE YOUR OWN TREATS BOX: The holidays are a time when we’re all asked to bring desserts to parties and potlucks. Have no fear! We have cultivated this box of ingredients to help you answer the call with ingredients classically called for in Paleo baking recipes. Included in this Holiday Box, you’ll find a printed recipe card for our Triple Chocolate Freezer Fudge, Salted Dark Chocolate Truffle Cookies, and Salted Nut Caramel Ice Cream recipes. Of course, the ingredients included will also be fantastic for any of your holiday baking or cooking needs to wow even your non-paleo friends! Also included are a few treats for you to consume when the cookie pushers come a-knocking!

Get the Holiday Sweets and Treats Box —> HERE!
Almond Milk Latte Talk with Stacy, Paleo Parents Healthy Cold Weather Comfort Foods
In our house we’re all about warm blankets, snuggles, hot beverages and comforting foods when the weather starts to turn cold. Here are our favorite:


Pictured with our hash above, our cast-iron pan is the ultimate comfort food cooker – it will sear steaks and chops like a champ, and it always seems to impart extra HOME-COOKED FLAVOR into whatever it cooks. Plus, it makes a great holiday gift! Anyone will love it, and it has a great price point!

Paleo Parents Healthy Cold Weather Comfort Foods

The Instant Pot has been an obsession of ours for a while now! Ever since it took it’s maiden broth-making voyage, we’ve loved it! It cooks big hunks of frozen meat in short order into fall-apart goodness. No real food kitchen should be without one!

Those pictured warm, fluffy, eggy rolls pictured above are thanks to this popover pan; they turn out PERFECT every time. Highly recommended!

We adore Tin Star Foods Brown Butter Ghee (best price is at OSPS) because it has the flavor and creaminess of butter, but without the lactose or casein (it’s certified!). We use it for baking the most incredible breads and muffins, sautéing veggies, or simply spread on the aforementioned popovers!

Paleo Parents Healthy Cold Weather Comfort Foods

Since I like to limit my caffeine intake, I love to make tea and other hot beverages to warm my spirits and my tummy. I especially love a hot cup of Cocoa Manna Brewed Chocolate (discount code below!). It has the richness and deep flavors that coffee does, but without the side effects. It’s incredibly delicious!

Warm beverage season is definitely here, and we add Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides (discount code below!) to nearly EVERY hot drink we make, whether for the boys or ourselves!

Your Favorite Cold Weather Comfort Recipes

Peppermint Hot Chocolate
Peppermint Hot Chocolate from Real Life Paleo by Paleo Parents

Juicy Pot Roast
uicy Pot Roast and Bos Creek Box Square Graphic

N’Oatmeal Cookies
N'Oatmeal Cookies on

Pumpkin Bread Pudding

Stacy’s Soup
stacy's soup

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