TPV Podcast, Episode 95: The Paleo Kitchen

Our ninety-fifth show!

Ep. 95: The Paleo Kitchen

On this episode of The Paleo View, Sarah and Stacy are joined by Juli Bauer and George Bryant to catch up on life and to chat about their recently released cookbook, The Paleo Kitchen.

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The Paleo View (TPV), Episode 95: The Paleo Kitchen

  • Intro (0:00)
  • News and Views (1:03)
    • Welcome to The Paleo View again Juli Bauer and George Bryant, co-authors of the recently released  The Paleo Kitchen
      • George’s previous appearances on TPV can be found here: 36, 43, 47
      • Juli’s previous appearance on TPV can be found here: 24
    • Stacy and Matt recently turned in Real Life Paleo to the publisher
    • Stacy also got some much needed rest and quality time in the gym
    • Sarah took a rest from the gym
    • Juli shared on life with Jackson, her adorable pup
    • George has been amazing and is in the midst of a big move
    • The group talked about overhead squats
    • The Paleo Kitchen (9:24)
      • George and Juli met three years ago because their blogs were created around the same time and they had similar sites with similar recipes
      • They kept in touch for a year or so before meeting at Paleo f(x) 2013
      • Juli was looking to write another book with a different publisher and George was looking to write his first book
      • After doing a cooking demo together at Paleo f(x) they came up with the idea to do a cookbook together
      • Juli would fly out to California and stay with George, they would work on recipe development, George would take pictures, and they eventually fell into a routine with creating their cookbook
      • They were never in a relationship, and have always been more like brother and sister to each other
      • Stacy asked George and Juli what their favorite and least-favorite recipes were from the book creation process (14:25)
        • Their favorite was the four layer beef and bacon casserole
        • The cinnamon rolls were the most challenging for George to create
        • The fluffy blueberry pancakes were one of George’s other favorites
        • Juli echos her love for the casserole
        • And her least favorite recipes were the ones that didn’t make the cut for the book
      • Sarah asked if all the recipes were developed together (17:54)
        • 1/3 together, 1/3 Juli on her own and 1/3 George on his own
        • Both Juli and George shared about the creative process and how they inspired each other through the recipe creation process
      • Stacy asked how it has been seeing each other less frequently after the book was completed and if they are both looking forward to coming back together for the book tour (20:33)
        • George shared on what a humbling experience it was to connect with such a great individual for this project
    • The Paleo Approach Cookbook goes to print in less than two weeks
    • The group chatted about arepas
    • The group also chatted about Paleo f(x) that is planned for this fall in Denver
    • Stacy and Sarah had a technology tangent moment….hand written notes were also discussed
    • Stacy asked George and Juli what they are doing next (34:25)
      • Heading out on a book tour – starting in Colorado, then going to Seattle, Portland, San Diego, and then New York
      • They will have a little break after the first leg of the tour, but will then plan a second leg of the trip later this summer
    • The group discussed accents
    • George asked Stacy and Sarah what their favorite part of The Paleo Kitchen is (41:40)
      • Stacy’s favorite part was when their copy came in the mail and Wesley got so excited to see Uncle George on the cover
      • Matt and Stacy then made the waffles recipe and served them with chicken
      • Sarah’s favorite thing about The Paleo Kitchen is the photography
    • The group talked about other food favorites and making your own nut milks
    • Stacy asked George and Juli what they plan to work on next (53:05)
      • Juli said that they are focusing on the summer tour, but that is really it for now
    • Stacy asked for the book secrets (55:01)
      • There is one photo in the book that neither Bill or George took
    • Stacy shared about the blog that everyone should check out, Predominantly Paleo
    • Juli shared about a site that hates on those who are friends within the paleo community
  • Stacy wished both Juli and George congratulations on everything
  • Sarah shared on her experience with a hero WOD
  • Thank you again for coming on the show Juli and George
  • We will be back again next week!
  • Outro (1:07:15)

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