Back to Routine

Back to the routine! Can I have some soup and salad please?

Spring break was great, but after a week of special treats and vacation eats, I was ready to get back into my routine! Matt dutifully makes me “Stacy’s Soup” to eat for breakfast on most weekdays, and it has truly contributed to my healthy, healing gut. It’s also a crucial part of my strategy for training – eat nourishing foods to fuel tough workouts.

soup collageMake sure to tag your soup photos with #soupwithstacy on Instagram so I can see you enjoying nourishing bone broth!

Of course nourishing foods includes loads of vegetables too. In the office I usually have soup for breakfast and then salad for lunch. My new comfort food has become a huge salad with organic greens, topped with some protein, Tessemae’s Dressing, and Sea Salt Sea Veg sprinkles for some added nutritional punch. This week I have enjoyed Garden Tuna Salad and Waldorf Chicken Salad (both recipes from our upcoming book) as the protein. As I noted before, mineral water (with magnesium and other minerals) has also been key for me to stay healthy and hydrated to ensure I avoid dehydration and Vertigo in the future (as I resume regular training)!

eat your greens

Clean Eating Treats – so simple, so satisfying.

Although the treats we had for Easter Brunch were delicious, I’m glad to get back in the routine of eating simple, clean treats for dessert. They satisfy the craving, but don’t derail my progress.

clean eating treats

My Paleo Template includes fish heads and white rice – GASP!

Speaking of nutrient dense foods and treating myself, earlier this week I stopped into our favorite sushi restaurant. The same one I took Sarah to when she visited, where she spotted someone being served deep-fried fish bones and insisted we try it. That day I wasn’t brave enough to try more than a bite, but after she insisted it was tasty I ordered it for myself this week. And sincerely, it WAS tasty. Mostly it was tasty because it was incredibly nutrient-dense!


sushi adventure

I train hard, so I eat nourishing foods not just pre and post workout, but as often as I can… even when it means being weird and gross (because, honestly, I’m willing to admit this is cray-cray)! Not to worry, delicious nutrient-dense sushi (with white rice as a safe starch) has also become a great part of my personal paleo template. Raw fish, avocado, fish eggs, quail eggs, and uni – perhaps that’s still too intense for you, but good gracious it’s amazingly delicious to me!

I lift heavy things and get pedicures to keep me sane!

Safe starch? You know, carbohydrates that energize without disrupting digestion… sweet potatoes for some, white rice for others. No matter what the starch may be, part of the reason I need it is because of the energy I exert. I was thrilled to get back to the gym this week and get some StrongWoman training in. I’ve intentionally laid back so that we have more time to finish Real Life Paleo; but, I was so excited to get back in the gym and start training again. Lifting heavy things is my true passion, and it keeps me sane!

lift heavy things

However, when doing said Strong training, don’t expect to not get some scrapes and bruises sometimes. Wanna know how I got those bruises? Lifting a 200lb concrete H stone, hip checking it upright, running around a few times with it, then repeating the whole thing again will do that to you. But honestly although they may look painful I’m wearing these bruises with pride, I’ve missed my badges of StrongWoman honor! My nail lady, however, appeared to be a bit concerned ♥

Warning, B word in first few seconds. Start at about 4 seconds if you want to miss it…


When I make sure to spend enough “me time,” I’m a better mom and wife to these wonderful boys!

Although pedicures and lifting is something I do for me, it is something I do for my family too. Saying that I focus on myself in order to be more present with the family when I am here is not just a talking point. The time I spend with them is truly a present. When I de-stress and take care of myself, I am more present when I am at home with my family. A strong, happy mom is a great mom!

i love my boys

 Seriously, I am the luckiest lady in the world.

How was your week? Looking forward to checking in with you again next week! Make sure to follow us on Instagram for lots of pictures over the weekend. We have lots planned, including a Real Life Paleo cookbook shoot where we love to give sneak peeks of photo shoots and upcoming recipes!

p.s. Don’t forget the Primal Life Kit is still available, it’s your only opportunity to get our Abridged 3 Phase Paleo as part of a bundle with a coupon for it and SO much more valued at $1500 for only $39!


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