TPV Podcast, Episode 85: Book Releases and Health Strategies

Our eighty-fifth show!

Ep. 85, Book Releases and Health Strategies

In this episode of The Paleo View, Sarah and Stacy chat about their soon to be released books, The Paleo Approach Cookbook (8/14) and Real Life Paleo (11/14), and what fans can expect from these new books. The hosts also share on where their health is at, especially given all that they have been doing as of late, and what they are doing to impact their overall wellness goals.

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The Paleo View (TPV), Episode 85, Book Releases and Health Strategies

  • 0:00 – Introduction
  • 0:47 – News & Views
    • Real Life Paleo is officially public and will be in folks hands November 2014
      • This is definitely more than a cookbook, it is 368 pages in size
      • It will be broken down into sections and assumes that folks have already made the decision to go paleo, but need some guidance on what that actually means
      • All the things that people love about 3 Phase Paleo will be expanded on, complete with tear out guides
      • The book will also show people how to assemble meals, and specifically how to replace staples from their non-paleo days
      • Check out the announcement and sneak peeks here – please be sure to share your feedback and speak up about what you want covered in this book
      • There are 200 recipes in the outline currently, but they will likely cut it down to 175
      • Amy is knocking the photos out of park and the book looks absolutely gorgeous
      • Sarah notes that this is so much more than a cookbook, it is a resource book
      • A week or two after this podcast airs, the Paleo Parents will allow folks to get involved with the recipe testing process, which will be a random selection process
    • The Paleo Approach Cookbook is due this week to the publisher and will be officially out in August
      • Sarah has been nose to the grindstone the past couple of weeks to get this book done
      • Late last week Sarah hit the point where she began to really like the form the cookbook was taking
      • Sarah reflected on the production of The Paleo Approach and why she decided to separate the cookbook from the scientific literature that is provided in The Paleo Approach
      • There will be a summary of the rules from The Paleo Approach, but there is none of the detailed science, and it is very practical and how-to
      • It will make for a great companion book, but will also help those who are overwhelmed by the science
      • The Paleo Approach is the why and the cookbook is the how
      • There are loads of offal recipes and will offer more than any other paleo cookbook
      • There will also be a lot of basic recipes in there – in total there will roughly be 175
      • This is truly its own book and not just the recipes that go with The Paleo Approach
      • There are details on where to get food, how to do it on a budget, how to store food, basic cooking techniques
      • There are also expanded food lists from The Paleo Approach
      • Stacy points out that the recipe list, dishes that have been turned into AIP friendly creations, are impressive, especially the desserts
      • Sarah feels that eating variety is key in healing and that has been built into the array of recipes
      • Everything from comfort foods to ethnic dishes will be found in this book – and there are quick creations all the way to gourmet recipes featured
    • Be sure to pre-order these books so that you not only get the lowest price possible, but also are guaranteed a copy from the first print batch
  •  22:42 – Science with Sarah
    • In recent months Stacy found out that her mom has selective IGA deficiency, which is why her celiac disease hit her so hard
    • Stacy reached out to Sarah wanting to learn more about it, if she might have it and why broth makes her feel so good
    • There are five different antibodies cells that the human body makes and each have slightly different roles
    • Sarah covered the five antibodies in greater detail
    • They all play a very critical part in our resistance to infections because they are such an important part of the gut immune system
    • Having a deficiency in IGA antibodies is not a good thing, there are two types of symptoms linked with this – susceptibility to infections and having an autoimmune disease
    • The selective details means that you are only deficient in IGA and not the other antibodies
    • Autoimmune disease requires a genetic predisposition, it is typically a collection of genes that somehow influence proteins that are part of the immune system
    •  We are just starting to understand how all these different gene mutations impact your risk of autoimmune disease, and selective IGA deficiency is one of them – it doesn’t mean that Stacy’s body isn’t making any IGA, it just means it is harder for her body to
    • Sarah talked about all the things that Stacy can manage and impact in a positive way to influence the gene mutation
    • Sarah went on to explain why broth impacts Stacy the way it does
    • Stacy is feeling 90% better from her dehydration and vertigo, but it could take up to two months for her body to adjust on the vertigo front and once you get it the first time it is easy to get it again
    • Stacy is finding that mineral water is impacting her in a very positive way
  • 43:07 – A Bit on Sarah’s Health
    • Sarah has had a difficult time with her health since last August and has seen her weight slowly creeping up despite how she had prioritized activity, sleep quality and quantity, a dialed in diet, and a modified sugar detox
    • Out of curiosity Sarah began tracking her nutrient intake, and things looked great
    • She was doing everything she knew how to do and realized it was time to get help, so she found a local integrative medicine practitioner
    • The doctor ran a full panel of tests and Sarah found out that she has full blown adrenal fatigue, and some deficiencies in sex hormones
    • You have to be tested by a specialist to identify if these are medical situations that you are dealing with
    • Sarah talked about her treatment regimen and what choices her and her doctor are making together
    • While you can go tremendously far with diet and lifestyle changes, there are times when an expert is required
  • Don’t forget to pre-order Real Life Paleo and The Paleo Approach Cookbook!
  • 58:28 – Outro

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