All Things Salad! — A Roundup of Favorites & Must Haves

What better way to kick off warmer weather than with a salad round up?! A big bowl of veggies topped with crunchy things, flavorful meats and a smooth dressing, is the perfect food for a sun-shiny day. Or any day, really…

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We’ve already talked about why veggies are so good for you (as in, a great way to shovel in a big bowl of greens and hardly know it), and how to build an incredible salad from the ground up. Now, we’re bringing you a collection of some of our old and new favorites.

If you didn’t crave a salad before, we hope you will now!

Main Dish Salads

All Things Salad! -- A Roundup of Favorites & Must Haves as seen on

These recipes include a significant portion of protein and are meant to be a meal (of course, they would all make nice side-dishes as well!). A ginormous salad for dinner is my favorite way to use up leftover meat and have a nutrient-dense dinner ready in under 10 minutes. Bonus: these are all great ideas for summer picnics, potlucks, and get-togethers!

1. Pulled Pork Salad by Paleo Leap

2. Vietnamese Inspired Chicken & Cabbage Salad by The Urban Poser

3. Summer Steak Salad with Green Goddess Dressing by Primal Bites

4. Grilled Chicken Fajita Salad with Guacamole Dressing by GI 365

5. Citrus-Avocado Salmon Salad by Cafe Johnsonia

6. Meatball Salad with Basil and Tomato by Paleo Parents

7. Paleo Taco Salad with Cilantro Lime Dressing by Stupid Easy Paleo

8. Deconstructed Gyro Salad by The Clothes Make the Girl

Great Side Salads

All Things Salad! -- A Roundup of Favorites & Must Haves as seen on

These go great with just about any kind of main dish, but I especially love a fresh, crisp, flavorful salad with a simple grilled burger or steak! And if you’re tired of the same old stuff, these recipes will definitely help you elevate your salad game.

1. Charred Snap Pea Salad with Creamy Almond Butter & Ginger Dressing by Tasty Yummies

2. My Favorite Chopped Salad by Crave by Taylor

3. Maple Bacon Spinach Salad by Freckled Foodie

4. Jane’s Mango & Coconut Summer Salad by Autoimmune Paleo

5. Grilled Romaine with Toasted Almonds and Caesar Dressing by Slim Palate

6. Antipasto Salad by Cook Eat Paleo

7. Kale, Apple & Pancetta Salad by Merit + Fork

Salad Dressings

All Things Salad! -- A Roundup of Favorites & Must Haves as seen on

What is a salad round-up without a great group of rock-solid dressings?! Use these on your farmer’s market haul, or to liven up your everyday plate of greens. Our kids will eat just about any salad we put in front of them  if we slather it in delicious dressings – so we highly recommend you try these out!

Garlic Cilantro Vinaigrette by Predominately Paleo

2. Greek Salad Dressing by Primal Palate

3. Maple Poppyseed Vinaigrette Dressing by Whole-Fed Homestead

4. Paleo Ranch Dressing by Cook Eat Paleo

5. Creamy Italian (Dairy Free!) Dressing by The Spunky Coconut

6. Asian Vinaigrette by Paleo Parents

7. Paleo Raspberry Salad Dressing by Meatified

Tools for Making Great Salads

All Things Salad! -- A Roundup of Favorites & Must Haves as seen on

Make salad eating more enjoyable with the right tools! Tools for serving, taking your veggies on the go, and making the perfect dressings!

Wide Mouth Mason Jars: use these to make “salads in a jar” by layering in the veggies, toppings, and then filling the jar with lettuce. Plus, it will keep like this in the fridge for at least a couple days. The perfect make ahead meal!

BNTO by Cuppow: file this under “things I didn’t know I had to have!” – this product adds a small compartment inside your wide mouth mason jar. Fill it with your dressing, or your dried fruit and nut topping to keep them separate from the veggies.

Wooden Salad Bowl: I love having a special (inexpensive!!) bowl that is dedicated to throwing a salad together. It makes me more excited to eat greens, and is a great piece for serving salads to your guests.

Wooden Salad Hands: for tossin’ and servin’. They’re just fun, and won’t scratch your wooden bowl like a couple of forks might.

Salad Platter: this is for serving a lovely salad with lots of pretty ingredients that you can spread out. This is what I use whenever I have company, which ensures that everyone gets an equal share of the toppings (and are blown away with my culinary skills!).

Salad Dressing Bottle: use this for making custom dressings without having to get out the measuring cups, and getting the ratio of vinegar, oil and seasoning right every time!

Salad Spinner: perfect for when you bring home beautiful heads of heirloom lettuce from the farmer’s market! Cause nobody likes a sandy, dirty salad or a soggy one…


Ok, so lets have us a little pinning party – shall we?! I have a Soup & Salad board on Pinterest and am always looking for new recipes to add to my rotation! Tell me what your favorite salad recipes are in the comments so I can add to my board.

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