TPV Podcast, Episode 296: Should I Be Concerned About EMFs?

Ep. 296: Should I Be Concerned About EMFs?

In this episode, Stacy and Sarah are talking Electromagnetic Frequencies and whether they’re actually harmful for people!

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The Paleo View (TPV), Episode 296: Should I Be Concerned About EMFs?

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    • We’re back! No break for you!
    • Unfortunately, RealEverything was hacked with a redirect malware! But it’s fixed now, so we’re good!
    • And Stacy has found workarounds for her Facebook and Instagram bans, so she’s back in business!
    • Stacy gave a presentation on making a career on the internet at Cole’s middle school.
    • Eighth graders are scary.
    • We’ve had 5 million downloads! OMG!
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    • Sarah is going to PaleoFX! Are you going too? Sarah will be speaking.
    • She’s also going to Health Entrepreneurs FX as well
    • Sarah will be at Booth 17 with Strength in Food. Come find her!
  • Our topic this week in on electromagnetic fields!
    • Sarah wrote a lengthy blog post about this topic recently.
    • Many people are concerned about EMFs causing health problems.
    • Any movement of a charged particle causes an EMF. They are characterized by frequency.
    • Low frequency is things like microwaves and cell signals. High frequencies are things like x-rays, gamma rays and UV.
    • High frequencies have enough energy to ionize atoms. That’s the biggest concern for damage! Low frequencies don’t do this.
    • The buzzword has the grain of truth that high frequencies can be damaging. But the low frequencies that people tend to be concerned about are not high enough energy to damage our DNA!
    • In animal studies, rats needed 25000 times the exposure that humans typically get.
    • In human studies, most show little or no cancer affect from high exposure.
    • In typical exposure, there is no increased risk.
    • Only in occupations like power workers is there an increased risk.
    • And actually, there seems to be a protective effect from moderate exposure.
    • Cellphone studies show no increased brain tumor incidence, even in high use groups. And some protective effect in moderate to high use.
    • EMF exposure seems to initiate a “clean up” of cells in the body.
    • And even these studies represent an old way of using cellphones before a lot of hand-free devices. Radiation falls off precipitously the farther away the device is. Plus modern cellphones use an even lower frequency.
    • Research into EMF hypersensitivity has not been about to reproduce symptoms, so it is possible that the EMF isn’t the cause of these symptoms.
    • Stacy has seem the EMF plant growth science fair experiment. This isn’t real evidence! Check out Snopes.
    • Question every alarming claim! Look into the source and what their agenda might be.
    • Cell phone addiction is real, though, and has a lot of negative events and causes stress. Maybe that is what’s causing your health effects?
    • Technology is awesome, but it’s not 100% awesome, says Sarah.
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