Happy St. Patrick's Day

We’re a pseudo-Irish family.  Matthew’s whole family traveled to Ireland a few years ago to trace their roots, but having “Mc” at the beginning of his name is the extent of our day to day Irish culture.

However, our sons’ names include “Jameson” and “Finian” (who has a March birthday) and I grew up a redhead and was always assumed to be Irish… so, we do enjoy celebrating the Irish aspect of our heritage and getting green every year.

Fortunately, this St. Pats we’re not making food that’s adding weight and taking time off our lives.  Last year, I was over 100lbs heavier and bonding with Cole through sugar, gluten and food dye.



Instead, this year we’re celebrating wellness and weightloss with a good ol’ meaty Irish recipe that keeps us healthy and strong.  Cole’s excited to share stories of leprechaun’s with Finian and we’re looking forward to reading stories and bonding over non-insulin spiking fun.

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