Treats For Your Sweet: Paleo Valentine Recipes!

Looking for healthy versions of your favorite Valentine treats? We’ve rounded up our favorite chocolate eats and recipes! And we’re sharing details of the last leg of our California trip!

Our Real Life

If you missed our recap of the first half of our California trip, you can find it —> here! We have a whole post (series?) planned for our entire adventure to share our recommendations (and also adorable photos of a happy family).

California paleo vacation

We were able to swap some indoor and outdoor activities to fit with Mother Nature’s schedule- the boys loved Ripley’s Believe It or Not & Guinness World Record Museum, plus a movie at the TCL Chinese Theater! And to top it all off, we got ultra-touristy and found gluten-free burgers at The Hardrock Cafe.

roller coaster california boys

The rain, flooding, and hail didn’t stop us, and that meant we had the whole Universal Studios Hollywood theme park to ourselves on our last day and got front row rides on repeat! So much fun! And I loved it when Wes said that he couldn’t wait to go back to school and tell his friends all about our trip <3

Paleo harry potter world feast

Obviously you would expect that we visited the Wizarding World of Harry Potter (you know we’re crazy Harry Potter fans by now, right?!). The Great Feast at 3 Broomsticks was SUCH a deal! It said that it fed 4 so we also got the steak, but we couldn’t finish the salad + huge platter with the 5 of us. And yes, (gluten-free) (gluten-free) Butterbeer all around! Jealous? Check out our “Better Butter Beer” recipe –> HERE.

Legit bread company paleo bread

Vacation had to end sometime, and when we finally returned home and faced the reality of a jet-lagged family with school and work the following day, we were so thankful to pull this Legit Bread out of the freezer for packing lunches! Packing lunches the night before turned out to be a genius idea since that first morning was quite painful!

We had the time of our lives in California and are so happy we made the decision to “do more and buy less” this year. I think it’s worth mentioning that all of this is possible because of the Paleo diet. It changed our lives and has given Matt and I the confidence and ability to be active with our boys and make memories right alongside of them. This was one of the very first goals I set when starting our Paleo journey all those years ago.

It’s also in THANKS TO YOU. Without your support through clicking the links on our blog and buying our books you enable us to continue to keep the blog running and also enjoy life fully. We’ve realized (as our boys get older and time with them slips away faster) that this is more important than anything else. We’re so grateful we get to fill our lives both with you AND with our family! We can’t wait for our next adventure!

Healthy Treats for your Valentine’s Day

Paleo healthy valentine treats, Treats For Your Sweet: Paleo Valentine Recipes! | Real Everything

Instead of the traditional box of chocolates for your sweetie, we can promise you that a box of Paleo Treats will be very well-received by your beloved! They taste incredibly decadent but are made with ingredients you’ll feel good about eating! Find them –> here!

And if you’re considering caramels, we’d recommend the Eating Evolved Caramel & Sea Salt Coconut Butter Cups made with super clean ingredients and just the right amount of sweet!

Another great option for a healthy Valentine’s treat with a candy-like feel is Power Balls (think macaroons with added collagen!). Of course the chocolate flavor would be perfect for V-Day!

Our Favorite Valentine-Inspired Recipes

Chocolate-Covered Toffee
Valentines-Day-Chocolate-Covered-Toffee-on-Paleo-Parents, Treats For Your Sweet: Paleo Valentine Recipes! | Real Everything

White Chocolate Covered Strawberry Cake Balls
White-Chocolate-Strawberry-Velvet-Cake-Balls, Treats For Your Sweet: Paleo Valentine Recipes! | Real Everything

Sweet Heart Jerky
sweet heart jerky, Treats For Your Sweet: Paleo Valentine Recipes! | Real Everything

Dark Chocolate Salted Truffle Cookies
dark-chocolate-salted-truffle-cookies, Treats For Your Sweet: Paleo Valentine Recipes! | Real Everything

Mexican Chocolate and Vanilla Bean Whoopie Pies
Mexican-Chocolate-and-Vanilla-Bean-Whoopie-Pie, Treats For Your Sweet: Paleo Valentine Recipes! | Real Everything

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