TPV Podcast, Episode 332: Christmas Check-In Show

the paleo view podcast christmas check in show

In this week’s episode, Stacy and Sarah do a quick check in, sharing their Christmas plans and some very cool gifts their families have to look forward to!

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The Paleo View (TPV), Episode 332: Christmas Check-In Show 

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    • (0:40) News and views

      • Stacy and Sarah are doing something amazing – they’ve planned ahead this year and have recorded this check in show a week in advance so they can each take the week of Christmas off!
      • Both Sarah and Stacy’s kids are getting to the age where they’re embarrassed by their parents. But Stacy says it’s a right of passage!
      • Stacy is so proud of her sons’ Christmas wishes. Cole wants to travel, Finn already got his wish of having a puppy, and Wes wants a journal so he can get organized.
      • Stacy shares the big gift that she and Matt will be giving their family: an epic European cruise!
        • Instead of gifting “things,” they like to gift experiences!
        • They’ll go to Italy, Spain, France, and England.
          • Yes, Stacy will be visiting the Harry Potter stuff in London.
        • This will be the first time Matt and Stacy are taking an international trip!
        • They’ll be revealing the different destinations of the cruise to the boys as presents on Christmas morning.
        • The family will also be visiting Canada next year.
          • Side note: Sarah is still working on becoming an American citizen.
      • Sarah’s mother-in-law is visiting for 3 weeks and they’ll be doing some local tourist activities!
      • Stacy and Sarah go on a tangent about snow and the weather… then decide this isn’t a snow about climate change.
      • Stacy wishes the listeners happy holidays! Especially those, like herself, who are missing a loved one.
      • Next week’s podcast will be all about what we want 2019 to look like so be sure to tune in!
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