Easy Peasy Pancakes

I have tried for years now to get a handle on making grain-free pancakes. It’s a lot harder than it looks, truly, and no recipe has ever come out like regular wheat ones. Often you’ll find them too thick or too thin, too slow to cook or too easy to burn. Nothing is perfect like the original and that’s a shame.

So what makes a real pancake?

It has to be light and fluffy, full of little air bubbles that form while cooking. It has to be only slightly sweet; that’s what syrup and jelly is for. It has to be able to reach a golden or tan color in about the same  time it cooks all the way through. It has to flow easily when poured.

Personally, I hadn’t before encountered a grain-free pancake that accomplishes all of that until last week when I had a breakthrough.

Easy Peasy Pancakes by @PaleoParents

So many recipe creators try to start from scratch and rebuild their confections from the ground up. Yes, the supplies are different and have different properties that you have to work around, but sometimes a recipe calls for a renovation, rather than a rebuilding. And that is the case here.

Regular pancakes don’t usually have a lot of oil or fat in them. Nor do they use only baking soda (the eggs and milk raises the pH of the batter too high for baking soda to leaven by itself). They don’t get their wetness from sweeteners or, really, have much sweetener at all. Most of all, they are cakes not cookies and thus use milk. Taking it back to the original recipe gave me great insight into what I would do to create my own pancakes. And they turned out great!

Easy Peasy Pancakes by @PaleoParents #21DSD

And they’re 21 Day Sugar Detox compatible, provided you don’t dump on your maple syrup after they’re cooked. Just make sure to use a green-tipped banana and a light coconut milk with the only ingredients being coconut and water.

Easy Peasy Pancakes


2 c blanched almond flour
1 banana, chunked into small pieces
4 eggs
2/3 C light coconut milk (or homemade almond milk)
1 tsp baking soda
1/2 tsp cream of tartar
pinch salt
1 tsp vanilla

2 TBSP coconut oil


  1. ♥  In a food processor, process banana, eggs, and milk until smooth.
  2. ♥ Add the remaining ingredients (except coconut oil) and pulse to combine.
  3. In a large skillet, melt coconut oil over medium heat.
  4. Pour batter into hot skillet to form 4 inch diameter pancakes.
  5. Cook until bottom is golden brown and flips easily, about 3 – 5 minutes, and flip (as with regular pancakes, this will also be when all the little bubbles have popped). Cook the other side about 3 minutes to get an even color.
  6. Serves six people.

As usual, let your kids help ♥ mix up your batter! I’m also sure that older kids would love to flip them as well!

Easy Peasy Pancakes by @PaleoParents

I was absolutely shocked at how well this turned out! Honestly, I have never had a more accurate re-creation of a formerly grain heavy recipe. There is not much banana taste and the result is truly light and fluffy like mama made! What are your plans for your Sunday morning breakfast?


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