Lashes + 5 Min Face + Jewelry FOR CHARITY! (plus free gifts!)

Welcome to the Lash Launch for Heifer International! I’m SO excited about the product I’ve been waiting for as long as I’ve loved Beautycounter – a VOLUMIZING mascara. I LOVE me some big, thick lashes – and now we can all have them without toxins! I’ve even included my Pro Tips for your BEST lashes ♥

My posts tend to be long and confusing, so let me highlight three things…

1. THREE big launches today – NEW VOLUMIZING MASCARA, newly formulated Lengthening Mascara, and the 5 minute face that incorporates them!

2. This month I’m offering my favorite Tarte Lash Primer FREE with qualifying sales!

     PLUS 50% of the profit will go to charity.

     AND I’m partnered with Chloe & Isabel to also donate to charity and give you free jewelry for qualifying purchases there as well!

3. Join me to talk about the new products, details about the sale special, and interact in the LIVE launch party on Thursday evening.

If you’re not familiar with why we love this non-toxic safer skincare and cleaner cosmetic brand, I’ve got a ton of info here. Specifically, Beautycounter is a high performance brand – like one you’d find at department stores or Sephora – but is also dedicated to ensuring the products are free from their Never List of unsafe ingredients. My skin has never looked better – and I’ve removed harmful hormone disrupting chemicals that can cause cancer. That’s why we focus on being Healthy Inside & Out!

Lash Launch Party

This month I’m teaming up with my friend Jen for a dual-party celebrating BC’s new launch and Chloe & Isabel anniversary – we’re giving you free stuff AND donating a portion of the proceeds to our favorite charity, Heifer International to help women start their own small businesses – just like Jen and I!

The details: this is an in-person party event for Reston, VA – we’d love to have you join us! If you can’t make it in person – then you can participate with the Facebook LIVE video we’ll have streaming at the same time (from my Safe Skincare page here).If you’d like to see any products (jewelry or BC) you can ask questions during the live video party.

What’s the deal with this party?

JEWELRY: Jen is also donating a portion of any Chloe & Isabel purchase you make through this link to Heifer International. AND, with orders over $100 you’ll ALSO get a free gift for her – we’ll provide more details during the live party, but you can shop through the link if you’re not able to make it.

If you know me, you know I LOVE jewelry. And I’ve recently been loving Chloe & Isabel. I also love supporting small, women-owned businesses. Which is why I teamed up with Jen this month. She’s offering a free gift with qualifying purchase AND donating to Heifer International, just like I am. If you want to check out all the different accessories there, use this link! All the jewelry I’m wearing in this post is from Chloe & Isabel!


LASHES: Use this for Beautycounter to make sure a portion of your order get donated to Heifer. You will also earn my absolute favorite non-toxic lash love, Tarte Lash Primer, free with any purchase(s) in August totaling $125 (after BoB but before tax). USE THIS LINK or select the “Lash Launch & Charity Fundraiser” when you login to Beautycounter to make sure I properly attribute your purchase for charity!

Lash Launch – New Volumizing and Improved Lengthening Mascaras

I’ll admit it. I’m a mascara addict. I get asked about my lashes almost daily and have done countless videos on how to achieve the look. And if you’ve seen any of them you’ve heard me give a number of tips (outlined below) as well as talk about the importance of giving it time, layering, and how much I wished BC had a volumizing mascara. While I used the lengthening mascara on a daily basis – for big events, when I wanted BIG lashes, I went back to my old stuff.

Who needs falsies when you can get volume like this?!

Which is why I’m SO excited about the new mascara with a better brush for big, bushy lashes. AND the new Lengthening Mascara has been reformulated to eliminate smudging and come off easier. But, really – what you need are my luscious lash pro tips to ensure you lasting lash success.

Tips for the BEST lashes:

  1. Start with clean lashes.
    Adding mascara to lashes that are already stiff increases the likelihood for breakage. Just like the hair on your head, you can damage your lashes – so treat them gently. Use Soothing Baby Oil and a dry rag to remove your make-up quickly and easily without damage.
  2. Make sure your skin is clean, dry and lashes powdered when applying mascara.
    If you wear Dew Skin, Tint Skin or use any oil-based products on your skin then the mascara will rub off below or above your eyes because of it. After using Baby Soothing Oil I personally use Rejuvenating Toner Pads, Rejuvenating Radiance Serum and then apply Dew Skin and Mattify Powder before moving on to my lashes.
  3. Use a lash primer.
    I’ve been wearing Tarte Multipleye Lash Enhancing Primer for years.
  4. LAYER.
    The primer must SET before you apply mascara. After I put on my face powder I apply the primer. Then blush and lips. Then eye shadow and liner, if applicable. When I am all done I apply mascara last. That way it builds on top of the primer, not mixes with it. I apply 2 coats of mascara almost always, allowing them to dry in between while I work the other eye. It takes me a full 5 minutes to finish my lashes – take your time if you want them to be big and bold!

5-Minute Face

You’ll see video tutorials from BC HQ of how-to perfect the perfect complexion with today’s big launch – the 5 minute face. Now, I’ve been known to put my makeup on in the car on the way to work… so you know I am ALL ABOUT a 5-minute face! And if these products appeal to you, what’s awesome is that you get the NEW mascara included and overall the set is discounted as a collection for $148 a $198 value (about 25% off) PLUS from now until Friday Beautycounter HQ will include a FREE Retractable Foundation brush (this is what I use) worth $35. That makes this overall value (with the FREE Lash Primer too!) valued at $251 for only $148 cost to you.

Everything you need to accentuate your best features, customized to your color preferences, is launching today. This is a fantastic way to get started with safer makeup and skincare!

My skintone is Porcelain tint skin, Tawny/Whisper blush, and Buff Lipgloss

The 5-Minute Face package includes:

  • Concealer and Foundation- I can help you figure out the best shade for your skin tone!
  • Brow pencil and your choice of the NEW Volumizing or Lengthening Mascara
  • Powder Blush Duo and Lipgloss in your choice of colors

 You can choose your best shade of skin with this Find Your Shade chart below, or ask me for a sample of tint skin and I’d be happy to send you one!

Let’s Summarize

  •  Any purchase you’ve made from me in August will count towards my special of a free Tarte Lash Primer with $125 purchase (before BoB credits and after taxes).
  • If you buy the 5 Minute Face set from BC by Friday you’ll get my free gift AND they will add a Free Foundation Brush, worth $35!
  • I highly recommend you check out the new Volumizing Mascara, which is included in the 5 Minute Face which debuted today at a discount off individually priced items.
  • Use this link for any Beautycounter purchases in August for your profit to be donated to Heifer International and to qualify for the special (must be made through me).
  • Use this link to buy Chloe & Isabel jewelry from Jen, who will donate to Heifer International as well. She will also be giving you a free piece of jewelry (details will be revealed Thursday) with purchase over $100.

Let me know if you have any questions! If you’re just getting started I have an FAQ page here and also a Safer Swap Guide to non-toxic skincare too!

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