Green Things, Collagen for LASHES & Lobbying in DC! (Our Weekly Recap)

We’re preparing for St. Patrick’s Day with naturally green food and recapping Stacy’s amazing weekend Marching Forth lobbying in DC! Just scroll to the section that interests you…

  • REAL LIFE: my experience at the capital advocating for safer personal care products for Americans.
  • RECIPES: green for St. Patrick’s day: our green waffles and matcha latte collagen bites!
  • NEW ON THE BLOG: free lash primer with purchase, and Matt’s thoughts on International Women’s Day.
  • NEW ON THE PODCAST: Mrs.Toth goes to Washington.
  • PLUS OUR FAVORITE PRODUCTS: what we’re reading, wearing & eating this week!

Our Real Life

Stacy had an amazing weekend – one that brought tears to my eyes. It started with a breakfast plate of greens, eggs, roast beef, pork belly, salmon and brulee’d grapefruit with a few of my Beautycounter team members before our official March Forth activities began. We were in DC to advocate for better personal care laws – you know, cause lead isn’t allowed in paint but is in your lipstick.

We’ve advocated health – Inside & Out – for families almost 8 years now. I’ve heard from thousands of people, who were learning what you put in and on your body changed your lives, for the better. We’ve written 3 bestselling cookbooks, had millions visit our website, met thousands at book tours and podcast events. We’ve heard from so many of you on how lifestyle has impacted your lives. It has been such an honor to meet you all and hear your stories. And this weekend we got to share them!

Along with over 100 other safer skincare brand ambassadors, I shared this important message with Senate offices of Maryland, Minnesota, Pennsylvania, and Virginia. We asked them to sponsor and support the Personal Care Product Safety Act (S.1113). This Act helps more than just our brand – this Act would help ALL Americans ensure that the products they use are safer. For those who can’t or don’t want to use Beautycounter, this Act would ask the FDA to do better – putting safer skincare into the hands of EVERYONE, even the $2 body wash from the dollar store.

We all deserve to not bathe ourselves in neurotoxins, carcinogens, estrogen disrupters and other toxic chemicals. Giving the FDA the authority to demand recalls means in the event of high danger, doing the right thing won’t be voluntary. If this is something that matters to you, contact your local legislators (especially Senate offices, where the bi-partisan bill is currently under review).

Want an easy button? Text “BetterBeauty” to 52886 and you’ll get a link to submit a form letter. Please, take a second right now to do this simple & easy but important task that could have a big impact for us all!

This has been my passion for over a year and I cannot tell you how emotional it was to know that I made a difference. It is an incredible accomplishment we ALL accomplished. I’m so honored and grateful for those of you who supported my BC biz to get me here. I hope I did you proud!

Recipes We Love This Week

Naturally Green Waffles
No food dye needed! The boys love these waffles any time of year, but they are an especially fun treat on St. Patrick’s Day!

Matcha Latte Collagen Bites
Your favorite matcha latte in gelatin jiggler form!

New on the Blog

Stacy the Lobbyist for International Women’s Day

“I’m so proud of my wife, Stacy. Today, March
8th, is International Women’s Day. To celebrate, I want to acknowledge
the greatest woman in my life and her newfound passion for keeping all
of us safe from harmful chemicals in our personal care products! …
It’s helped put into practice the philosophy she’s always shared: women
do best lifting each other up… And I found a new reason to love and
respect her. It’s been incredible to witness her passion for regulation
(her day job) meet with a passion for healthy living (our passion the
last nearly 8 years) and land on building a business that brings the two
Read more here.

March Forth Lash Special
My new favorite lash primer- because [wait for it] it uses collagen as a building block! COLLAGEN. You can imagine my excitement! It’s also SAFER with a level 2 rating on EWG, the same as my last primer recommendation. And I’m giving it to you free with purchase until March 14th!

Get the details on my March Forth special here.

Make a purchase to qualify for the free lash primer here.

New on the Podcast

Mrs. Toth Goes to Washington
Don’t wanna read all the stuff? Hear the details in this week’s episode of The Paleo View. Stacy went to Washington DC to lobby Congress for better, more robust standards for personal care products! Find out all about it on this episode!

What We’re Reading

How to Catch a Leprechaun
The boys love this story – it sparks their wild imaginations for different ways they can catch a leprechaun!

What We’re Wearing

Rothy’s Recycled Shoes
Have you heard about Rothy’s? Incredible comfortable, fashionable, and made from recycled water bottles (plus they’re BPA-free). I have red and ballet pink ones, and now I think I need green. Right?! Get $20 off your first purchase with this link.

What We’re Eating

Matcha Power Balls
Another fun treat for St. Pat’s day- with coconut, matcha, and collagen, these are one of my favorite health “sweets!”


Hope you all have a wonderful week, as an Irish family it’s always a fun one for us! <3
Stacy & the boys

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