TPV Podcast, Episode 292: Sophie Van Tiggelen

Ep. 292: Sophie Van Tiggelen

In this episode, Stacy and Sarah interview Sophie Van Tiggelen about converting to AIP and how she deals with a family that isn’t on AIP.

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The Paleo View (TPV), Episode 292: Sophie Van Tiggelen

  • Intro (0:00)
  • News and Views (0:40)
    • Stacy is going to visit Sarah soon!
      • Sarah is already planning food and her girls are talking about what games they are going to play together.
      • Stacy’s family is having Easter dinner at Sarah’s house.
  • Welcome our guest, Sophie Van Tiggelen from A Squirrel in the Kitchen (3:30)
    • Stacy loves having someone on the podcast with an accent, because Sarah is losing hers.
    • Sophie is originally from Belgium and moved to Colorado in 2000.
      • In 2009 she got very sick and was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s.
        • Gluten-free diet didn’t work for her.
        • She found the Autoimmune Protocol (AIP) in 2012, which was life-changing.
        • She started blogging to share her recipes and results with the world.
      • Her first book, Simple French Paleo came out two years ago.
      • Her brand new book, The Autoimmune Protocol Made Simple Cookbook is available for pre-order.
        • Sarah has had a sneak peak of the book and it is amazing!
        • Sophie is a master as developing amazing flavor with simple ingredients and cooking techniques.
        • Sarah highly recommends both of her books!
      • Sophie wanted to show people that it is possible to eat a nutrient-dense diet with healthful foods in a simple way but that is also creative, accessible, and creative.
    • Sophie’s story is not uncommon- following a specific protocol in a family where not everyone is on board with it.
      • The answer is not one-size fits all and depends on a lot of variables.
      • When she started her journey her children were young and she could direct their food choices.
      • She was in complete control of the kitchen and cooked all the meals.
        • She cooked one core meal with some additions when necessary.
        • Sometimes her husband would like rice or quinoa on the side, which was easy to do.
        • They had the same common meal, which made things easier for her.
      • They talked as a family and she explained the AIP protocol and why she needed to follow.
        • They decided as a family that they would not allow gluten in the house.
          • This was a red line that no one would cross.
      • The family had their own snacks in the pantry that weren’t necessarily AIP.
        • They were all kept in one place and it was Sophie’s responsibility to not get into them.
        • It was easy at the beginning to avoid non-AIP foods because she was in pain and wanted to get better. It got harder as she felt better.
    • As Sophie’s children grew up, they didn’t follow the same way of eating.
      • They got jobs, and their own money, and started eating outside the home.
      • Each of their three children went their own way regarding their food choices.
        • Sophie had to choose her battles.
          • Outside the home they could make their own choices.
          • Inside the home there would be no gluten allowed.
      • Stacy has had a similar experience with her oldest son.
        • They encourage him to make the best choices he can, but it’s ultimately his decision.
        • He knows he doesn’t feel well when he eats gluten, and usually choses not to outside the home.
        • You can’t force kids, but just educated and enable them to make the right decision.
      • Sophie hopes that if her children ever need to reign-in their eating, they will know how to do that because they saw her doing it at one time.
    • Sarah struggles with having foods around the house that she shouldn’t eat.
      • Sarah has a history of binge-eating.
      • Sophie was motivated at the beginning and very strict, which gave her results very quickly.
        • When she started to feel better, it got harder to be as strict.
        • She has learned what she can and can’t get away with.
        • Sophie is an abstainer- it’s all or nothing and she has a hard time “just having one.”
      • Stacy choses to use the words “she doesn’t” eat something, not that she “can’t.”
        • If something has gluten in it, she isn’t even tempted by it.
        • Everyone has their own limitations and should learn to listen to their bodies.
      • Sarah agrees- the foods that make her violently ill are not tempting to her.
        • It’s the things that don’t cause her a lot of distress that she tends to want to overeat.
        • It is especially hard when her kids and family are eating these things.
      • If and when you indulge, it is important that you don’t beat yourself up. It isn’t the end of the world. You may even have a little reaction. It doesn’t mean that you failed, or that everything is lost.
        • It is important to not let an indulgent become a snowball. Or for one bad choice to be permission to make a lot more bad choices.
        • The best thing you can do to recover after an indulgence is to turn to nutrient-dense and healing foods.
      • Sophie has had success with having prepared healthy snacks.
        • When a craving hit she wasn’t telling herself “no,” but “yes, eat these healthy things.”
    • Sophie’s new book, The Autoimmune Protocol Made Simple Cookbook is releasing in June.
      • Stacy wants to know what recipe she struggled with the most.
        • Sophie has had a hard time coming up with dressings and sauces because she doesn’t often use them.
      • Sophie loves how well-rounded and fresh the recipes in this book are!
      • One of Sophie’s favorite recipes are the Tummy-Soothing Popsicles!
    • You can find Sophie at A Squirrel in the Kitchen.
    • If you’ve enjoyed the show, please recommend it to someone who might enjoy it.

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