Easy Ways to Eat More Veggies this Summer!

We’re sharing our favorite ways to help you eat more veggies this summer! Plus a glimpse into our real life: date-night, lemonade stands, and missing cats… in this week’s newsletter!

Our Real Life

Date night! We went to a symphony performance of Harry Potter music… it was gorgeous summer night and JUST what we needed. I almost canceled to stay home and whine about all the unpacking, but instead I took a post-work cat nap and recharged. We held hands, enjoyed each other’s company, and loved the show!

Later in the week, Matt made this nightshade-free curry that was sooooo good! The kids were like “I don’t like curry” but then had 3 servings and licked their bowls. Uh huh. I don’t know why people hear the word curry and think they don’t like it, all curry means is a bunch of spices. This chicken yellow curry with green beans was such a great combo! And Matt did this in our InstantPot! May need to make it again and blog the recipe, just to have it again!

We’ve been settling into the new house… cooking again, still unpacking, and getting to know our new neighbors. The boys made themselves a few bucks and met the entire neighborhood with their first ever (organic) homemade lemonade stand – so adorable!

It had been nearly two weeks since we moved, which was the day our cat Sweet P ran away and got lost. Our old neighborhood did a great job of watching for him and letting us know when he was spotted. But by the time we got there, he was always gone. And he’s so skittish he wouldn’t let anyone else near him. We canvased the neighborhood multiple times with no luck; so I had to tell the kids he may be lost forever – hopefully adopted by a new family.

Much to our delight we were sent pics of new sightings, so we rushed over – and sure enough, we finally found him! Wes has always been his favorite, so having him with me must’ve been what we needed. So thankful to have him back safe at home – it just didn’t feel like home yet without him!

Our Favorite Foods to Help You Eat More Veg!

Bubbies Pickles are not only a creative and fun way to eat your veggies, but they have the added benefit of being fermented and full of good bacteria! Try wrapping one up in a piece of ham or roast beef.

Pure Fruit and Veggies Strips are a perfect sweet treat, and with no added sugar this fruit leather with added vegetables is a household favorite of ours! Bonus: no one will even know there’s veggies in there!

Collagen Veggie Blend has been a life saver for our family! Each serving has 20g protein, 1 serving of fruit, and 3 servings of veggies. It’s the quickest and easiest “meal” you can make! Get a discount when you get it in “Stacy’s Favorite Things” Collection –> here.

Sea Snax are something our boys have been eating for years! You can crush them up and use the crumbs as “sprinkles” on various foods, teach them how to wrap one around lunch meat, or simply hand them a small sheet to munch on. It’s salty, crispy and fun to eat.

Wild Zora are meat bars that also have veggies in them. While some are a little on the spicy side, our boys do enjoy the lamb and rosemary one and don’t even detect the spinach in it!

Paleo Pro-Tip

Our boys weren’t always veggie-lovers. For many years it was a struggle, and we still have to work to make sure they are getting enough of the good stuff in their diets!

Our first book, Eat Like a Dinosaur, is dedicated to helping paleo kids and the unique process of transitioning a child into a paleo lifestyle. One thing that was incredibly helpful for our own children was learning to navigate real food in a way that that was easy for them to understand- which is what you’ll find in this book.

Eat Like a Dinosaur also includes our best kid-approved veggie-loaded recipes. You can get the physical book, or the e-reader version —> here! (it may even still be $1.99 for the e-version if you hurry)

Our Favorite Veggie-Loaded Recipes

Ham & Broccoli Pasta

Pizza Kale Chips

Honey Mustard Chicken and Sweet Apple Cabbage

Twice Baked Mac & Cheese

Slightly Sweet & Salty Frozen Custard: Healthiest Ice Cream Ever

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