2012 Goals and 2011 Accomplishments

I feel like a cliche, but 2011 has been the best year of our lives. We’re feeling and looking the best we ever have, our kids and family are (mostly) healthy and happy, and we’ve had a tremendous number of opportunities for our family. Even tonight, as I pull my hair out during final edits of our book – I can’t help but be incredibly thankful and humbled by the fact that we have a book?!

As a recap to the awesome stuff that happened to us this year:

  • We found a way of life that introduced us to health beyond our imagination
  • We found a community of friends and family within that way of life who have become a valuable and important part of our lives
  • Our boys all did well in school
  • We added a family member, Sneakers the adorable kitten
  • Stacy had some fantastic opportunities and successes in her professional career, which helped our family’s finances immensely
  • Our family had surprising and awesome introduction into legit blogging and running a web site (because we were so warmly welcomed and embraced into the Paleo community)
  • And then, on top of everything else – we got to fulfill a dream when a publisher offered us the opportunity to write a book for kids!

It’s hard to think that it could get any better, but with the plans we have for 2012 I know awesome stuff is ahead. I don’t like the idea of resolutions, I never have – but, here are our goals and plans for the next year:

  • Matt and I will return to the gym to be more flexible and strong next year than we were the height of this year
  • Matt and I will focus on being a couple: we’ll have date night at least once a month and travel together (without the kids) at least twice (AHS12 and the LowCarbCruise)
  • We’ll spend more time with local family and friends, invite them over for dinner and get out to see them more often
  • We’ll visit local activities like Washington DC, U-pick farms, and farmer’s market regularly as a family
  • We’ll travel and explore with the kids to visit as much northeast family and friends as we can
  • Stacy will take more time off of work and not carryover a bazillion vacation hours next year (Austin Paleo F(x) and BlogHer Food would be awesome)
  • Stacy will focus on accepting things she cannot change: she will spend less time in front of a computer (being a perfectionist) and try not to worry about what the world thinks of her, the book and the site

For us, this year was a lot about giving back. We wanted to really put out as much as we could, the best we could, so that anyone and everyone could benefit the way we did from living a Paleo lifestyle. We were fortunate that we benefited from a growing blog as a result. But next year needs to be about doing what we preach and incorporating more play into our lives. The hardest part will be not being afraid or guilty about missed e-mails, blog comments or imperfections.

Ok, and.. one more…

  • I’d like to get into a size 10. I think that’s about 45 more pounds, which is a lot. Maybe unreasonable given I’ve already lost so much. But, really the goal is to just have the underwear “after” photos be less embarrassing when our book is launched!

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  • Shirley @ gfe

    You have so very much to be proud of for 2011!! Bask in the glow a bit. πŸ˜‰ Remember that a size 10 is just a number. I’m sure you will know when you have reached the right weight for you when you reach it. Probably the most difficult goal that you’ve mentioned is accepting things you cannot change and spending less time in front of the computer. Seems like more success brings more of the latter, not less. Best of luck on all! Will be following along and “supporting you” as best I can! πŸ™‚ Happy New Year! Thanks for everything this year!


    • Thank you Shirley! And absolutely about size 10. I personally feel like if I never lose another pound and stay this size forever I will genuinely be content with that – since I’ve lost so much already and gained even more in return on my health.

      That said, I know that with getting back on track (eating less treats) and getting my body moving again it will start to come off. I’ll always look different than women who didn’t used to be obese or those who haven’t had 3 children – but I’ll be proud to bear those “scars” πŸ™‚

      Hope you have a wonderful start of the new year – so happy to have “met” you!

      • LOVE your outlook on this, Stacy. I am right there with you. It would be amazing to make it to a size 10 (I think that would be lovely on me, too!) but I’ll end up where I end up. The amazing thing about eating/living this way is that it’s self-regulating. I know that I’ll find my “happy weight” just by doing what I’m doing. I’ll know I’m there when I stop losing. I don’t plan on trying any heroic measures just to get to a certain number. The main thing I’m working on this year is working out to get strong and capable, especially as prep for getting pregnant – something I’d like to do this year πŸ™‚ I go back and forth about whether I should be patient and let my weight settle before having kids, but let’s face it: I’m already 34 and I may want more than one. I’ve already lost 50 lbs so I’m in way better shape than ever at this point.
        I’m following your site, too, Consuelo – really helpful while working on the baby goal! Congratulations on your newest edition and you look fantastic – so inspiring!

  • Stacy you look amazing! you’ll get there lady : )Β 

    • Aww, thank you! Coming from you that’s a huge compliment πŸ™‚Β  Hayley was just telling me to check out your site the other day, so thanks for stopping in and the reminder. Congrats on your newest addition, how adorable!

      • Stacy you are so very nice !! You are an awesome mom , one can tell… I just love how dedicated and involved you are with your kids. This country needs more self concious moms like you : ) thanks again.. now I have 3 girls…oh boy! watch out boyfriends hehehehe my husbad is going crazy. love your blog!!!

  • Deb

    While we’re not doing a Whole Anything here, we have made a couple of resolutions with our health in mind. We’re doing our best to be more balanced and add more veggies to our meat-heavy diet, and I at least have so far been doing either strength or sprints-type exercises almost daily. I love your resolution to do more U-pick farms this year; I think I’ll add that to my own list as well, and maybe invite some of my local-ish Paleo-ish friends to come and join us. MoCo has a few U-pick farms to pick from. πŸ™‚

    Thanks for sharing your resolutions and giving the rest of us a little fodder for our own! Happy New Year! (OK, it’s 9 days in, but still… :-))

    • Thank you! And happy New Year! Larriland farm is very close to Montgomery (It’s in Fredrick County, I think) and we really love it!

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