Weekend Wrap-Up 10/4: Back to Basics

Back to Basics

Even though it isn’t quite Thanksgiving yet, we are in a constant state of thankfulness these days. With Real Life Paleo done and currently being printed (eek!), we have been able to get back to a more normal life that we love. Although life with three growing, lively boys can never be described as “quiet” or “calm,” we feel like we have gotten back to the heart of who we are, and we are enjoying the more basic principles of paleo, because this lifestyle is about more than just food for us. It’s about building healthy pastimes that help us learn about what elements make us thrive and flourish, and connecting with the foods we eat and the people that grow them so that we are not only just fed, but nourished. 

Find Your Tribe

Last week we went apple picking (again) with our friend Courtney, her husband, and her two adorable boys. Courtney is also the designer behind our ebook Paleo to Go!, but more than just a team member, she is apart of our small community of friends that embrace the principles we do, and so spending time with her family is so awesome. I highly encourage you to find other people in your community who follow a paleo/gluten-free lifestyle, either through a Meet-Up Group like ours, or at a gym, or maybe a public local paleo event (like our book signing tour)!

apples with courtney

After we came home with bushels of apples, we got back to some basic skills we use every fall and launched our new Tutorial Thursday series with a blog post about All Things Apple. This will be a new weekly thing for us and we are so excited to share some staple paleo skills!  This week we talked about the different flavor profiles of all our favorite varieties of apples and our favorite apple tools (like our most-used Apple Slicer).

All About Apples - Tutorial Thursday on Paleo Parents

We talked about all the different ways you can use apples from Pumpkin & Apple Butter to our brand new recipe for The Best Paleo Apple CrispThere will also be a KILLER new recipe for Apple Butter BBQ sauce in Real Life Paleo – make sure you pre-order your copy for the lowest price!

Apple Crisp Prep - Tutorial Thursday on Paleo Parents

Speaking of great apple recipes, did you see the Guest Post this past Wednesday from Megan of Let’s Beat the Wheat? She shared an luscious (dairy-free!) recipe for a Paleo Apple Pie Cheesecake topped with Honey-Caramel Drizzle that has me positively drooling! It would be perfect for a Thanksgiving dessert… just sayin’.

Featured Image

Real Deal Farm-to-Table

Outstanding in the Field-004

The Farm to Table Movement is alive and thriving all over the US. We talk all the time about supporting your local farmers with your dollars, and we have also made some amazing friends through the movement. We recently went to an amazing dinner called Outstanding in the FieldMy favorite local farm was hosting my favorite local chef for a spectacular farm-to-table meal held right in the gorgeous field of the farm where the very food we were eating was grown. We all brought our own plates, adding to the unique sense of community that we shared that evening. These types of dinners are held more and more throughout the country, and it is an experience that cannot be topped. We blogged all the details of this amazing date-night this week here

We Bring the Tribe to YOU!

If you struggle to find other local “Paleos” in your town, you can always join our online Paleo Parents tribe by joining in on conversations on our facebook page, or listening to Stacy’s Podcasts. This week on The Paleo View, Stacy and Sarah talked about leptin response and an intriguing article on the Metabolic Effects of the Biggest Loser and how the results found relates to others as they work to lose weight. Also on Sunday’s Strong Woman Radio Stacy and Vivian talk about great recommendations for how to properly recover after your workouts. 


Another BIG thing that happened this week is we finalized plans for our HUGE Paleo View Book Signing Tour! Don’t know any paleo friends in your area? Come meet some at an event like a book signing! So far, we have TEN cities planed, so if you live within driving distance, come out and meet us and make some new friends! You can find out all the details here. We can’t wait to share Real Life Paleo with you in person, sign the new book and get your feedback! 

Book Tour Image FINAL

Now THAT looks good! The Best New Paleo Recipes of the Week

Can’t keep track of all those great recipes you saw this week floating around on social media? No problem! We’ve got you covered! Stacy is a bit of a Pinterest addict, and pins all the best recipes every week in her cleverly organized set of Paleo Pinterest boards. You can follow all the boards to make sure you never miss what catches our eye! So what looked good to Stacy this week?

best recipes of the week 14

Have you ever heard of a “mug cake”? Probably. Have you ever heard of a paleo mug cake that was NOT nut based? Probably not! Taylor Made it Paleo’s new Maple Spiced version of this perfect portion controlled quick dessert is awesome, and although it has a splash of almond milk, we suspect that could be substituted for another dairy-free milk to make it completely nut-free.

If you are looking for a great new recipe to use that spiralizer sitting in your cabinets (or an excuse to finally getone of these nifty kitchen gadgets), we suggest the new Butternut Squash Noodles with Shredded Brussels Sprouts, Walnuts and Caramelized Onions by Inspiralized. We would also suggest adding bacon to it… because, you know, bacon just makes stuff better (duh!).

Also amazingly drool-inducing this week was The Domestic Man’s new recipe for Chicken Tikka Masala and Waldorf Salad by our friends Brent and Heather of Virginia is for Hunter Gatherers. As Russ, Brent and Heather are all personal friends of ours, we can tell you that their food is SO good because they always bring awesome dishes (like these!) to our backyard pot-lucks.  

Want more recipes from us?

check out our books

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OOTBB coupon

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new sox box

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Upcoming Events

We’ve got the Paleo View Book Signing Tour on the brain! 


Because it’s much better to travel with friends, some events will be with Stacy & Matt, one will be with Stacy, Matt & Sarah Ballantyne, some will be Stacy and Sarah, and one will be Stacy (and lots of other local paleo authors and bloggers along the way).  We don’t have every single little detail nailed down quite yet, but since our non-refundable airfare is booked we wanted to give you plenty of time to mark your calendars. Also, because there are space limitations we need you to RSVP to help us plan accordingly.

If you click each city name below, it will take you to the FREE RSVP event page!

11/1        Fairfax, VA

11/2        Arlington, VA

11/4        Washington, DC

11/5         Columbus, OH

11/6         Tampa, FL

11/7         Raleigh-Durham, NC

11/8         NYC, NY

11/9         Chicago, IL

11/10       Minneapolis, MN

11/11       Atlanta, GA

11/12       Phoenix, AZ

11/13       San Diego, CA

11/14       Portland, OR

11/15       Seattle, WA

We will update our blog’s event page and let you know more about the specific times and locations soon, but while we are finalizing our plans, please let us know if there are any great gluten-free/paleo-friendly restaurants in the cities we will be going to!

To find out more details, head to our Event Page on our blog here. 

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