Finian’s Favorite Things

At the suggestion of the team, and encouragement of people through social media, we’re working on making simple lists we can share with everyone of things we recommend, use, and love. We decided the best way to start of was with the boys. So, we’re kicking off 2015 of the boys’ favorite things – both from 2014 and what they’re looking forward to in 2015.

Finian is our middle boy, currently 6 years old (he was 2 and still at-home with an early diagnosis by his doctor for ADHD and eczema when we went paleo, neither of which he has any signs of now). He was the one that asked if he could also write a list when he heard Cole, his older brother, was writing one. He is a fantastic reader for his age and when he insisted on borrowing Daddy’s laptop to draft this blog post himself, how could we say no? Honestly, as I posted on Instagram, his draft was too adorable to change. So I left it the way he wrote it, then added some clarifications and details he gave me. Please, let Finn know you appreciate the time it took him to write out all these hard words on a key pad he’s not familiar with!

Last week Cole– our oldest son – listed his favorites. And next week Wes, our baby (now 4 1/2 years old), will do his. Each of the boys has their own interests, hobbies, and favorite foods – we hope the boys sharing inspires your family to try something new! ♥

Finian's Favorite Things, Paleo Parents

Food & Snacks

In case you can’t tell from my lists, chocolate and hamburgers are my favorite foods. Of course, I like vegetables and other foods too – but a lot of my favorites snacks, recipes, and restaurants are because they have good food.

Finians lunch box on Paleo Parents

plantan chip’s – I like chips a lot, and Inca Plantain Chips are my favorite. I like to put guacamole on some and also just eat them plain with my meat at lunch time or snack at school.

Holy Guacamole and carrat chipsWholly Guacamole comes in little packs perfect for my lunches. I sometimes eat them with Bunny Luv Organic Carrot Chips, baby carrots or even plantain chips. I like to dip my meat in guacamole too – I can’t get enough!

snakaroons – We found Chocolate Snakaroons at the grocery store, and they’re my new favorite cookie to keep in the classroom for when other people bring treats I cannot have.

palonola – Paleonola, especially the Chocolate flavor, is super yummy. On the weekends I like to pour it in a bowl with almond milk for breakfast – yum!

dried strabary – Dried Strawberries from Steve’s Original are a Finn and mommy favorite in this house. Recently Steve’s has come out with individual serving sizes which I love to pack in my lunches! We also keep the bigger bags in the glove box or mommy’s purse as a snack when we’re running errands or when we go to the movies – they taste just like candy!

sustanapack – These jerky packs are great because they separate the meat from the fruit and other stuff. Then you open a Sustainapak from the bottom to the top, instead of across! (if you want to try this, check our post tomorrow for a discount code)

proscuitto – Prosciutto is my favorite meat to take for school. I like to wrap it around pieces of apples.

rxbars – When we’re running late in the morning, or when I go with mommy to run errands on the weekends, I love taking a blueberry RxBar with me.

exobar’s – Other people might think it’s weird to eat crickets, but Exo Bars are yummy – especially the chocolate and blueberry flavors!

mago’s – Fresh or frozen mangoes – we can’t always find mangoes at the store, so when we do see them it’s a special treat if my parents will buy them. I like to eat bites of mango for dessert, and even the frozen pieces are like ice cream for movie nights on Fridays!

larabar’s – LaraBars are the best! They’re like candy bars, I love the cherry chocolate chip, chocolate brownie, and Snickerdoodle flavors.

choclate – I like all chocolate. Anything chocolate, I love it. Right now my favorite chocolate bars are the ones my mom got with crunchy things in them from Hu Kitchen. Also, I really like the Equal Exchange bars we get sometimes, the mint crunch Cole and I both love. My favorite is getting to “sneak” chocolate chips out of the bag when we’re making my FAVORITE chocolate chip cookies!


I love it when we cook together at home. Whenever my mom decides we’re going to make something together, I’m the first to volunteer! In fact I really even like to make things myself because it means that I’m putting my love into the food.

Finian loves to cook on PaleoParents

choclate chip cookie’s – My dad’s recipe for Chocolate Chip and Walnut Cookies from Real Life Paleo is THE BEST! And, it’s only sweetened with dates so it’s not too sweet or unhealthy, which means I can sometimes eat TWO cookies!

5050burgers – OH MY GOSH, 50/50 burgers are SO GOOD. Seriously, you HAVE TO TRY THEM. Also, you should put guacamole and a fried egg on your burger before you wrap it in lettuce. Trust me.

japchae – The Sweet Potato Noodles in Japchae are super delicious, I LOVE when my dad makes the recipe from The Ancestral Table!

chickin wing’s – The Crispy Baked Chicken Wings from Real Life Paleo are super yummy, I like to dip it in the Lemon Garlic sauce because I don’t really eat tomatoes or spicy things since it bothers my skin. My brothers like Tesseamae’s spicy sauces but my mom and I think the Lemon Garlic is the best!

carat mash – My favorite vegetable is carrots and my favorite way to eat them is when my dad mashes it to make the Carrot Mash recipe from Beyond Bacon.

banana pudding – It’s nice when my dad makes a batch of Banana Vanilla Bean N’Oatmeal chia pudding so that I can eat it myself for breakfast, especially on the weekends so I don’t have to bother my parents to help me make breakfast.

Vanilla bean banana noatmeal pudding, Paleo Parents


Going to restaurants is a special treat that I really look forward to. That’s one of the best reasons to go out with mommy on the weekends. We always end up at one of my favorite restaurants!

Finian loves Silver Diner on PaleoParents

Silver DinerSilver Diner is so cool! They have music boxes on the table and use local ingredients AND have a good gluten-free menu. I like to get an egg sandwich with bacon on gluten-free bread and a side of fruit or a burger on a gluten-free bun if my parents let me!

samriSamurai is a nearby sushi restaurant we go to on the weekends sometimes after we work out. They have a buffet and we get to eat lots of sushi! And on super special occasions we go to the hibatchi grill (we bring our own Tamari) for a gluten-free feast and the chef puts on a fun, cool show!

Peets – Oh my gosh, I LOVE Peet’s Coffee & Tea. This winter my mom let me get the special treat of chocolate almond milk, since they have almond milk there! They also have healthy snacks I sometimes get when my mom just gets coffee. It’s our fun thing we get to do if I help her run errands.

elavshin bugerElevation Burger has the BEST burgers. They’re so juicy, and healthy from grass-fed cows. Whenever we get to eat out and it’s my choice this is usually what I ask for, I like to get bacon and sauteed mushrooms on a lettuce-wrapped burger!

buger plases – My other favorite burger places are Smashburger (gluten-free buns, fried eggs, and avocado!), 5 Guys, and Red Robin. I like all burgers though.

chipoltey – I’m trying to get tall enough to ride the big roller coasters when we go to Disney World. The bowls at Chipotle have all kind of meat, vegetables and guacamole, I LOVE them (and even finish my brother’s sometimes)!

Fin eating Chipotle, Paleo Parents

Stuff That’s Not Paleo (but I love it)

My favorite things to do are playing board games with my family, getting exercise and being awesome.

Fin and Mom, Paleo Parents

mommy date – I like to go out with my mom and get dinner and do fun stuff. I always volunteer to go with her where ever she goes.

apples to applesApples to Apples is a card game that is up to seven players. I like to play it with my family because it’s a lot of fun.

woking out -Working out helps you get stronger. I like to work out with my family, especially when my dad comes.

Finian loves working out on PaleoParents

riding bike – Riding your bike gets you exercise and you can ride to your friend’s house so you can play with them.

aminals, farms, and zoos – I love animals so much. I want to be a veterinarian or zookeeper when I grow (if I’m not a rock star) up.

 Finian loves farms on PaleoParents

sorry – My favorite kind of Sorry game is the Disney edition. It’s especially fun if my parents turn on the Disney iTunes radio while we play the game!

great wolf lodgeGreat Wolf Lodge is a lot of fun. I like to go to the waterpark and play on the slides. It’s even more fun if my friends come with me!

being a rock star -It’s a lot of fun to sing songs and dance so you can be just like Michael Jackson! I like to watch his videos on YouTube then practice my dance moves. This year my mom got me a leather jacket and it’s just the coolest thing ever so I’m really a rock star.

Fin Rock Star, Paleo Parents


Finn’s Words of Wisdom

When it comes to eating your lunch, don’t eat so many crackers and bread. Try to eat meat and vegetables instead! So many kids at my school buy their lunch and they have pretzels, gold fish, and sugar and stuff. I want them to eat lettuce or something healthy, that will help them grow healthy and strong like me! I used to be sick but now I’m so healthy and strong I showed off my muscles to my friends this morning and they were so freaked out! I am guessing they were scared of me – but they could be strong too if they ate good foods.

What do you think I would like if I knew about it?!

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