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Honestly, we get offers of free products to review all the time. But we try to not make this site be an advertisement forum, so we generally turn them down. Unless of course prior affection to the originator compels us to give it a try or we think the product fills a need you guys seem to have.

We’re happy to share two ebooks we recently dove into that we thought are useful and that you might find helpful. While we did receive free review copies, these reviews are our genuine opinions.

So, that said, are you interested in a quick and easy guide to starting a paleo diet? Well Bill and Hayley of The Food Lovers’ Primal-Palate have put together something just for you!

The 30 Day Intro to Paleo

Last year, they released one of the best paleo cookbooks yet written, Make it Paleo. As if that wasn’t enough, the brains behind Primal Palate then launched My Kitchen. And now their next endeavor to help you more, an interactive ebook to begin this lifestyle.

Are you or people you know stymied by where to begin? Do you wonder about all the strange ingredients paleo types are using? Are you unsure of even the very concept behind paleo? Would you like someone to hold your hand and walk through a full month’s set of meals for you, just to get you off and rolling? If that is so, The 30 Day Intro to Paleo is for you.

For only fifteen dollars, you’ll be given that leg up on the why and how to do this thing. They’ve compiled it all for you in this 120 page guidebook. Included are brand new recipes to augment your paleo repertoire, plus shopping lists and full menus. If you’ve got someone not interested in science and just trying to figure out how to start, this is what to recommend.


The Paleo Diet Budget Shopping Guide

You all know Robb Wolf, of course. Author and Podcaster-extraordinare of The Paleo Solution. He was Stacy’s guru resource when we started this journey and remains just as active and relevant today.

He, like we do, ends up hearing many excuses from people about why paleo isn’t for them. One of the most popular of which is Paleo is too expensive for me! I can’t afford to by all this grass fed meat like you do! We ourselves and many other people in the community say most of the health benefits of paleo are from simply removing grains, legume, dairy, refined sugar and chemicals in processed foods – and not to worry about organic and pastured if you can’t afford it. But, Robb has actually put a guide together The Paleo Diet Budget Shopping Guide to help people understand and follow this lifestyle affordably.

For a seventy page quick read, this is really information packed! It has tips and tricks to grocery shopping, how to prioritize your purchases, what the various USDA labels truly mean, and how to navigate a Whole Foods and still have some change in your pocket. Particularly useful is the vast quantity of links compiled for you so that you can reach a lot of different resources outside of the guide.


For us, we’ve got these things down so they aren’t really tools we’ll use everyday. However, they are tools we’ll refer our readers to regularly – because they’re questions we get ALL the time. If you are also a veteran of the lifestyle, we recommend you should bookmark these for the next newbie that asks you – to ensure there’s no excuses for anyone to not find their optimal health!

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