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TPV Podcast, Episode 30: Basic Paleo FAQ

Our thirtieth show!
Ep. 30: Basic Paleo FAQ

In this episode, Stacy and Sarah tackle a variety of questions that seem to come up all the time and definitively answer them for you. Can you eat quinoa? Can you do paleo as a vegetarian, or without grass fed meat? And what about pork? Is it inherently unhealthy like the Weston A. Price Foundation claims? Find out these answers and more this week!

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The Paleo View (TPV), Episode 30: Basic Paleo FAQ


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  • Tubba

    I forgot something – New Zealand Lamb. It’s all grass fed and no hormones/antibiotics used. Look for that in all the major grocery chains in Canada.

  • Lastly, given that the Paleo diet is dependent on meals or those consumed before the agricultural changes, they don’t include additives like Trans fats, fatty foods or hydrogenated oils which are all responsible for cardiovascular disease along with other major health issues. By choosing to follow the Paleo weight loss plan, you will be living in a healthy, disease-free way of life. Eating more healthy meals can seem challenging in the beginning, but when you do it progressively, it is quite simple. Simply creating a couple of changes is going to become bigger over time.