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TPV Podcast, Episode 7: Paleo Pregnancy

Our seventh show!
Ep. 7: Paleo Pregnancy


In this episode, Stacy and Sarah are joined by women in the various stages of paleo pregnancy! We welcome Daphne, Danielle, Julie, and Hayley to discuss topics about preparing yourself for pregnancy, what to eat or avoid during pregnancy, and whether you ought to supplement on a whole foods diet. We hope you enjoy this look at having a healthy paleo pregnancy! Thanks for listening!



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The Paleo View (TPV), Episode 7: Paleo Pregnancy

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  • Sharon

    Please consider decreasing the echo of the voices. Very distracting. I also think you could use less music in the intro.

  • Phoebe

    Just listening as I’m trying to figure out why I’m suddenly wanting (and having no issue) with cheddar cheese (raw, preferably goat but have a very good jersey source) and goat kefir as well as supplementing now and again with rice crackers. I am usually nightshade free, and completely paleo. I also don’t consume any meat that’s been fed soy and grow a lot of my own meat sources because my first son has lots of issues with soy (I was raw vegan/vegan during his pregnancy…convinced that’s the issue). I would love thoughts on kefir (Chris has some wonderful perspective but I also can’t afford his book right now –

    I did want to let you know that even with Mega Foods and New Chapter vitamins made me feel horrible and urinate bright yellow. After a few days I would get a gag reflex. Now I just take vitamin C and Premier Research Labs vitamin D3 and trust that my body is telling me what else it needs (lots of sardines, mackerel and eggs which I have been fortunate to have no issues with).

    I would have loved to hear some discussion on magnesium deficiency and morning sickness. I have read a number of articles on this and was using transdermal daily prenatal.

    Great podcast, thanks! Would love another one on this topic!

    • Phoebe

      Oops, mistake under the magnesium. Using daily preconception, not prenatal. I am 17/18 weeks pregnant and have put on way less weight then with my son, now if I could just get in some cardio. 2 year old’s aren’t convinced walking fast is a good idea. Especially with 2 feet of snow…

    • The Paleo Mom

      Hi Phoebe!

      There may be some fat soluble vitamins or amino acids that your body is craving and that is why you are craving cheese. Whey protein has great amino acids for making glutathione, an essential antioxidant in the body. Raw, grass-fed goat dairy would also be high in vitamins A, D and K2, essential for proper hormone regulation and bone health. I think if you are having no issues with them, it would be fine to keep eating them. You can also get those nutrients from organ meat (especially liver) and bone broth.

      Magnesium and morning sickness is a new topic for me. I’ll have to look into that more. However, another pregnancy-themed podcast is in our not too distant future, so I’ll read up on it for the Science with Sarah segment. 🙂

  • Candi

    This is probably a very ignorant question, so please allow me to apologize in advance, but is there any way that I can download this episode to re-visit it? It does not appear to be on iTunes or the podbean player. Thanks a billion. I look forward to listening to the podcast every week!

  • momo ni

    really awesome thanks