TPV Podcast, Episode 298: Paleo f(x) Recap!

Ep. 298: Paleo f(x) Recap!

In this episode, Sarah talks about her trip to Austin for PaleoFX!

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The Paleo View (TPV), Episode 298: Paleo f(x) Recap!

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    • Welcome back to The Paleo View!
    • Sarah’s croaky voice proves she had a great time at Paleo f(x) this weekend!
      • She talked and talked for 4 days straight! On stage and to everyone in person!
      • Sarah met so many listeners- thanks so much for visiting with her!
        • Our podcast listeners are the best fans to meet.
        • Thanks for sharing your stories, and how much our podcast has helped you.
      • Sarah got to do some mentoring through the Health Entrepreneurs satellite event.
      • Her talk was called “The Myth of Work Life Balance.”
        • She talked about the trend of people working the same amount, but trying to find “balance” by adding in more hobbies and time spent with family, which ends up spreading them too thin.
        • The focus should shift from “work life balance” to “self-care.”
        • There is some interesting science on cognitive and physical decline when you don’t get enough sleep.
          • Even a 30 minute sleep deficit can impact your cognition and productivity.
        • Regular exercise improves cognition and is worthwhile to make time for.
        • Acute stress can actually clarifies the brain, but chronic stress dulls decision making, inhibits memory, and makes you a bad multi-tasker.
        • The message was to practice self-care with your lifestyle.
        • There can be some lag time between when you change lifestyle factors to when you see improvement.
      • Unfortunately her talks at Paleo f(x) were not filmed.
      • Sarah’s talks went wonderfully and she got great feedback!
      • She loved every minute of Paleo f(x) and got to meet so many new people and vendors!
      • Sarah is exhausted because she did not practice good self-care while she was there.
        • Not enough sleep, long periods without eating, not resting, and consuming alcohol.
      • Stacy has learned her body doesn’t do well with flying and consuming alcohol.
        • She likes to bring organ meats when flying, usually in the form of Epic Liver Bites.
      • Dry Farm Wines catered the events, which was awesome!
        • They curate wines are lower carb, lower sulfate, lower alcohol and won’t leave you feeling yucky afterwards.
    • Stress: there are different forms of stressors:
      • Psychological: traffic, deadlines, snotty teenagers.
      • Chemical: tobacco, alcohol, environmental.
      • Physical: sitting all day, exercise, non-ergonomic things, bright lights.
      • Stress is additive and all of these things are compounded.
        • Traveling can raise your stress response.
        • This is why it is common to get sick after a day of traveling.
        • Sarah has to pull back on exercise when she is under deadlines.
        • Stacy intuitively learned to not drink alcohol while traveling.
    • Sarah will be taking it easy this week and focusing on self-care.
    • If you’ve been thinking about attending Paleo f(x), it’s a wonderful event!
      • Sarah always gets so much out of it- there is a wealth of health information there!
      • Stacy loved going to the vendor floor- so many awesome new products!
      • Sarah says this was the year of the bio-hack, with lots of new health products introduced.
      • Probiotic foods also had a strong presence this year.
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