Weekend Wrap Up, 1/18: What’s Coffee Talk?! We’ll Give You a Topic! With Muffins!

Hey Friends!

We had a great weekend spending time with Danielle from Against All Grain. She was in town for a book singing and we were practically counting down the days until her arrival – it’s tough when friends live so far away! The boys made her LEMON POPPYSEED MUFFINS from her first book, Against All Grain.

Stacy and Danielle, Paleo Parents

Fin making Muffins, Paleo Parents

They love those muffins so much that they wanted to try something else from Danielle’s books. Thanks to a snow day, we made SANDWICH ROLLS from Danielle’s second book, Meals Made Simple, which then turned into these mile-high (if you’re a 4-year-old!) breakfast sandwiches with sausage and egg. Wesley’s face says it all!

Wes with Mega Breakfast Sandwich, Paleo Parents

Banana Chocolate Chip Muffins, Paleo Parents

The boys then were really on a baking kick and later that week used an overripe banana to make Banana Muffins from the SIMPLE MILLS BAGGED MIX, which they chose, bought, and MADE THEMSELVES.  Letting them choose to buy things monthly from ONE STOP PALEO SHOP, an all-paleo online grocery store (they get a $25 allowance each) has resulted in some awesome finds we now love. We share more on our favorite things in a post by Cole this week!

Chicken Liver Mousse Shopping Trip, Paleo Parents

Chicken Liver Mousse with Apples, Paleo Parents

Also this week, Stacy got asked many times… “but butter and cream aren’t paleo?” Well, not strictly, no. But, Stacy loooooves CHICKEN LIVER MOUSSE !! I mean, in so far as that it’s healing medicine… This is the recipe she credits for mood improvement, healthy joints, and glowing skin. Adding quality dairy back into her diet after a lifetime of intolerance came when she started focusing on seeking out nutrient dense foods. When she starts feeling tired or generally blah, this is a great cure! She’s even snuck it into the movie theater before!

Stacy's Lunch Salad, Paleo Parents

Roast Chicken Vegetable Soup, Paleo Parents

Stacy Lifting Big Stone, Paleo Parents

Also part of Stacy’s nutrient-dense healing diet? Daily soup (#breakfastsoup #soupwithstacy #bonebrothheals) and salads (#morevegetablesthanavegetarian). Now that the holidays and the book tour are officially wrapped up, Stacy is enjoying life back in a routine, which includes training heavy things – from squats to stones – what fuels her best is protein-filled veggie-loaded salads and FAMOUS STACY’S SOUPS – which this week included Leftover Roast Chicken Soup (another Against All Grain recipe)! READ MORE ABOUT STACY’S APPROACH TO FUELING PERFORMANCE WITH PALEO HERE.

And heads up: if you’re looking for more information on Performance Paleo, author Stephanie was on The Paleo View Podcast last week and shared all about what you’ll find in the book!

Almond Milk Latte Talk with Stacy

worth reading

More than 3000 different food additives – preservatives, flavorings, colors and more – are added to US foods. And many are targeted at young children! Check out this —-> list of nine foods that are approved in America but banned in other countries!

A study by UCLA has shown that —->  the Paleo diet and lifestyle change is improving memory loss in Alzheimer’s patients! We know that the Paleo diet can help so many people with debilitating conditions and love to see the new research coming out- we hope it continues!

Don’t be fooled! Know what to look for (and what to avoid) when grocery shopping. Learn the ——> 12 deceptive words food manufacturers are using to trick you into buying their products.

A round of applause for Chipotle! They’ve always been on the side of quality, as far as “fast food” goes, but this week they really impressed us. Find out —-> why we’re crushing on Chipotle this week! And how —–> they solved their problem quickly!

worth checking out

We LOVE LOVE LOVE it when the boys do the cooking! Which is why we’re loving Simple Mills Grain-Free Mixes (available at One Stop Paleo Shop).

As a busy family, we’re no strangers to beef jerky, and dried fruit and nuts mixes for on-the-go snacking. And we adore SUSTAINAPAK, not only because IT IS ALL GRASS-FED but because the jerky is separated from the other goodies in their packs. For kids, this is HUGE, which is why Finn LOVES THEM. It’s the little things. Oh, and see the discounts section at the bottom of the newsletter for a COUPON CODE!

The boys have been in a muffin-making phase lately, which means our earth-friendly SILICON MUFFIN LINERS have been getting a lot of use! These have been a favorite for a long time for the ease of use, easy clean-up, no-waste, and kid-friendliness.

In a recent episode of The Paleo View Podcast, Stacy learned that her decaf coffee was no bueno. Making the switch to tea has been a breeze because of Delicious Obsessions Herbal No Caffeine High Antioxidant “Coffee”.  (I think if you mention us when ordering you’ll even get a free ebook with purchase)


Your Favorite Simple, Affordable, Whole30 and WLC Compliant Recipes!

Egg Drop Soup

Mango Strawberry Smoothie at PaleoParents

Mini Egg Pizzas Featured Image

Coconut Pecan Date Rolls

Crazy for Kale by PaleoParents



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