5 Friday Favorites: Comfort Food Edition

1. Legit Pancake Mix

When we got home from our big vacation at 5 pm on a Friday, we did not feel like cooking anything big. So we left our dinner to the boys from what they could rummage from the pantry (since our fridge was bone bare). The meal they selected was breakfast for dinner featuring waffles made with Legit Pancake Mix from Predominantly Paleo!

The waffles turned out fluffy and delicious like they always do and we love them!

2. Ceramic Waffle Iron

Which reminds me about this small appliance that’s a must in our house. We’ve tested a whole bunch, and this extra thick grid and ceramic base is by far the best! And you can make so much with it – not only are paleo waffles easy (and the recipes are plentiful!), but there are other uses out there for it too. Have you ever tried hash browns on a waffle iron?

We own this simple Presto FlipSide version that flips for evenness. It’s worked out very well for us, cleans up easily, and heats up quickly. Most importantly, it’s made of ceramic NOT teflon; so it’s a safer non-stick for easy clean-up.

Another mandatory waffle ingredient is certainly Chosen Food Avocado Oil Spray. It makes greasing up the iron easy and less of a mess.

3. Cook Once, Eat All Week

We’ve been using different methods to meal plan for the past year, with a lot of success, but the new book Cook Once Eat All Week by Cassy Joy Garcia of Fed & Fit is a game changer. With detailed menus, intelligently organized and labeled plans, and simple and quick recipes, we’ve thoroughly enjoyed how this one book has saved us time and nourished our bellies while delighting our palettes. Even our boys have been able to use it to cook meals with us!

This one has already become our go to recipe book and the centerpiece of our meal planning adventures! See our review plus our adapted nightshade-free Enchilada-Stuffed Zucchini Boats recipe here!

4. Butcher Box

We’re big fans of the monthly meat subscription box, Butcher Box, and it was certainly a welcome site when we got home to our Butcher Box meats. It’s a true boon to planning when you have your monthly meats show up at the door automatically. We’re excited to eat our roasts, chops and chickens this month, especially when we have Cook Once, Eat All Week to guide us!

This month, Butcher Box is giving new customers FREE BACON FOR LIFE! Order here!

5. Street Food on Netflix

We love watching shows about food culture in other countries. It’s why we loved the show Final Table, a competition show featuring signature dishes and ingredients from around the world, so much. Cole also introduced us to Flavorful Origins, a Chinese import that explores various ingredients and traditions from the Chaoshan region. Learning about cooking cultures is a hobby we all share. Not to mention Great British Bake Off!

We knew our newest find was perfect for us the second we read the title: Street Food. As the show says in the trailer, if you want to learn about a country’s culture, start with its street food. This is a really exciting documentary show that we’re tearing into right now!


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