You Eat What? Weird Paleo Ingredients Demystified

We’re demystifying the weirdest Paleo ingredients, plus giving you a look at our week!

Stacy handstand, You Eat What? Weird Paleo Ingredients Demystified - Paleo Parents

Friends, I have to admit that I have been a little down the past couple months. After injuring my back this summer I haven’t been able to lift heavy things or work out hardly at all. Sometimes just putting on shoes was a struggle, and it definitely took a mental toll. It makes me BEAM WITH JOY to say that I’M BACK! After incorporating a full anti-inflammatory AIP approach and finding the right medical treatment, I’ve started to incorporate exercises beyond walking, and it feels INCREDIBLE!! Don’t worry, I’m taking it slow and focusing on bodyweight movements to strengthen and heal before jumping into anything too hard on my still recovering body. But I look forward to lifting heavy things again soon!

I recently read that inversion can be an excellent recovery technique for back injuries, so now that I’m feeling well enough I’ve been doing daily handstands. Finn and I are committed to doing this daily for a month, and you’re invited to join us on Instagram with #handstandmonth (we’d LOVE to hear your goals and see your progress, too!) or we’ve even been Periscoping parts of our sessions (@paleoparents)!

Finn flippin tire, You Eat What? Weird Paleo Ingredients Demystified - Paleo Parents

The only thing better than getting back into the weight room is watching this guy flip a massive 250lb tire! Finn (7yo) has been my workout buddy lately and flipping tires is one of his favorite things – who doesn’t love a full body workout that makes you feel like a beast?! Must be all the vegetables and RX Bars he’s been eating…

cole chicken wings, You Eat What? Weird Paleo Ingredients Demystified - Paleo Parents

Cole has been getting his physical activity in on the wrestling team this year – and we love what this sport has done for his ADHD. After his tournament last weekend he requested a big plate of naked chicken wings – no gatorade or processed food for this kid! We couldn’t be more proud of the choices he’s making and how far he’s come.

wes eating big ol burger, You Eat What? Weird Paleo Ingredients Demystified - Paleo Parents

Wes and I found ourselves in the vicinity of the top ranked “best burgers in Virginia” restaurant while running errands last weekend and had to stop for a mommy date of Wes’ favorite food (side note: 5yo joke told at this meal, “what do you call a cow with no legs? ground beef!”). He got a burger on a gluten-free bun, and I got a burger topped with caramelized onions, horseradish, and bacon on a big ol’ pile of veggies. Of course, he was eyeing mine upon arrival – sorry kid, focus on your own plate! We’ll definitely hit Melt Gourmet Cheeseburgers again with the whole family when next in the area – there were tons of topping options and loved the focus on local ingredients!


As recipe creators, there’s nothing that gives us greater joy than seeing you all make our recipes! We looove it!

In fact, we love it so much that we want to go all Oprah on you Paleo Parents chefs, by hosting weekly giveaways to spread the ‘good food love’ to those who are making and sharing our recipes!

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To participate, simply share your Paleo Parents recipe remake on Instagram, use the tag #paleoparentsrecipe, and get ready to win! We will select and announce a winner every Saturday, and that individual will receive a Paleo Parents book of their choice!

The first winner will be announced on Saturday, January 30th!

Almond Milk Latte Talk with Stacy, You Eat What? Weird Paleo Ingredients Demystified - Paleo Parents

You eat what?!

No more odd looks and raised eyebrows… we’re talking all about some of the funniest Paleo products and weirdest healthy ingredients (well… we don’t think they’re weird) we are often asked about. Here are some of our favorites:

Funny Paleo Ingredients Demystified!

Ghee (rhymes with knee) is something we use almost daily. It’s simply butter that’s been simmered until three things happen: all of the water evaporates, the milk solids separate out, and it takes on a caramelized nutty flavor. Why do we love it? The casein and lactose separate out, making this product perfect for those of us who don’t tolerate dairy very well. The Tin Star brand is even certified lactose and casein free! Plus, ghee has a very high smoke point, so it is great to cook with. And it tastes like a caramelized butter (think the liquid gold you are offered when order crab legs), so there’s that…

Weird paleo ingredients, You Eat What? Weird Paleo Ingredients Demystified - Paleo Parents

Palm Shortening is palm oil that has had some of it’s unsaturated fats removed, giving it a firm texture, high smoke point, and long shelf life. Sometimes called “vegan shortening,” it is NOT hydrogenated and contains no trans fat. It’s neutral in flavor, and also quite affordable – so it’s the only alternative we recommend for butter in baked goods.

Arrowroot Flour or starch (they’re the same thing) is the dried and pulverized root of the arrowroot plant. It’s a great thickener in places where you would otherwise use wheat flour or cornstarch – like pie filling, sauces and stews. You’ll often find it in Paleo baked goods made with almond flour because it helps lighten the heavier texture. A great addition to the Paleo pantry!

Cassava Flour is the newest kid on the Paleo block. Another root that has been dried and powdered, we’ve found this new Paleo flour to be one of the most versatile yet! We love that it is a whole food (meaning it’s the whole root, not just the isolated starch). Not all cassava flour is created equal, and we definitely recommend Otto’s brand. We’ve used it as a coating on fried foods, and found that it makes some of the BEST Paleo bread products we’ve had… especially this Banana Bread recipe (our all-time fave!)

Before we can talk about Date Sugar, we have to first know what a date is – it is the fruit of a certain type of palm tree. You’ve probably seen them in the grocery store – brown, wrinkly little things. Dates are a whole food rich in fiber and we love to use them (fresh medjool preferred)  To make sugar from them, the dates are dried and ground up, which means that this is also a whole food! Date sugar has an incredible brown sugar, caramel-y flavor that we love for sweetening just about anything!

Weird paleo ingredients, You Eat What? Weird Paleo Ingredients Demystified - Paleo Parents

Coconut Aminos is the Paleo equivalent to soy sauce. We use it for making jerky, and it is a staple in almost every Asian-inspired dish we make. Another pantry-must have, Coconut Aminos are made by tapping the blossoms of the coconut palm (much like we tap maple trees for syrup) and then aging this sap in barrels with mineral-rich sea salt. The results is a flavorful, savory, versatile seasoning!

Coconut Milk Powder is a product we discovered when making Healthy Hot Chocolate Squares (so incredible-  seriously, try them!). It is simply dehydrated coconut milk and it add so much creaminess to… well, everything. Expect to see it pop up more in Paleo baked goods, and we recommend trying to use it in smoothies, curries, and gelatin creations!

Your Favorite Recipes with “Weird” Ingredients

Mongolian Beef

Matcha Latte Collagen Bites
Matcha Latte Collagen Bites with Vital Proteins on Paleo Parents

Frozen Waffles
Frozen Waffles at PaleoParents

Red Robin Banzai Burgers
Red Robin Recreaction - Banzai Burgers on PaleoParents

AIP-Friendly Monkey Bread
AIP Monkey Bread

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